Are you sick and weary of enjoying a pleasant, relaxing anime night only to find out Crunchyroll keeps buffering at the most thrilling times? Everyone has experienced it, and it can be annoying. We understand how vital uninterrupted streaming is, and we’re here to assist you in resuming uninterrupted viewing of your favorite anime.

To ensure more seamless streaming, first lower the video quality. Try a wired connection, or give the movie time to load. Reload the app or browser, and if necessary, delete the Cache. Frequently, making little changes might result in an instant fix for those annoying buffering problems.

If this doesn’t work, we’ll examine the Crunchyroll buffering fix and give you some helpful advice to guarantee a seamless and continuous streaming experience. Let’s get started and conquer the buffering issues!

Why does Crunchyroll keep buffering?

Why does Crunchyroll buffer so much? You will find this question widely asked by Crunchyroll users. Crunchyroll buffering can be a massive turn-off for anime lovers.

Server Issues

Essentially, servers are robust computers that store and share data online. You are accessing Crunchyroll’s servers when you watch anime; these servers store the video and send it to your device.server issues

Servers for Crunchyroll are dispersed over the globe. The dissemination of material is the reason why server locations are important. Faster access to the material from servers nearer your area might lessen buffering and freezing problems. For this reason, the server’s location is essential to guaranteeing uninterrupted broadcasting.

Common Reasons Servers Might Go Down

When Crunchyroll keeps freezing, it is possible to diagnose and resolve by being aware of the importance of server locations and the typical causes of server issues.

  • When too many people try to access material simultaneously, servers may get overwhelmed. Crashing or slow performance may result from this. 
  • Servers may be momentarily unavailable for updates and repairs due to planned or emergency maintenance.servers go down
  •  Server malfunctions due to hardware or software faults might cause streaming troubles.
  • Servers may experience outages due to malicious Distributed Denial of Service attacks overloading them.

Internet Connectivity Problems

Crunchyroll anime streaming is made possible only with a reliable internet connection. 

Your internet provider’s dependability has a significant impact on how well you watch. internet connectivity problemsTo completely enjoy yourself in the enthralling world of Japanese animation, a solid connection guarantees that you may watch your favorite anime without freezing or buffering.

Common Wi-Fi Issues and Their Impact on Streaming

Let’s look at the common issues when Crunchyroll video keeps freezing: 

  • Slow Internet Speeds: Slow internet speeds can slow Crunchyroll, which might cause frustrating and disruptive buffering, ruining the watching experience.
    wifi issues
  • Signal Problems: Connection interference might cause your Wi-Fi connection to be weaker and cause freezing or decreases in video quality. This interference can come from nearby devices or physical impediments like walls.
  • Router Issues: If your router is of an older version or has firmware problems, it might make your connection less reliable.

Tips for Improving Internet Connectivity

Here are some tips you can follow when Crunchyroll keeps freezing:

  • Consider signing up for one of your internet service provider’s faster plans.
  • For a more reliable connection, try connecting directly to your router via an Ethernet cable.improving internet connectivity
  • Place your router in the middle, away from obstructions, and, if necessary, think about using Wi-Fi signal enhancers.
  • For optimal performance, make sure the firmware on your modem and router is up to current.

Platform Compatibility

To appeal to a broad audience, Crunchyroll provides a flexible selection of alternatives. It is available on some platforms and gadgets, including web browsers, smart TVs, gaming consoles, smartphones, and tablets. IOS and Android users may download their mobile app, and Crunchyroll has apps for the most popular game consoles.platform compatibility

Using outdated hardware or software might cause compatibility problems that cause Crunchyroll to freeze or perform poorly. It’s critical to keep your applications and devices up to date to enjoy seamless streaming and full access to Crunchyroll’s features. The demands of high-quality video streaming may be too much for older devices to manage, which might cause stalling or buffering.

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Basic Troubleshooting for buffering Crunchyroll

When Crunchyroll keeps buffering, there are some simple troubleshooting steps you can take to resolve the issue quickly: 

Restart Crunchyroll: Occasionally, the issue could be transient or app-specific. Try closing and reopening Crunchyroll to see if it resolves the buffering problem. This little action frequently reboots the streaming experience.

