Hi Avast User! Are you looking to know more about Avast Digital TV Tuner Device Registration Application? Is this application slowing down your PC, and do you wish to remove it from your device? Well, you landed on the right platform. This article is the ultimate guide to all your queries regarding the application.

The Avast Digital TV Tuner Device Registration Application aims to make your PC compatible with viewing TV channels from local TV stations by directing signals to your computer. Although it is a helpful app that provides ease of watching TV, it has some limitations. It makes the PC slow. There are many methods to protect the PC from getting slow due to the application:

1. Disabling the Windows Media Feature

2. Using Task Manager

3. Uninstalling the Application

4. Get Rid of All Digital Tuner App Entries 

These methods are effortless once you learn how to do them. Stick around till the end to know all the steps of each method since only then will you be able to decide what method is the best for you. Also, a deep knowledge of Avast Digital Tuner is necessary before taking further steps. 

What is this Application?

Avast is a functionality of the Windows Media Center. Its primary usage is to enable the computer to receive the digital signals of TV channels. Also, this application encourages users to watch tv channels on their mobile PC devices. This arrangement rules out the need for a set-top box. digital-tv-tuner

While it is a quick and efficient method, it prompts many application permissions and other problems. How should you know whether to keep or stop the Digital TV Tuning Device Application? Does your avast keeps turning off? Read here to fix it!

Need of Avast Digital TV Tuner Device Registration Application

It is only possible to convert and use your computer as a TV with the digital TV tuning device application. Therefore, if you must view television on your PC, having the Avast Digital Tuner Device Registration Application is necessary.avast logo

But due to its issues, it becomes an application that should be removed from the PC. If you use a tv from your PC, you must cooperate with the speed. But if you do not use the TV services on your PC, you don’t need the application at all.

Is it Safe?

While it is an entirely safe application, if you look at it from the view of security, it causes problems in its functioning. So if you are wondering whether the digital TV tuner device application is a center of security concerns due to making your PC slower, that’s not the case.safe

It is only because of the issues related to its high maintenance during operations that digital TV tuner devices slow down PC. 

What Problems Can Arise from Avast Digital TV Tuner Device Registration Application?

Some issues arise from this digital TV tuner application, such as the digital TV tuner slowing down the computer. This problem occurs because it works on ehPrivJob.exe format, infamous for reducing the computer’s speed when used for a considerable amount. It affects the rebooting of the system. 

This issue is because the application keeps running in the background, resulting in the digital tv tuner slowing the computer. Furthermore, These problems become a hindrance in the operations of the PC, and users are devastated by the slow output. 

How To Fix These Issues?

There are many ways to get rid of the Avast Digital TV Tuner Device Registration Application. However, the four most effective ones have been mentioned here in the article. After learning all these, you’ll be able to find the way that seems the easiest to you. disable the window media centre

But, before deleting the application, you must know the following implications. You won’t be able to watch TV on your PC, and your computer won’t stay compatible with converting digital tv signals. Also, learn how to temporarily disable Avast by clicking here!

If you have a determined mind toward that, then you may follow the given methods:

  • Disabling the Windows Media Center Feature

1. Open the Windows tab and hold the Ctrl+ R keys. This shortcut would open the Run dialogue box.run dialouge box

2. In this box, type “appwiz. cpl,” which is the command to reach the Programs and Files screen.

3. After the menu opens, look for the option that reads “Turn Windows On or Off.” It would be located on the left-hand side of the menu.turn features on or off

4. The drop-down menu related to the Media Features should be expanded, and then you must cancel the Windows Media Player and Media Features checkpoints.loacte media and drop down to expand

5. Doing so would generate a confirmation prompt, and you must click “Yes” to approve. click yes and it will process

6. The last step is to select okay and wait for the enforcement of the operation. 

  • Using Task Manager

1. To launch the task manager, press and hold the “Ctrl+ Alt+ Delete” keys. This shortcut will show you a menu of options. Then choose Task Manager from the list at the bottom.start-menu-control-panel

2. Press the shortcut keys “Ctrl+ Shift+ Esc” to instantly launch the task manager. ctrl+shift+esc

3. Search for the Avast digital tv tuner device registration application. It can also be listed with another name, as ehPrivJob.exe.ehrivJob.exe-in-task-manager

4. When you click on the end task button after selecting it, the task will be done. end-task

5. Due to the process, The application would stop running in the background.

  • Uninstall the Application

1. To remove the application, open the Control Panel first.open control panel first

2. Then, in the Panel, look for Uninstall a Program option under the Program head from the list provided.control-panel-programe ist

3. After the list opens, choose the application from the resultant list and click uninstall. uninstall-a-program

  • Getting Rid of All Digital Tuner App Entries

1. You have to remove the application registry. app-registry

2. To do the same, open the run dialogue box using the keys “Ctrl+R.”ctrl+r

3. Then, search Regedit and select OK.regedit and select okay

4. Go to “HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\Software\” and find Avast digital tuner on that.go to hkey_local_machine

5. Now delete the tuner from here.

All these methods are feasible and suitable to your needs. They can help you in stopping the hindrance of the digital tv tuning device application. Furthermore, Some of these methods also aim to remove the application as a whole. 

Now that we have the explanation, we will head toward the frequently asked questions about this issue.

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What’s a digital tv tuning device?

A digital tv tuner device allows PC, Computers, and laptops to receive and decode TV signals. It is generally present as an in-built tool.

Is Avast Digital TV Tuner Device compatible with Windows 10?

It is suitable for Windows 10 as it requires premium CPU and Memory processors.

How do I know I have Avast digital tv tuner on my PC?

Open the run dialogue box by pressing and holding the ctrl+ R key and then typing the digital tuner device. If it shows the application, you have it on your device.

What is eHPrivJob.exe?

It is the ultimate processing unit of the application. The “eH” stands for e- home and only relates to the tv tuner device application.


Believing that this guide on avast digital tv tuner device registration application has been a remedy to your pains, you now have all the necessary knowledge for using and removing the application. You have learned about the need for the applications and when it is unnecessary.

The application is unproductive for many users, so it is best removed from the PC. Now that you have all the way and guidelines, along with the tips, you’re all set to go and work out your issues.