Imagine you are playing your favorite adrenaline-pumping game, League of Legends, only to be paused by a bug splat error LoL. Sometimes, players face a problem called ‘League of Legends bug splat before loading screen.’

The disappointment is too real, and we understand it. Bug splat error League of Legends makes the game suddenly stop working. You can solve the League of Legends crash problem by updating your windows and installing new drivers. While you are at it, also check your internet connection. Make sure your internet speed is good enough to run the game.

If the issue persists, here is a brief guide to help you deal with your problems.

Reasons for the League of Legends bug splat before loading screen

The Bugsplat crash is the most aggravating error in League of Legends. This is primarily because it frequently causes the game to crash while being played.

bugsplat fix

Here is why you are experiencing a League of Legends bug splat before loading screen:

  • The League’s video board.
  • League of Legends also commonly crashes or freezes (although very substantial slowdowns can cause this in LOL).
  • A game of League of Legends might abruptly terminate or close while it’s being played.
  • Some users claim that League of Legends abruptly terminates after every game.
  • Additionally, League of Legends occasionally pauses when the game starts.
  • Windows restarted your League of Legends graphics card.
  • While the game is loaded, League stops functioning (in some cases, LOL doesn’t even start).
  • A champion selection causes League of Legends to collapse.

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How do you fix the League of Legends bug splat before loading screen?

Check if your PC can run the game as your first step in avoiding the bug splat error League of Legends. If you are a Mac user, ensure your system meets the requirements to prevent issues like League of Legends not opening on Mac or League Of Legends Unable To Connect To Server. You will require the following to fix the League of Legends bug splat before loading screen:

Using Fortect Tool

Fortect is a unique program that retains several original Windows System files while cleaning your computer. Fortect can assist when there is an issue with your computer by replacing corrupt files with fresh ones. These instructions should help you resolve your computer problem:

fortect homepage

  1. Install Fortect on your PC by downloading it.
  2. Look for the corrupt files after launching the program.
  3. Right-click “Start Repair” to instruct the tool to begin the repairs.

Players often encounter the “bugsplat league of legends windows 10″, which detracts from enjoying a fantastic game. While LoL is usually reliable, occasionally, there are issues, mainly when users install fresh updates.

Run the system updates and game drivers

The game’s drivers and the game must be updated to the most recent versions. Be sure that the game has the latest updates and drivers. This will improve your game experience.

The only problem is that performing this task manually might be time-consuming and challenging for certain people. However, there is a simple, low-effort approach to accomplish that.

To automatically correct and update your drivers, utilize third-party software.

Keeping your drivers updated and error-free is critical if you want to play demanding games without experiencing freezes, performance issues, or crashes.

We advise utilizing a program that will routinely seek new driver versions because manually checking for updates might be challenging. Here is how to apply it:

outbyte homepage

  1. Get Outbyte Driver Updater now.
  2. To locate any drivers creating issues, open it on your computer.
  3. The updated driver versions can be installed by selecting “Update & Apply Selected.”
  4. Restart your computer, and it will start working with the new changes.

Update DirectX

To remove the “League of Legends bug splat before loading screen.” acquire the most recent DirectX version.

  1. Enter “dxdiag” in the taskbar search box.

dxdiag search

2. Choose the tool from the drop-down.

3. To identify your DirectX Version, look in the “System information” section of the first tab.

system information

Different LoL games may interact with your computer’s hardware via DirectX. Visit Microsoft’s Support page to learn more about the most recent DirectX version and how to install it on your machine.

If you’re using Windows, you probably already have DirectX 11.3 and DirectX 12, so if you do, you’re running the most recent version. DirectX updates, if any, will be sent with Windows updates.

Install the most recent Windows updates

The most recent Windows updates improve and increase the dependability of your operating system.

  1. Within the Settings, select Update & Security.


2. Search for the updates.

windows update

3. Any available DirectX updates will be installed on your machine together with the most recent Windows updates.

Include the DotNet Framework 3.5

According to Riot Games, League of Legends requires Microsoft’s DotNet Framework 3.5 to function.

microsoft .net

This implies that to play League of Legends properly, you need the 3.5 version of the Framework, even if you already have the most recent version.

