Hey Legion! Were you feeling the pain of time wasted on League of Legends? Here, you’ll find all the ways to measure the time you wasted in this game. Also, you’ll discover how to improve your game with the tips. Here is a guide on League Of Legends Bug Splat Before Loading Screen

To maximize your gameplay efficiency in 2024, you must:

  • have determined goals
  • explore related content
  • build a community
  • take necessary breaks
  • work for enhanced income

To learn about these methods in detail, go through this article. All information about increasing gameplay efficiency and how to move faster through ranks is provided herewith. Also, ensure you read the FAQ section. 

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What is your Play Time

To know your time wasted on League of Legends, it is necessary to understand what playtime means. Playtime means different things for different players.league-of-legends game

It is a symbol of effort put into the game for some; for others, it is the performance measuring method. It is time a player is spending in a game. However, depending on their skills, players can invest less play time and still have a better rank. 

Measure How Much Time Is Wasted

How much time have I wasted on LoL? To calculate the amount of time wasted on LoL, follow the mentioned steps:

1. Sign in to your account after opening the game.sign in to lol

2. Reach your profile.lol profile

3. On the right side of your profile, you’ll find the option of “stats.”stats in lol

4. There, you will find a tab called Overview. This is where you will find your personal history relating to every progress you ever made.

Through this, you will get your answer to the question you put up. Another way you can calculate your time wastage on LoL using a stat tracker website. 

The most suited website for this task is the “Wasted on LoL” site. 

1. Launch the website on your browser and type in your summoner’s name in the space assigned.open the site wol

2. Enter the region you play fromfill up th region

3. Submit the info and wait for the results how-much-time-have-i-wasted-lol-

The answer is not accurate, but it approximates your question of how much time I have spent on the league. 

How to Increase Gameplay Efficiency

There are the following ways to improve your efficiency in the game. After knowing the LoL time played, it’s time to see what you must do to improve your game level. 

Have determined goals

You must know what league, rank, or achievement you aim for. Pre-determine your goals and then head towards them.playing lol in pc

Set the duration and set the objectives. This would help you instead of playing leisurely. Your goals can be as simple as learning tricks or unlocking a new trinket. Is your League of Legends not opening? Try these fixes. 

Explore related content

Follow the legends of the league. Learn from the professionals. You must know how to go through each stage and what are the shortcuts to that.learn from professionals

Following and streaming through available content on the issue of your interest gives you insight.  

Build a community

Playing a game with friends or connecting to a LoL community would be best. It is much better than talking aimlessly within group chats.chat-in-lol

It ensures to solve the issue of time wasted on League of Legends. Building communities also harbor a skill of teamwork and leadership. 

Take Breaks In Between

Continuous gameplay requires taking little breaks during them. It so happens that you get exhausted while playing the game continuously for hours.take breaks in between

This tires you and drains your potential, making you take more time for less work. It would be best if you refocused yourself to aim better.

Enhance your income 

Try to work with the motive of either gaining gold for your team or making the opponent lose their gold. Work hard for the gold.gold rank lol

Keep it as the sole center of your efforts. In addition to your team’s survival, the amount of gold you have compared to your enemy’s is crucial. 

How to Advance Ranks Faster

To play a compelling game, you must advance through the leagues with a speedy pursuit. Do you want to get unbanned from League of Legends? Try this. Follow the mentioned tips to move to newer leagues quickly:

Compete and win in Leagues. 

The old way is to compete, win in leagues, and move further. Try to master as many leagues as you can. Your efficiency evolves with every league you advance.league-of-legends-champions

This would provide you with an XP boost to enter the successive league. You gain XP with every game you win and lose it with every lost game. 

Engage in Practicing with Bots

Practicing more ensures that you are progressing.lol gameplay

Nothing is better than practicing with game bots and practicing matches with them.

Aim for good XP.

You must play a game exceeding 15 minutes to earn a decent XP. If you quit a game early, it gives you a very minimal XP.lol xp

Also, passing the 25-minute mark is not good either. So, you must stay between 15 to 25 minutes, which would fetch you the most optimal XP.

Engage in all game modes.

You should also enjoy the game; therefore, you must engage with every level and amuse yourself. When you give yourself to the experience, you will learn much stuff.special-game-modes-in lol

You will experiment on your own and gain experience. You will also get familiar with new players and get your level up. This would solve your issue of time wasted in LoL. 

Make efficient use of XP.

When you buy XP worth a significant amount, you must not let it go to waste.xp boost

You should be careful before purchasing XP, and it would be worth it only if you play at least more than 12 matches daily. 

Choose the Best Players

If you are getting your time wasted on League of Legends, try to play with the champions.gameplay

Don’t play with the weak players. Choose strong avatars. You get advantages over your opponents and other players. It helps you to win fast.

Buy an Already Achieved Account

Instead of starting with a fresh account, you may begin with an existing advanced account that has already reached level 30.lol-accounts

Reaching the 30th level takes up a lot of your time. Therefore, buying an account and then moving further is advisable. It would indeed prove helpful to you. 

If you’ve encountered the League of Legends RADS errors, critical errors or unspecified errors, don’t panic – you can take several troubleshooting steps to resolve the issue.

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What is the suitable age to play LoL?

Any player above 13 years of age can play LoL.

Who is the best LoL player in the World?

The account name Faker is the best player of League of Legends.

Is LoL a paid sport?

The brilliant LoL players get paid as it is an esport.

Which is the best LoL Avatar?

Kai’sa, with her flexible kit, makes for the strongest LoL character.

In which eSport can you earn the most?

In the present time of 2024, Dota 2 is the most paid Esports. It plays more than League of Legends.


Woah! What a list! Now you know what goes into advancing your game faster. You learned methods to clear the time wasted on League of Legends.

Having known all about playtime, how to calculate your wasted time, how to increase the efficiency of your gameplay, and how to move faster in the ranks, you are now all set to become a good LoL player.

Following these methods, you can quickly advance your game and improve your skills. So, all the best, and happy gaming!

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