7 Ways To Fix Laptop Touchpad Not Working


Laptop Touchpad not Working is a common error. A laptop contains minimized type of everything, the console has fewer keys, and more capacities are relegated to a single key to build minimization and transportability. The standard mouse supplants with a touchpad; likewise, there is a diminished number of USB openings, etc.

The touchpad on a workstation is a suitable method to include the usefulness of a mouse without the need of an additional fringe. PC touchpad has turned out to be amazingly precise at recognizing client input. Thus, in this article, one can learn how to determine touchpad issues.

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When does a Touchpad Cease to work?

Without a working mouse or touchpad, even the most straightforward assignment on your PC can be tedious.

touchpad cease to work
Touchpad Cease to work

It tends to disappoint when your PC’s touchpad isn’t working. You need to explore through your work area, records, program, utilizing your console.

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Issues identifying with the touchpad on Windows tablets, workstations, and PCs can be brought about by clashing programming and drivers or an obsolete rendition of the Windows 10 working framework. Flawed equipment can likewise be a common reason for touchpad issues as can the changing of significant settings.

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How to Fix Laptop Touchpad not Working

There are many methods to fix this issue. But are bringing you only seven tested and working solutions. Laptop Touchpad, not Working is easy to solve when you try to fix it through the right method. So, let’s start;

Method #1 Inspect the Touchpad Settings

It’s imperative to examine your mouse/touchpad settings, as they may keep your touchpad from working or cripple the touchpad altogether. To get to the mouse settings, pursue the means beneath;-

A. Touchpad Settings

  1. Press the Windows key, type touchpad, and select the Touchpad settings alternative in the query items.
  2. In the Touchpad window, ensure the touchpad On/Off flip set of change to On.
    Touchpad on
    Touchpad on
  3. On the off chance that it is Off, transform it to be in the On position.

B. Mouse Settings

  1. Press the Windows key, type Control Panel, and afterward press Enter.
  2. Snap the Hardware and Sound alternative.Hardware and SoundHardware and Sound
  3. Under Devices and Printers, click the Mouse alternative.

Method #2 Check the BIOS Setup

Quite possibly, for no good reason, your PC touchpad is disabled in the motherboard BIOS of your PC (this could occur after a firmware update, for instance).  You can change this setting to Basic mode to make your exactness touchpad work increasingly like a standard mouse. Utilize the accompanying strides to improve your exactness touchpad settings:

  1. For 5 seconds, press the power and hold for a while to kill your PC.
  2. Power your framework on and quickly press F2 on your console when the Acer logo shows up.
  3. Your PC ought to enter the framework BIOS/UEFI.
  4. Utilize the bolt keys to choose the Main menu.
  5. Look down to touchpad and press Enter.
  6. Select Advanced or Basic, and press Enter.
  7. Press F10 to Save and Exit.
  8. Press Enter to affirm the progressions and reboot the PC.

Method #3 Understanding the ‘’ Fn’’ key Blending

Most PCs have an Fn key that mixes with the F keys to perform unique activities. A few laptops’ have an Fn key + other key’s combo to empower and impair the touchpad. On the off chance that the PC has this component, have a go at pressing the catch or keys to kill the touchpad on and a couple of times, to check whether that resolves the issue.

The key you used is likely the “Switch touchpad” catch on your console, which on most laptop’s gets to employing the Fn key. On some framework it is Fn + F7, anyway, it will change contingent upon the producer. While holding the “Fn” key, press each “F” keys with an image on it that seems as though it could be your touchpad to check whether it switches back on.

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Method #4 Restore and Reform the Touchpad Drivers

The drivers could be obsolete, absent or mixed; you need to refresh and update the driver to fix its breakdown. To restore the driver;-

  1. Press Windows key + X
  2. Go to Device Manager
    Device manager
    Device manager
  3. After that scroll, the Device Manager Window look for your touchpad drivers
    Mouse & touchpad
    Mouse & touchpad
  4. Right-click them
  5. Select Uninstall.
Select Uninstall
Select Uninstall

Also, one can refresh and update the existing touchpad drivers as follows;-

  1. On Start, look for Device Manager, and select it from the rundown of results.
    Device manager
    Device manager
  2. Under mouse and other pointing devices, choose the touchpad, open it
    Mouse & touchpad
    Mouse & touchpad
  3. Choose the Driver tab, and select Update Driver.
    Update Driver
    Update Driver
  4. If Windows doesn’t locate another driver, search for one on the device maker’s site and adhere to their guidelines.

If that didn’t work, take a stab at utilizing the nonexclusive driver that accompanies Windows. Here are how:

  1. In Device Manager, Look for the Device Manager
    Device manager
    Device manager
  2. Right-click, the touchpad driver
    Mouse & touchpad
    Mouse & touchpad
  3. Update driver program
  4. Browse my PC and search driver software
  5. Let me pick from a list of device drivers on my PC
  6. Select HID-compliant mouse
    HID-compliant mouse
    HID-compliant mouse
  7. Select Next
  8. Adhere to the guidelines to introduce it.

Method #5 Utilizing the Troubleshooter

On the off chance that the development distinguishes on the touchpad or the general development of the cursor on the screen is postponed, at that point, there might be an issue with the touchpad driver. If any stretch of the imagination recognizes no development, the driver is absent. If the driver is debased or missing, locate the first driver, and reinstall it.

As innovation changes, there might be a few redesigns that may improve execution. Keep on checking the producer’s site for touchpad driver refreshes. Introduce an overhaul if one is accessible. In many cases, an issue settles by returning to a past variant of the touchpad driver. Consider this as an answer if the Laptop Touchpad not Working problem continues. To utilize the troubleshooter;-

  1. Select the Start catch
  2. At that point select Settings
  3. Update and Security
    Update and Security
    Update and Security
  4. Activation
  5. Select Troubleshoot.

Method #6 Validate ELAN

Some portion of the Windows clients may discover no Elan touchpad tab show up on the mouse settings sheet after the Windows 10 overhaul. Some may have the Elan tab, or other mouse settings alternatives turned grey out when they will adjust the Elan touchpad settings. If it is disabled, it fixes as follows;-

  1. Go to Settings.
  2. Discover Devices and after that, go to Mouse and Touchpad.
    Mouse & touchpad
    Mouse & touchpad
  3. Look down to Related Settings and snap on Additional mouse alternatives.
    Additional mouse alternatives
    Additional mouse alternatives
  4. Mouse Properties Window should open and in it, you ought to go to ELAN tab.
    ELAN tab
    ELAN tab
  5. Snap your gadget and after that snap enable.

Method #7 Modulating Power Management

Power Management is a significant component for each PC. Be that as it may, sparing force can now and then damage some crucial elements of your machine. It’s conceivable that your Power Management settings are anticipating the touchpad from working. Here are how to determine that:

  1. Open the Search option, type device manager, and open Device Manager.
    Device manager
    Device manager
  2. Look down and discover your touchpad from the rundown of gadgets.
    Mouse & touchpad
    Mouse & touchpad
  3. Right-click the touchpad, and go to Properties.
  4. Head over to the Power Management tab.
    Power Management
    Power Management
  5. Uncheck the Allow the PC to mood killer this gadget to spare power alternative.
  6. Restart your PC.


The above solutions do cover most of your Laptop Touchpad not Working issues, there’s a shot, and you may have a hardware problem.  For those occurrences, you should take your laptop to a mechanics shop and get an expert assessment.