Try a Different Show or Streaming Platform: If a particular show or episode keeps buffering, there may be a server problem or a strong demand for that material. Try viewing a different Crunchyroll series or move to a different streaming service. This method helps in figuring out if the problem is unique to Crunchyroll or your internet connection as a whole. internet

Check Your Internet Connection: Ensure you have a reliable and fast enough internet connection. Buffering frequently happens when your connection is erratic or sluggish. To ensure your internet fulfils the essential criteria for seamlessly streaming material, you may test your speed using various online tools or by contacting your internet service provider.

Technical Fixes to prevent Crunchyroll buffering

On Crunchyroll, buffering problems can be resolved technically by clearing your Cache. Before we go into the “how,” let’s clarify what Cache is and why it matters.

What is Cache, and Why is it Important?

A cache is a temporary storage location on your device, be it a computer, smartphone, or smart TV. It saves regularly accessed data so that the device may rapidly access it without downloading the same stuff from the internet several times. Although the Cache helps speed up loading times and enhance device performance overall, it can also gather superfluous data over time, leading to problems like buffering. unwanted cookies or cache stored In the pc or your system

Regarding streaming, the Cache keeps snippets of video while you view it. A full or faulty cache can cause slowdowns, including issues with buffering.

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Delete All Caches 

One technical fix that might assist with buffering issues is to clear your Cache. Your device’s Cache is a temporary storage space where frequently visited data is kept to expedite load times. Buffering is one of the slowdowns that may result from being too full or corrupted. Use these device-specific instructions to remove your Cache: cache issues

  • Web browser: Use the browser’s options to clear the Cache.
  • Android: Select “Settings”> “Apps”> “Crunchyroll”> “Storage.”
  • iOS: Select “Crunchyroll” under “Settings,” then click “Offload App” or “Delete App.”
  • Consoles and Streaming Devices: Reinstall the Crunchyroll software after uninstalling it.

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Update the Crunchyroll App 

Maintaining an updated Crunchyroll app is essential for a seamless streaming experience. Updates frequently address buffering issues directly with bug fixes and performance improvements. Additionally, they guarantee compatibility with the newest operating systems and gadgets. Using the Crunchyroll app update: update your systems

  • For iOS and Android: Open the corresponding app store, type in “Crunchyroll,” then select “Update.”
  • Streaming Devices: Open the app store on your device, choose Crunchyroll, and click “Update.”
  • Gaming Consoles: Open your applications library or the app store, search for Crunchyroll, then select “Update.”

Disable Browser Extensions

Sometimes, browser extensions cause buffering or other issues while trying to watch content smoothly on Crunchyroll. These extensions may create issues with ad-blocking software or clash with page scripting. Use these procedures to deactivate extensions on widely used browsers: browsers

  • Google Chrome: Tap the three dots, choose “More tools,” then “Extensions,” and turn off any troublesome add-ons.
  • Mozilla Firefox: Click the three-bar menu, select “Add-ons,” locate the problematic extension, and then select “Disable.”
  • Safari: Select “Safari” from the top menu, then “Preferences.” Uncheck the box next to the problematic extension under the “Extensions” tab.

Advanced solutions to get rid of Crunchyroll buffering

Try basic troubleshooting techniques first. If the problem persists, it’s time to look into more sophisticated solutions to guarantee a flawless streaming experience on Crunchyroll.

Check the Server Status of Crunchyroll: It’s a good idea to see whether Crunchyroll’s servers have any issues before starting your setup. To find out if the problem is with Crunchyroll app buffering, you may use an app like Downdetector or go to their official status page. proxy server

You’ll have to wait for the servers to come back up if they are down. If the servers are up and running, though, you may move forward with the following steps:

Optimize your internet connection: Continuous streaming requires a strong internet connection. Here’s how to make the most of it:

  • Upgrade Your Internet package: If you stream a lot, consider getting a high-speed internet package.
  • Place Your Router: To increase signal strength, put your router in the middle of the room and raise it.
  • Use an Ethernet Connection: If feasible, use an Ethernet connection to connect your device straight to your network. This offers a fast, reliable connection that is less likely to be interfered with.
  • Avoid Peak Hours: When internet traffic is less, stream during off-peak hours.
  • Limit Other Devices: If several devices share your network, prioritize the one you’re streaming on by reducing the bandwidth other devices may use.

