6 Ways To Fix Spotify Error Code 3 [Permanent Solution]


We all are on our hustle and on the move, day after day, pushing through our struggles. Something really essential to break free and believe in yourself is your Spotify playlist. While you sweat profusely and for long hours at the gym, do you realize how important Spotify is? And, what if you face Spotify error code 3 while playing music on Spotify?


You might opt for different sources, but don’t find them as appealing and strong as Spotify! Fear not, if you face your errors, we are here to debug them and we’ll do them together through this article!

What is Spotify Error Code 3?

Spotify’s Error Code 3 is one of the many glitches that users face while trying to log in to Spotify. It is quite common when compared to the rest of the errors that you will face on Spotify. It might just say “Username is incorrect” or “Password is incorrect” or something too generic. In truth, the situation is more complex than what it says.

How to Fix Spotify Error Code 3?

There is nothing to worry about since we’ll guide you through the different ways to fix this error and get back onto your go-to artists!

Method 1#  Reset Your Password With Your Registered Email

Let us say you have registered to Spotify through your Google account. Now, open Gmail and look for your reset password link. You will easily find one and go to the link and change your password to something that is strong and can easily be only be remembered by you.

Spotify Error Code
Spotify Error Code

In case you do not find any old reset password link or had not tried to change your password before, simply go to the ‘Forgot Password’ option or the ‘Reset Password’ option on your Spotify Home Log in the window. This will prompt you to check your registered mail for the reset password link. And from here, you can easily do the necessary.

Reset Your Password
Reset Your Password

Method 2# Finding Your Right Username

In case you had trouble logging in from your smartphone or any other device, you can follow this way to know if you are entering the right username to log in to Spotify.

  1. Open www.spotify.com on your Desktop/Laptop on which you have already logged in on Spotify.
  2. Navigate to the Account section from your home screen.
  3. Copy the right username and then transfer it to the device you are signing in from, or rely on your memory and type the right username and password in.

In 3 simple steps, you have successfully overturned Error Code 3!

In case you are facing more trouble, Method 3 will surely fix your woes!

Method 3#  Resetting Your Password through the Spotify PC Application

This step is similar to the one above but takes another route to fix the case.

  1. Open the Spotify app on your computer.
  2. Go to the Account section following the same steps as mentioned in Method 2.
  3. It will open your My Account on your browser on which you can make your necessary changes.
  4. Once the web page loads completely, go to the ‘Edit Profile’ section.
  5. Here, you can instantly fix your Error Code 3 by resetting your password.

PS: We know it can be a drill to make a new password, but it is absolutely necessary to change it now, and also to keep changing it regularly. If you find trouble remembering it, write it down and place it somewhere only you can access it.

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Method 4# Enter ONLY the Username and Not the Entire Email ID

Some users who complained about Spotify Error Code 3 had been entering their username in an incorrect manner:

Spotify does not consider your email address as a valid username, even if it is the one your username is registered with.

You only have to enter the ‘username’ part because that is the authentication that the Spotify app will verify with its databases. Just enter your username as is, and hit the right password, and see if this fact is as gullible as it seems.

Moreover, Spotify will not be able to pinpoint if the error is in the username or in the password, so it could be a major possibility that this error could occur as it would not find the right password to an existing username or the wrong password to a found username, which is a conundrum.

Method 5# Use the Authentic Version of Spotify

One guy on Reddit found this solution to tackle Spotify Error Code 3. Apparently, more than half of the globe uses the cracked version of Spotify to avoid paying for Premium (which is considerably inexpensive and affordable for the realms and weight of music offered). And due to this, they use cracked versions of Spotify. As a result, any type of log-in done on the cracked app is deemed illegal and will yield errors, if detected to be a cracked version, of course.

First, you will have to uninstall the Spotify app which you had installed on your phone. Next, go to the Play Store or the Spotify website through your device/smartphone and install the right app which is the latest and suitable for your version of OS. You can also download authentic android apps for PC from Browsercam. Once you have installed the latest version, the stakes of overcoming and fixing Spotify Error Code 3 are soaring high and way stronger than before!

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Method 6# Match the System Requirements

Sometimes, we never notice if our phones are bogged down with unnecessary videos and media that eat up so much space and get no trace of Cholesterol, Fat, or Diabetes! But it surely gets a Spotify Error Code 3 when your app cannot actually trace the root of the problem. These are the system requirements and minimum criteria to run Spotify on your devices:

These changes are dynamic, so keep an eye on Spotify’s website for all the changes!

It is usually the free space that can cause this ruckus of an error in Spotify Error Code 3. So, head to your Settings and start eliminating your unnecessary files.

Once you have sufficient space, try logging into Spotify on the app. If the problem persists, try uninstalling and reinstalling Spotify on your phone again, since you have cleared and made sufficient space for it to run smoothly.

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You can now enjoy limitless hours of your sophisticated music genres and explore new artists, albums, and check out what your friends are listening to! We hope these ways will fix Spotify Error Code 3 and fill you with abundant happiness and music! That’s all, folks! But, we assure you that we will keep the road running with more tech tips and tricks!

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