File Explorer Dark Mode Not Working| 4 Easy Ways To Fix It


Having a dark theme file explorer on your computer can be helpful. However, many users have complained about Windows 10’s File Explorer dark mode not working.

 If the native dark theme for Windows 10 does not function correctly inside File Explorer for any reason, it’s about time to turn to a third-party application. Few software programs can customize your PC as completely as Stardock’s Object Desktop does. These programs enable a complete aesthetic makeover of your PC. It is only a quick tip, though. You should also consider other options to fix Windows 10 dark theme not working.

In today’s article, we will demonstrate how to repair the dark mode not working for file explorer by implementing different methods. Please ensure that you test all other options from this page if your system is functioning correctly and you are using the recent Windows 10 release.

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Typical Issues 

The Solutions in today’s article are helpful to solve any of the typical issues that users frequently experience:

file explorer issues

  • Windows 10’s file explorer dark mode is not working- Your system’s bugs could cause this problem. Most of the time, restarting Windows Explorer will solve the issue. The use of a personal Windows visual theme can cause the inability of the Windows Explorer dark theme to function. Ensure you return to the original theme to see if that fixes things.
  • File Explorer dark mode not working in 1803 – Many users complained that build 1803 does not support the dark theme. If you were unaware, your system needs to be updated because this feature is accessible in build 1809.
  • Having trouble starting the dark feature in File Explorer- There are numerous reasons for this error. But if you are having issues with Windows Explorer and the dark theme, one of our remedies must be able to help.

File Explorer’s dark mode not working- What should I do?

Although the black background is a welcomed addition to Windows,

dark mode error

some users have noticed problems with it and File Explorer. Here is how to fix them quickly.

Ensure that you have got the recent updates

  • Confirm The Version

  1. Enter winver by pressing the Windows Key + R. Now click OK or Enter.
  2. Winver run dialog’s malfunctioning dark theme
  3. You will observe some fundamental system-related data. The version section deserves strict attention.
  4. If File Explorer on your Desktop does not support the dark theme, a missing update is most likely to blame.


The dark theme is a new addition to File Explorer, which is only accessible as of this writing with a Windows 10 October upgrade or later.

You cannot utilize the feature on your PC if you do not have a more recent build installed. You only need to perform the actions listed above to check if you got the most recent version installed.

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  • Examine for updates

  1. Launch the Settings app. Using the Windows Key + I shortcut, and you can complete the task immediately.
  2. Locate the Update & Security segment in the Settings app after it launches.
  3. Tap the Check for updates option in the right pane


You can resolve the issue if your System is constantly updated and you get the most recent build installed, and you will become able to use the dark mode without any problems.

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Switch to the original theme 

  1. Go back to the original theme.
  2. Go to the personalization feature in the Settings app by opening it.
  3. On the menu line at the left, select Themes. Choose Windows from the set of potential themes in the right pane.
  4. You will revert to the initial theme, and File Explorer’s dark theme should begin functioning.


You can choose from several themes and customization options in Windows 10. These themes typically have their color scheme, and while they let you personalize your Windows experience, they can occasionally give rise to problems. It seems if you are using the default theme, File Explorer does not have a dark theme.

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Launch File Explorer again 

  1. Use the shortcut Ctrl + Shift + Esc to launch Task Manager.
  2. On the list, find Windows Explorer. Select Restart from the menu by right-clicking it.
  3. Reopen Windows Explorer in dark mode.
  4. Once Windows Explorer has restarted, you must be able to change File Explorer’s theme to the dark one.


If your PC’s dark theme isn’t functioning, there might be trouble with File Explorer. Your system might occasionally experience severe issues.

Nevertheless, you can resolve that problem by just restarting File Explorer. Just take the moves listed up for accomplishing that.

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Log out and re-login 

Log out and then re-login for login issues.

  1. Go to the Start menu and select the icon for your profile. Select Sign out from the options at this point.
  2. Windows Dark Theme: log out
  3. Enter your user login to join back in after you have signed out.


As we have explained, Windows bugs can occasionally result in problems with dark themes.

According to experts, you can try signing out of your profile and logging back in if you are having trouble using your PC’s dark File Explorer layout.

You can sign out after finishing the mentioned steps, and in some cases, this can assist you with specific bugs. After doing that, You should be able to use the dark theme on your PC.

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How to make a file explorer dark?

Here is how to go about it: 1. Do right-click at the Start. 2. Incline towards Settings. 3. Click Personalization in the Settings menu. 4. Choose Colors from the menu. 5. Below, Select Light as your main Windows theme. 6. Retrace your steps and choose Dark.

Is Windows 10 file explorer dark mode not working?

The problem with File Explorer Dark Mode not working could be brought on by the use of custom themes. The techniques below should be used to reset the Windows theme to its default state: Themes may be found under Settings > Personalization. Make sure Windows, Windows 10, or Flowers are selected as the current theme in the right panel.

How do I make everything go into a dark mode?

To enable dark mode for all online content in Chrome, follow these steps: 1. In the Chrome browser, paste the following link: chrome:/flags/#enable-force-dark. 2. Choose Force Dark Mode for Website Content from the menu. 3. Set the option to Enabled. 4. Start the browser again.

How can I turn on dark mode permanently?

1. You can access the settings menu on an Android operating system by fully dropping the widget and choosing the gear icon, or you can use the Settings app. 2. Select Display next, followed by Advanced. Here, you can switch the dark themes on/off!


Windows 10’s dark style for File Explorer is a fantastic feature, but if it is not functioning for you, the problem is probably due to certain uninstalled upgrades.

Along with the previously listed fixes, we advise removing flux or any other dark filter that can conflict with the dark theme for File Explorer. Check that as well.

Please feel free to add any further recommendations in the box below our comments if you have any on file explorer dark mode not working. As you have seen, we consider suggestions from our readers!

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