Hey there, techie! Avast Antivirus blocking the Visual Studio and showing an error is a common issue many Avast users face. No worries. This article is the ultimate solution to your problem. 

You must disable the Avast Visual Studio Scan to prevent your Avast from blocking the Visual Studio. There are various ways to do so:

  • Method 1. Make the visual studio an exception in Avast so it is not scanned for viruses.
  • Method 2. Disable Avast Antivirus 
  • Method 3. Update the Software

An explanation of each of these steps has been given in this article. Follow the given steps to perform each of these functions. Make sure you stick to the end for the FAQ section coming right your way to solving all your queries!! The additional tips are worth noting, so let’s jump in without wasting time.

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What is Avast?

If you have yet to download Avast Protection, you must wonder what Avast is and why it was pre-installed on your PC. Avast is a renowned antivirus software that protects your software from any harmful virus caused by any exe format-based files.avast antivirus software

They are instrumental but infamous because Avast blocks the visual studio and can raise other problems in the regular functioning of the computer.

It is an antivirus that also gives Wi-Fi security alerts and protects the PC from dangerous malware, viruses, and ransomware. It is free of cost and mostly comes pre-installed on the systems. 

Understanding the Issue of why Avast blocks visual studio

Before learning how to go about the solution of Avast blocking the Visual Studio, let’s know why this problem arises. Avast is meant to stop any potential threats and is not just focused on Visual Studio.avast-be-free-antivirus

Avast blocks visual studio because it is intended to scan files and protect your PC from any undesirable exe format files. Now, if you download and use Avast Antivirus, you may be unable to run Visual Studio correctly.

You can solve the problem of Avast interfering with the visual studio if Avast excludes the visual studio in the scanning process. If Avast keeps turning off, click here to find out how to fix it!

How to Solve the Issue

Now that we know what Avast is, how the problem is arising, and what is the need to overcome it, let’s understand and learn how to resolve it. 

Method 1

To eliminate this error that Avast blocks Visual Studio, you can ensure that Avast ignores visual studio in its scanning procedure. You have to take specific steps for the completion of this task. This article entails a list of steps you need to follow. The list is based on this chronology:

1. Go to the Windows search option.click to windows icon

2. Pull up the Avast Antivirus Application and open itsearch for avast antivirus

3. Go to the menu option and select the setting tab within that.go to settings in avast antivirus

4. You’ll find a tab named “General Section and Exceptions.” general_exceptions_add

5. Under the tab, go to the “Add Exceptions” option.add exceptions

6. You must now follow the way to get to the folder containing projects relating to the Visual Studio. file path

7. Now, you won’t need to bother anymore by the pop-up cautions created by the Avast antivirus visual studio problem. 

And BAM! You have solved the problem with just a little nudge of assistance. After following these steps, you will not see the error caused by Avast blocking your codes from Visual Studio. 

In addition, there are specific ways to be treaded for the solution. These ways consume less time and can be as effective as the above. 

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Other Ways To Solve the Issue

Method 2

Besides this, keep your software updated, as newer antivirus software has bug fixes that may prevent any false alarms. keep avast updated

Method 3

You may even disable Avast as a whole. Disabling Avast may lead to you exporting your codes without any issue, and you can resume the shield later. Want to learn how to disable Avast? Read heredisable-avast

Drawbacks of Blocking Avast 

Every pro has a con; therefore, you can resolve the issue that Avast blocks Visual Studio, but not without consequences.blocking avast antivirus

The ills of not allowing Avast to scan your Visual Studio is that it cannot rely on it to remain free of viruses and may be on the verge of a virus attack at any time. 

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Prevention of Avast Blocking the Visual Studio

To ensure that there are no future problems related to your Avast antivirus and visual studio, you must undertake the following precautions:

  • Keep Avast up to date: the newer the software, the more compatible it is. Keep Avast updated so that the improved version helps you the best.avast logo
  • Make visual studios an exception: ensure that you save all files and folders related to Visual Studio as an exception in the Avast Antivirus application.stop avast from scaning visual studio

Making it an exception keeps the antivirus from scanning the visual studio content and therefore doesn’t create any trouble. 

  • Report: you can report the false alarms if they are too many to the customer services of Avast, and they may be able to guide you through any of the issues. report


Is Avast compatible with Windows 10?

Yes. Avast antivirus solution is compatible with Windows 10- x64 and x86 both.

Is there any alternative to Avast?

TotalAV can work as an alternative to Avast.

How do I prevent Avast from blocking other applications?

You may follow the steps you have followed for visual studio given in this article for any other application which would provide productive results.

Can Avast stop all kinds of Viruses?

Yes, this antivirus is the best for all the ransomware, malware, and antivirus. It works for everything and is very productive.

What is the newest launch of Avast in 2023?

Avast Antivirus 2023 PC Protection is the latest version of Avast, launched on 25 July.

Are there any drawbacks of the Avast Antivirus? Like, does it slow down the computer?

No. The Avast Antivirus doesn't have any drawbacks. It doesn't leak data and is capable of marinating extreme privacy. It doesn't slow down your PC, but certain restrictions may do so.


We are summing up the final words for this article to reassure you that this is an easy task to do, and you can easily carry it out. This article consists of all the various ways you can fix and prevent Avast from blocking your Visual Studio, and you have to follow the simple steps, and voila! You’ll be ready to go.

All in all, Avast is meant to protect your PC against all malware; therefore, you should benefit from it while carrying out your work without any disturbance.

Understanding why this happened and how to achieve it, you can now handle the problem that Avast blocks Visual Studio. So don’t shy back; try to find out what works best for you.

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