On your personal computer, you might have data in files and folders to which you don’t like to give access to anyone else. You need to hide it or protect it with a password. To achieve this, you can secure your files with file security apps. You need the best folder lock software for PC to achieve this.

The basic functionality of the file locker is to protect your files and folders from prying eyes. Only you will have access to the locked files and folders. 

List Of Best Folder Lock Software For PC

Below you will find a list of the best folder lock software for PC:

  1. Secret Folder
  2. HiddenDIR
  3. Instant Lock
  4. Anvi Folder Lock
  5. Quick File locker
  6. Easy File locker

These file lockers are easy to use and secure data from unwanted clicks. Furthermore, in the article, you will find more information on the best folder lock software for PCs. Keep reading the article to learn what else folder lock software can provide. folder lock software for pc

Why Do You Need To Lock Your Folders?

All information, online and offline, is important to its owner, and securing it is more crucial nowadays. Ensuring the security of business and confidential data is essential. However, your PC that contains various files also needs protection.

The attack on your PC could be a virus, malware, hacking attempt, or completely removing files and folders from your system. You get enough security on your online data and applications.  However, you are missing some important security and quality protecting the data you have offline.


If people sneak around your PC, wanting to open your private stuff; or if you have to keep things confidential on your computer or laptop, you need to lock the data that only you can access.

You might also be worried if someone, by mistake, may delete your important files. They need access to perform any actions if the files are hidden or password-protected.

Some folder lock softwares allows you to give access to people who need to retrieve data. Whether you want to grant permission or not to access your personal or confidential files is entirely your choice.

The softwares prevents hacking as well. The hacker won’t be able to enter your PC or protected files. The files could be in any form, such as photos, videos, documents, folders containing multiple files, web applications, and other items.

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Basic And Best-Lock Software: Features

Before installing folder lock softwares, you need to know the features to choose the best folder lock software for your PC. Not only with locks but additional features to secure windows are built into your PC. These softwares are safe to use and are recommended for personal data protection.

Secret Folder

This software allows you to set passwords on the files and folders. It is free and unlimited to use.

secret folder

You cannot delete or uninstall anything without putting in a password. The only drawback is that you need to lock the folder or file every time after use.

Download: Secret Folder


You can put a password or hide your files and folder with the help of HiddenDIR.


This software will allow you to protect your data and secure your files.

Download: HiddenDIR

Instant Lock

This will allow you to protect your data with a password.


The best thing about this software is that it is compatible with all the Windows versions from NT to 10.

Download: Instant Lock

Anvi Folder Locker

You will love this all-in-one software package. You can hide, lock, and put a read-only option to secure your files.

anvi locker

Additionally, it does not have ads and can protect multiple folders.

Download: Anvi Folder Locker

Quick File Locker

It follows a master password mechanism.quick file locker

You simply need to drag and drop your files or folder, and your data is safe.

Download: Quick File Locker

Easy File Locker

This software is for you if you need a simple and easy locker for your data.

easy filelocker

You need to put a password for the files and folders.

Download: Easy File Locker

Folder Locker Software With Advanced Features

Protecting confidential files on your PC while transmitting or taking any action needs more protection than a simple hide or a password. Lock your files and folders with advanced features in folder locker softwares.

Here are some advanced folder locker softwares that you might need to consider before installing any other software.

Folder Guard

This software protects your data by using encryption, password protection, hiding, and detecting viruses and malware.

folder guard

You can use it for free with limited features. It has three paid plans: Home Version, Professional Version, $79.95, and Office, $199.95.

Download: Folder Guard


WinZip comes with the feature of encryption and password protection.


It offers banking-level encryption and a backup option to secure your data. It has a premium version of $2.95.

Download: WinZip


This software provides features like encryption, authenticated signature technology, and 256-bit password encryption.


It also keeps a check on files during transmission.

Download: WinRAR

Protect Folder

It has password protection, emergency lock, and time-out features.

protect folder

You can lock your folders with a single click and set a time limit to avoid any breach.

File Protect System

A super software that uses a hash function like Message Digest 5 and SHA-256 converts data into cipher code.

file protect system

It offers an embedded email option that you can safely use to send confidential emails to clients.

dCrypt X

It uses SnowForest Engine cryptography to encrypt files.


It also offers encryption on your hard disk, and you can allow access to a specific person.

Download: dCrypt X

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How To Prevent Files From Hackers?

All the softwares listed above are equipped with tools to protect your files and folders. However, hackers are smart and use even more high technology to get into your system. You need something smart to handle such attacks.

Folder lock software can keep hackers away from your PC. Folder Lock uses virtual keyboard technology to prevent key-logging tools seeking keystrokes to find passwords or decrypt files. Choose the virtual keyboard next to the password field to utilize this functionality. This software will also let you see how many incorrect password attempts were made during the security breach.


Folder Lock has improved the security feature to prevent hackers from attacking. The hack monitoring setting secures your system while being attacked by a hacker. It will either exit the application, log off the Windows, or shut down the system if any security breach arises.

To apply these settings, follow the below steps:

  1. Go to the settings panel.
  2. Click on the Hack Security Button.
  3. You will find a tab, “Incorrect Password Attempts,” where it will show all the incorrect attempts for passwords.
  4. In the side column, click on preferences.
  5. You will find many options; check the option “Access to program security settings requires a master password.”
  6. Now choose the Hack security option from the side panel and enter the Master Password.
  7. In the Hack Security option, you will see three options: exit the application, log off Windows, and shut down Windows. Choose anyone.

Along with these folder locks updating your Pc is as important. Windows Update can install drivers software as well as their windows updates. Mainly purpose to keep PC updated. It is to deliver better performance and security to user.


How secure is the Google Safe folder?

The Files by Google app now has a feature to set four-digit pin to encrypted and protect files. It gives you free space to save your files easily on Andriod. This feature is known as Safe folder feature.

Can Files by Google be used on PC?

No, Files by Google app is only for android devices. You cannot use it for your PC to save your important file. However, Google provides Drive with limited free space where you can save files and other data with Google security.


If your requirements say you only need a folder lock with a password, go for the basic ones. If you need high-level protection for your data, you can choose the paid version of advanced software if it is suitable. Also, check out this article on top 7 ways to fix the touchpad of laptop if its stops working suddenly.

Everyone needs a different security lock for their files. You must choose the best folder lock software for PC. In this article, you have an overall 13 folder lock for your PC to select and use.