Modify the game’s files

EffectsQuality should be changed to 1 or 0. After modifying, it should seem as follows: EffectsQuality = 0. Check whether League of Legends still crashes in Windows after adjusting.

config file

Reset the setting and try the next solution if the problem persists. The game configuration file in the League of Legends folder should be edited using Notepad or another text editor.

Fix faulty game files

  1. First, launch League of Legends.

league of legends poster

Extra tip.

Some computer issues can be challenging, especially if crucial system files are missing or corrupt. To do this, use a dedicated tool called Fortect. It examines your files and adds new ones from its stock as necessary.

2. Tap on the settings icon located in the upper right corner.

settings icon

3. Select “Full Repair,” then sit back and wait for the procedure to be completed (the patching process may take around 30 minutes).

initiate full repair

4. Make sure you apply changes after the repair and restart your PC.


5. Re-enter the League of Legends program to confirm that everything operates as it should.

League of Legends may crash if the game files are corrupt. Consequently, you might need to fix these damaged files before you can play without bug splat error lol interrupting.

The damaged files may be repaired in League of Legends using the built-in fix tool.

options menu

It’s easy to find in the League of Legends program.

Perform a clean startup

  1. Open the System Configuration app and enter “msconfig” into the Search box.

system configuration app

2. Search for services.

system configuration services

3. Find “Hide all Microsoft services,” then click “Disable All.”

hide all microsoft services

4. Go to the “Startup tab” and click on “Open Task Manager”

startups tab

5. Click “Disable.” disable start ups

6. Start your computer again.

Windows will start fresh when you launch it without additional programs, eliminating any  bug splat error in league of Legends.

Reset the graphics card’s settings

How to restore the NVIDIA Control Panel’s default settings:

  1. Click the right mouse button on your desktop, then select NVIDIA Control Panel.

nvidia 3d settings

2. Select Restore Defaults after selecting Manage 3D Settings.

Adjust LoL settings

You may also experiment with modifying the game’s settings to achieve the ideal balance between League of Legends’ functionality and aesthetic appeal.

lol settings

Use it to test whether the arrangement described below can prevent League crashes.

  • Screen quality settings: custom screen quality
  • Character Appearance: Simple World Appearance: Simple
  • Absence of shadows
  • Special Effects: Quite Basic
  • Maximum Frame Rate: 60 FPS
  • Never wait for the screen: Don’t check this in Sync
  • Lines should be smoothed out: Skip this

If you’re encountering a League of Legends RADS error or critical error, you may need to reinstall the game to resolve any issues with corrupt or missing files.

Also, discover the root cause of an unspecified error in the League of Legends. 

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How do I start League of Legends comprehensive repair?

Correct the Installation. 1. Right-click your desktop's League of Legends icon and select 'Run as administrator'. 2. After loading the game launcher, click the gear icon and select 'Start Full Repair'. 3. The installation repair will take some time.

Is League's repair button no longer present?

Riot Games removed the self-fix button from the League of Legends client settings since it was no longer necessary. The Riot Games client settings still have the option to repair the client.

Why does League of Legends take so much time to load?

The Riot client may have a problem, which would explain the delayed loading screen. Your computer's hardware or visual drivers need to be updated, or there could be an issue with the game files.

What should I do when I see the 'League bug splat loading screen' error?

When you see this error, download and install any available updates for your graphics card. Install them. To ensure there are no bugs, do a client repair for the LoL to eliminate any damaged files from your system.


That’s it! By now, you must have gotten rid of the League of Legends bug splat before loading screen. If the issue continues, your computer will likely not meet League of Legends requirements. You can always run the troubleshooting steps mentioned in the guide above.

Many players reported experiencing “bugsplat League of Legends loading screen,” causing their game to crash. If that has still not solved your problems, we suggest checking your Windows. You can also use various repair tools. One of them is Fortect, which might work efficiently.

So, did this guide help? Please share your thoughts.