You can read someone else’s text messages if you have legitimate worries about what they are doing on their phones or the information they are sharing and receiving. According to the article, you will know how to read someone’s text messages without their phone.

You can read someone else’s text messages without their phones using mSpy, uMobix, Hoverwatch, KidGuard, Flexispy, Spyware, and iTunes Backup. And read someone else’s messages without their phone using these several techniques.

You can do practically everything with a smartphone, from making calls to browsing the internet to sending and receiving text messages. Thus, we have the opportunity to check on others.

7 Ways To Read Someone’s Text Messages Without Their Phone

Some internet services, like a Facebook secret conversation, could satisfy your needs if you only want to view text messages on Facebook. Well, there are a few different options you can choose from. You can read Someone’s Messages Without Their Phone using these ways.


With the help of the phone tracking program mSpy, you can read someone’s messages without their phone. You can block inappropriate websites on the targeted cell phone with its assistance. mspy

You can visit a web-based control panel after installing this surveillance app. This program lets you view your target’s GPS locations, shared media files, and text messages. 

Messages can be sent, received, and deleted in real time while remaining undiscovered. The target phone doesn’t need to be jailbroken or rooted for mSpy to function, and it offers full technical assistance.

The mSpy program runs in the background. It gives prompt location updates within a predetermined time limit. IOS and Android mockups and smartphones are supported. They provide GPS tracking.


A mobile surveillance tool called uMobix can track various activities on a target phone, such as SMS, social media, GPS location, and phone calls. This phone tracking hybrid app provides quick access to the texts on the target smartphone. You can use the Umboix application to take screenshots of the target smartphone.umobix

You can read someone’s text messages without their phone using it. It offers the user’s precise position in real-time and a history of their visited locations. Both Android and iOS devices are supported.


With the help of the mobile phone surveillance app Hoverwatch, you may monitor calls and SMS messages made on the phone of the intended target. You may check all the data transmitted and received by the device user with this spying program. It is also undetectable to users of the targeted Android smartphones.hoverwatch

You can download and utilize this spy app from your internet account once it has been installed. You may monitor your browsing patterns. Your browsing history can be tracked and recorded.


KidGuard is a phone monitoring tool that enables you to monitor the activity of a target device user remotely. One of the greatest mobile phone spy applications, it sends you a real-time notice when your children cross a barrier. You can access phone data from any location using this phone spying program to read someone’s texts without their phone.kidgaurd

You may follow the real-time GPS location of the selected device using Kidguard. Remote screenshot capture is possible. You can examine the app’s Live Demo. It offers real-time data synchronization through a 3G/4G or Wi-Fi network.


One of the best spying programs for PCs, cell phones, and tablets is Flexispy, which allows you to read someone else’s text messages without having access to the target phone. You may view every sent and received message together with the contact and timestamp information using Flexispy. This program can also be remotely deactivated or uninstalled.flexispy

With Flexispy, you may remotely send SMS from your target phone to any number. You’ll receive remote updates automatically. Using the ambient recording feature, you can capture your surroundings.


Go to Google > Security in the Settings app, turn off Scan Device for security concerns, and activate Unknown Sources.spyware

Once you have downloaded the APK file from the official website, install the spyware on your phone by following the onscreen instructions. You must jailbreak it first to use it on an iPhone.

When it’s finished, click the Open button to launch the spyware. You don’t need the recipient’s phone to view their text messages. To read someone’s messages without their phone on the target device, go to the dashboard of iKeyMonitor and pick SMS.

Log in to your account on the spyware website. Create one with your details if you still need to get one. In the dashboard, enter the iCloud password and username for the target phone. Click the Verify option to link to WhatsApp after you’re done. You must install the APK on an Android phone if it is the target device. The texts on the target smartphone will then be displayed to you.

iTunes Backup

You can use iMyFone D-Back, a reliable and secure iTunes and iCloud backup extractor, to access text messages on someone else’s iPhone. It is possible to read iPhone data kept in backup files with this tool. You can read someone’s text messages and check most text messages with D-Back because Apple suggests routinely backing up iOS devices. imyfone d back

First, download and run the iMyFone D-Back on your PC or Mac. Launch the application. After that, pick “Recover from iTunes” and click “Start.” Select “Messages” as the type of information you want to read.

Click “Scan” after selecting the iTunes backup you want to access. You will be shown all text messages in your iTunes backup when the procedure finishes.

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How can one read another person's text messages covertly?

One of the best spying programs for PCs, cell phones, and tablets is Flexispy, which allows you to read someone's text messages without their phone to the target phone. This program can also be remotely deactivated or uninstalled.

How can we read someone else's Facebook Messenger messages?

You can see all their Facebook messages, including sent and received ones, along with time and date stamps when you log in. Additionally, you'll see oral as well as written communication. You may view the images and videos sent and received through Facebook Messenger using eyeZy.

How can one read another person's texts covertly?

A phone tracking solution made specifically for your needs is called Spyic. Without the target individual ever knowing, it can spy on any phone. It also offers more functionalities and gives you access to every message on the target user's phone.

How can we read someone else's messages for free?

There's a free method of reading anyone's SMS messages. FreeForward is an app that's used for this. It can forward phone notifications. However, this program has many restrictions compared to top competitors like Spyic or Cocospy.


This was all related to how to read someone’s text messages without their phone. If you want to accomplish this task without difficulty, you must be well-equipped, and the easiest method to do so is by using trustworthy spy applications. Also, Check out the 5 Best Android Spy Apps Without Target Phone.