Technology is ever-advancing, and wearable technology is looking to be the next frontier for innovation. What was once seen as unreachable is now becoming a reality; Bluetooth smart glasses are emerging with more refined designs and high-tech capabilities.

People no longer have to be confined to monitor screens; they can take these displays anywhere, enjoying visual and audio entertainment or utilizing their convenient features on the go. With an expanding selection of brands, Bluetooth smart glasses capabilities, and improved technology, the demand is quickly growing.matrix hacker background

The Bluetooth smart glasses market was valued at $5.58 billion in 2023. It is projected to reach $15.36 billion by 2033, growing at 10.69% from 2024 to 2033. Much can change during this period, and more products and vastly improved tools will continue to evolve in the Bluetooth smart glasses landscape.

However, there are already an impressive number of them available today; here are some of the best Bluetooth smart glasses:

Ray-Ban Meta Smart Glasses

Ray-Ban and Meta’s new generation Bluetooth smart glasses are fashionable and functional.

These Bluetooth smart glasses combine Ray-Ban’s sleek and timeless eyeglasses and sunglasses designs with Meta’s tech prowess to provide a cutting-edge and stylish experience.ray ban meta smart glasses

Users can walk around with a model resembling regular Wayfarers that offer vision correction or UV protection. It lets you discreetly snap photos and take videos.

Even live streaming on Meta’s social media platforms uses high-quality built-in cameras. The temple-tip Bluetooth speakers also enable wearers to listen to music or podcasts. You can make or take phone calls without pulling out their phones.

Razer Anzu

The Razer Anzu glasses are a good choice for those who spend long hours on screens, from employees to gamers. These Bluetooth smart glasses have blue-light filtering lens technology to prevent eye strain that often develops when looking at a monitor for too long.razer anzu

Polarized replacement lenses also offer 99% UV protection from the sun. Aside from its protective qualities, the open-ear audio design and omnidirectional microphone allow users to go hands-free when making calls or listening to audio.

The low-latency Bluetooth and the glasses can be controlled using voice or touch commands for easy toggling. 


Augmented reality (AR) is advancing, and Bluetooth smart glasses like the XREAL Air 2 are using this popular technology. The glasses connect via Bluetooth or USB-C to your device, and micro-OLED displays project screens into your view.ipad pro xreal air 2

You can get a big-screen experience of up to 330 inches for more immersion. You can use it to play games, watch videos, or learn about your surroundings. 

They also look like regular sunglasses instead of big, obvious goggles often used for augmented or virtual reality experiences. 

Amazon Echo Frames

The Amazon Echo Frames make the Alexa voice assistant experience portable. While wearing the glasses, a wearer can use voice commands to ask any inquiry that pops into their head, receive weather information, get news, skip through their playlist, and echo frames

It can even control Alexa smart home products without a device. The glasses also have a subtle and sleek look, resembling regular glasses. 

Brilliant Labs Frame

Startup Brilliant Labs is relatively new to the Bluetooth smart glasses scene but is already disrupting it with its Frames smart glasses that boast top-notch AI capabilities.

The software is fully open source, so wearers can use AI to create a visual analysis of their surroundings, translate written and spoken languages, search the internet for information, and more.brilliant labs frame

It flashes the information into the user’s field of vision, providing real-time insights. The glasses connect to the user’s phone via Bluetooth to its app, which enables voice commands to activate the AI software.

OhO Bluetooth Sunglasses

The Bluetooth Sunglasses from OhO offer a great gateway to Bluetooth smart glasses. They sport open-ear speakers that allow users to talk on the phone and enjoy audio entertainment, such as music, podcasts, audiobooks, and more.oho bluetooth sunglasses

They support Bluetooth 5.0, providing a low latency for a high-quality audio experience. Compared to other smart glasses models, the OhO sunglasses are more affordable. 

Anker Soundcore Frames

If you’re looking for audio-focused frames, the Soundcore Frames from Anker provide top-notch sound quality. They’re also quick and easy to set up and control; wearers put them on, and they turn on automatically.anker soundcore frames

When the audio is at a reasonable volume, users don’t have to worry about sound leakage, making it less bothersome to other people. One unique feature of the smart glasses is their interchangeable frames, so users can customize the look to match their style. 

Nautica Smart Eyewear Powered by Lucyd

Sports eyewear brand Nautica partnered with glasses tech company Lucyd to launch the Nautica Smart Eyewear line. It’s a refreshing take on smart glasses inspired by the sea’s allure.nautica powered by lucyd smart eyewear

They connect to your phone via Bluetooth, enabling audio and voice command features. They also come with a wide array of customizable lenses. This ensures wearers get a personalized experience that suits their preferences and needs.

The glasses also boast high water resistance to withstand water splashes and dust clouds, making them optimal for outdoor use. 


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