Are you struggling to control your frustration? Or do you know someone who needs guidance in managing their anger? In such cases, you need anger management apps.

These apps can be incredibly useful in different ways, and we’ll be discussing their most prominent features in this article.

Let’s get into it and learn about anger management.

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8 Best Anger Management Apps to Calm Yourself Down

Below are a few anger management apps that are a great help to you to control your emotions.

AIMS For Anger Management

Need the Best anger management apps? Developed by the U.S. government’s Veterans Affairs, AIMS, or Anger & Irritability Management Skills, is a self-help course that has been introduced as a mobile app for your convenience.


Originally it was designed for people struggling with PTSD. The techniques, such as making a plan and recording triggering events that anger you, can be applied to anyone. This app makes it easy to organize your journey and progress.

Download: ios|android

Quit Anger

Need the Best anger management apps? An alternative to AIMS that many people enjoy is the Quit Anger app, which offers many of the same functions as the previous app. Still, people might enjoy the interface on this one more, depending on their preferences. quit anger


Nonetheless, with Quit Anger, you’ll gain access to essential tools that can assist you with your anger management goals.

Anger Management Tips!

Need the Best anger management apps? Self-help resources are precious for getting your anger under control, and although there is a lot you can do, sometimes all you need is some advice and words of encouragement, and that’s what this mobile app does. 

anger management tips

These simple anger management apps help you read inspiring and insightful quotes about ordinary things you might take for granted. But it could be causing you anger and other negative feelings and emotions. 


Need the Best anger management apps? Depression and anxiety are the most common mental health issues, and if untreated, they can cause angry outbursts and other debilitating symptoms. sanvello


Sanvello combats these disorders by giving you tools based on cognitive-behavioural therapy (CBT), the gold standard for treating them and other disorders. 

Download: Android


Need the Best anger management apps? Regardless of whether you have a chronic condition like depression or anxiety or are prone to becoming angry. Our thoughts can get in the way, while apps like Headspace can help you work on mindfulness, overcome distressing thoughts, and find peace. headspace


Not only that, individuals who try Headspace often report sleeping better, which will have a positive impact on their mood.

Download: Android


Need the Best anger management apps? Calm is another app that focuses on mindfulness meditation and improving sleep. It aims to do what its name says – make you a calmer and happier individual. calm

So whether you want guided meditation and professional masterclasses on relaxation or to see and hear soothing imagery and sounds, Calm is the way to go if you want an easy anger management app to manage stress.

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Need the Best anger management apps? While this anger management app has some aspects in common with the previous suggestions, where this one truly stands out or shines if you will, is that it creates a sense of community. shineBy signing up, you can receive content designed by real mental health experts and connect with other members where you can share your thoughts. Read this article about the best driving apps that you could use to improve your driving experience and relax your mind.

Download: Android


Lastly, one of the most popular anger management apps is BetterHelp. It connects you with licensed counsellors and therapists who can give you personalized advice on managing anger and related mental health issues. betterhelp

As mentioned before, self-help is essential. You can read about anger and its management issues here, but it’s also crucial to ask for assistance if needed. BetterHelp makes it easy to talk to an actual professional and become happier.


What are the top anger management apps of 2024?

To begin, there are several popular anger management apps available in general. Undoubtedly, some famous ones are: AIMS for anger management Quit Anger Anger Management Tips! Sanvello Headspace Calm Shine BetterHelp

Are there any recommended anger management apps for mobile devices?

Indeed, there are various anger management apps available for mobile devices. In fact, some popular ones include Headspace, Calm, Happify, Pacifica, and MoodMission. Undoubtedly, These apps offer a range of features. These include guided meditation, breathing exercises, cognitive-behavioral therapy techniques, and mood tracking to help manage anger and improve emotional well-being.

Can anger management apps help in controlling anger?

Anger management apps can be valuable tools. They support anger management along with emotional well-being. Moreover, they often provide techniques, strategies, and resources for self-reflection, relaxation, and behavior modification. They may not be a substitute for professional therapy. Lastly, they can offer guidance and support for individuals seeking to control and manage their anger.

Are anger management apps suitable for everyone?

Generally, it is important to note that severe or chronic anger issues may want professional help. Otherwise, this may be from a therapist or counselor. Additionally, some apps may have specific age restrictions or for certain demographics. It's essential to read the app descriptions and user reviews. Lastly, These help to determine if a particular app aligns with your needs and preferences.


Since there are a lot of anger management apps out there, it can be overwhelming to find the best ones. This article gives you many options but will help narrow down your search. However, give them all a try; more than likely, you’ll benefit from utilizing more than one of them. 

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