User Experiences and Feedback

On sites like Reddit, user communities offer a plethora of information on the typical problems Crunchyroll users have and their recommended fixes. Let’s examine a few common issues and the suggestions made by the community:

Typical Problems Users of Crunchyroll Face:

  • Buffering Issues: Many users have complained about buffering often, which interferes with their ability to watch.  user experience
  • Server Downtime: Users of Crunchyroll are annoyed by frequent server problems, which have been a recurrent issue.
  • App Glitches: Users have reported various app issues, including sluggish loading times and crashes.
  • Regional limits: Some users expressed concerns about content availability and regional restrictions.
  • Subtitle and Dubbing Quality: Some people complained about subtitles that don’t sync properly or poor dubbing quality. 

Solutions and workarounds suggested by users

When Crunchyroll keeps buffering, many users find that Reddit and related forums help exchange answers to their difficulties. These are the following: 

Cleaning the Cache: Many people suggest cleaning the Cache and cookies since doing so often fixes buffering problems.

Checking server status: People suggest checking Crunchyroll’s server status or utilizing internet tools like Downdetector before debugging to find out if the issue is with the platform. free users

Internet optimization: To minimize buffering, users advise making sure you have a dependable, fast internet connection, either via Ethernet or Wi-Fi.

Premium subscriptions: A premium Crunchyroll membership, according to some users, offers offline watching options, fewer commercials, and smoother streaming.

Other streaming platforms: Some viewers watch their favorite anime on other platforms or applications during a server outage.

Feedback and support: Recurrent problems can be resolved by contacting Crunchyroll directly with your feedback and by requesting assistance through customer support channels. 

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Alternative streaming platforms 

If Crunchyroll keeps buffering or you’re seeking other ways to spice up your anime viewing, several other streaming services are out there. Here’s a quick rundown of a few well-liked substitutes, along with benefits and drawbacks:

Funimation- Extensive anime
- Both subbed and dubbed options
- Some content may be region-locked
- Premium subscription required for ad-free experience
Netflix- Original and exclusive titles
- No ads for subscribers
The anime library may not be as extensive
Hulu- Good variety of anime content

- Offers simulcasts
The anime library is part of a larger service, some content may have ads
Amazon Prime Video- Exclusive and popular anime titles
- Anime content may be limited compared to other platforms. Some titles may require additional purchase
VRV- Aggregates content from multiple services
- Offers a variety of genres
- Availability may vary by region, additional subscriptions are required for some channels


Why does Firestick's Crunchyroll keep buffering?

There might be issues with the shows you are watching, or it could result from slow internet. It's also occasionally possible that your Firestick isn't functioning correctly. It's also possible that your internet provider is slowing down your connection.

Is there a better app than Crunchyroll?

Yes, some applications resemble Crunchyroll.,, and are a few of its closest rivals. Using their Traffic Analytics and Market Explorer features, you can create a free Semrush account to discover more about Crunchyroll and these rivals.

Is Crunchyroll available in 4K resolution?

No, Crunchyroll content is unavailable in native 4K quality. The anime is upscaled from its maximum quality of 1080P to fit your screen's resolution if you're watching on a 4K TV or monitor.

Does Crunchyroll work well without a paid membership?

The free edition of Crunchyroll is more akin to a trial. The premium edition is superior since it has access to many more shows. Therefore, if you enjoy anime a lot, the premium subscription is worthwhile for the entire streaming library.


We have investigated several options in pursuing an anime viewing experience when Crunchyroll keeps buffering. There are several tactics to guarantee flawless streaming, from cleaning your internet connection’s cache and upgrading the app to monitoring server status and testing your internet connection. Moreover, buffering difficulties can be resolved by removing browser extensions and looking into alternate platforms. 

As you begin your anime-viewing adventure, you can watch your favorite episodes uninterruptedly with the appropriate settings and patience. So enjoy yourself in the fascinating world of anime, knowing you’re in for a seamless streaming experience. Have a happy time!

Do you have any further advice for enjoying Crunchyroll without a buffer? Please share them in the section below. See our other related material for more articles and tutorials that might be of use. Together, we can create a community of anime fans who support one another to provide the best possible streaming experience.

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