Hi, Flix and Roku fans! Are you here to know why Netflix is so slow on Roku? We heard you, and you are in the perfect spot. Let us get you all the reasons and solutions to speed up Roku.

Several reasons can act as catalysts for Netflix running slow on Roku. There may be the absence of a strong network connection. The apps need to be of the latest make. Netflix may have specific problems, like its plan or an incorrect setup. 

To learn how to tend to these issues, follow this article. These causes and their corrections have been given in detail. All you have to do is provide a good read, and you will be free of your issues. 

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The various causes may lead to many issues that may cause Netflix lagging on Roku. There can be many other disruptions, such as Netflix crashing on the TV, Netflix unable to load correctly, interrupting pauses of Netflix may be there, or there may be an internal error. 

netflix issues

All of these issues that lead you to ask why is Netflix so slow on Roku arise due to a list of reasons. Carry on your reading to find out what they are. 


If you are here to ask why Netflix is slow on Roku TV, you must know the causes behind it.

netflix reasons

You’ll also be taught how to fix them. But before that, here are some significant causes that put you in this position. Let us get you acquainted with them. 

Slow Internet

The biggest reason that causes issues with Netflix is the causes of bad connection.

slow wifi

The slow Internet may result from your server issues, your providers’ issues, and others. But it leads to Roku TV lagging on Netflix, uneasy loading of the app on the device, unwanted halts and pauses of Netflix, and there can be many others. 

Obsolete Apps

Both Netflix and Roku can be at fault here. If either of them is not updated, you may face issues. apps If the apps go out of date, they are not compatible anymore. 

Unsupportive Plans

Maybe your Netflix plan is not supportive of your Roku TV. netflix on laptop It may be an extra device. Roku TV may be an additional device that your Netflix won’t support

Incorrect Setup

An incorrect setup during the initiation of the plan may cause problems later. setup  It may also disrupt streaming. 


Now that you know your story’s villains, you are ready to defeat them. Why Netflix is so slow on Roku is a question you are prepared to bid farewell to. To do so, follow the given path:

Netflix Servers

Maybe the Netflix servers have gone down. It is a temporary inconvenience that can be sorted out in a jiffy. But, the issue is that you cannot play any part in that. You have to stay put and wait for them to get functional again. To find out if this is the case, head to the official website of Netflix, where you will find the answer. netflix servers

You can also await responses from the company on Social Media where you follow them. 

Roku Reset

Another solution to get rid of Netflix buffering Roku is to be aware of a technique that will pave the way for you to get out of this issue. This is also necessary to relieve Roku of the burdens of the cache that is jamming the operations of the software. 

The burdening cache may lead to many issues like crashing, freezing, and even problems with the sound. 

To conduct a Roku reset, follow the pointers:

1. Reach the Home menu on TV. home menu

2. Just like any magic needs a code, so does this process. To work this magical reset, here is your spell to cast: Home, Home, Home, Home, Home, Up, Rewind, Rewind, Fast Forward, Fast Forward. roku remote

3. This automatically resets your Roku TV. You have to do it at least twice for maximum results. 

4. Restart your TV, and you are all set to go.

The Classic Move

Any household would’ve done this move many times in their life. It is the most straightforward path to take. You have to carry out an unplug and re-plug of the TV and the Roku system. When plugged out, do a soft reset of the TV by holding its main button for 30 seconds. plug

The re-plug is to be done after 60 sec. This will allow an optimum system reboot and get your Netflix running again. 

Re-Installing Netflix

Another easy way to fix why is Netflix so slow on Roku is to get a re-install right away. On your Roku system, you must uninstall and re-install the app in question to get an app that is updated and free of bugs. 

1. On the Home screen, reach the Netflix app. roku

2. You must open the channel menu by pressing * on the remote. 

3. Then go for the option to remove the channel. This would get Netflix out of the system. remove netflix

4. Reboot the TV and get the app from the store section again. 

Latest Roku Update

The most effective way to avoid Netflix running slow on Roku is to get the latest version update of Roku. That would suffice to remove any unwanted cache and free up the system. To conduct that, go through this:

1. Open settings on your home screen.

2. Reach towards the system option.

3. Within this, you will find an option to update the system. Go for it. system update on roku

This is a regular practice and helps you in many ways. Ensure that you carry this out without fail. 

This ends with the top 5 solutions to why Netflix is so slow on Roku. 

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Does Roku allow watching Netflix without the Internet?

No, it does not. A Roku TV itself can be operated without the Internet. But to stream any dynamic content on the device, like Netflix, you must always have stable network access.

Which channels are supported by Roku?

On Roku, you can watch a plethora of content on various channels. It can range from Netflix, Hotstar, Prime, and other OTT channels to different Movie only channels. It is a variety of devices.

Do many people trust Roku?

It is evident from the increasing annual number of users that Roku is a trusted brand. This platform's fandom is increasing, and one can notice that in the last two years, Roku has gained 20 million users.

What is indicated by 0041 in Netflix?

Your device may be facing an issue of the Internet being stuck, and it needs a playback. In short, it is a connectivity error.


Now that you have read the entire article, it must be clear why Netflix is so slow on Roku and how you can achieve its speed. All the reasons causing the issues highlighted in this article are:

  • Slow internet speed.
  • Obsolete apps that need to be updated.
  • Netflix plans that are unsupportive of Roku TV.
  • An incorrect setup of the Netflix account on Roku TV.

And for the solutions, you had the top five answers, which included checking the servers, resetting Roku, the classic move of plug out and plug in, new Netflix installation, and updation of the Roku system. Now, you are all done here. All the best, and happy speeding!

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