How To Fix- PS4 Error SU-42118-6 [4 Ways]


Hello, fellow PS4 enthusiasts. Suppose you own a Sony PS4 and updated it to version 8.50, which came on April 14th without any issues or hassle. Congratulations. If not, and you are still looking for solutions, then worry not; you’ve found the right place for your answers. As aforementioned, the update that came out in April had a lot of bugs which meant a lot of errors for the console systems. The ps4 error SU-42118-6 is what we will fix today.


Regarded as the best console by many, it was a shock to users to find the update so prominent. It was verified that above 40% of users had trouble with the version update when it came out. The most common one was the error code SU-42118-6.

ps4 error su-42118-6

The error code pop-up displays on the screen, after which the console stops responding to the controller. This means you cannot shift it to safe mode, either. When searched, the error code is identified as a system failure where the controller and console stop working. The error might be annoying, but it is not impossible to repair with the safeguards that Sony sets in its consoles, which means you can do it by yourself too.

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 How To Fix PS4 Error SU-42118-6?

Now, for some, the steps might seem easy, and maybe for some, it might not be the case, but we’ll keep a few options so you can go ahead and try them out and see for yourself which one works for you. 

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 Deleting And Reinstalling The Update

The first choice is to use a wired internet to update your console system software, if possible, and to delete the update file you installed previously.

Now, go to the settings menu, select the “System Software Update” function, and choose the option “Update Using the Internet.” Use the wired internet only if the Wi-Fi connection doesn’t work to cover all bases.

reinstall update

The update will be working correctly, but there are still chances of failed downloads.

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 Use A Compatible Cable To Put It On Safe Mode

 Use a compatible cable to connect your console and the controller (the wired connection has lesser chance of failure). Put your PS4 in safe mode by pressing and holding the power button (do not let go until you hear the second beep).

connect compatible cable

The secure mode screen will have a pop-up saying, “Connect the DualShock 4 using the USB cable. Then press the P5 button” (You have completed the first step of this instruction by connecting your controller to the console.

The P5 button will direct you to a settings menu with many options; remember that you cannot use the analog stick, so use the D-pad. Go to the ‘Rebuild Database’ option and confirm it (it will take a few hours to restart).

rebuild database

If you have the patience, the console will discover updates and recover the system afterward.

USB Storage Device To Install The Update

 If you cannot download the update by connecting to the internet after deleting the file, try a USB storage device. Download and transfer the file into the storage device and go to the “System Software Update,” but choose the “Update from USB Storage Device” option this time.

update using usb device

You will need a system to install the update and transfer it to a USB drive for this option. You can use a laptop, PC even a smartphone would do.

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“Initializing PS4”

 As the name states, this method will re-initialize your console. Select initialize, and your console will start deleting. If your game collection majorly consists of online games like CoD or Fortnite, then it won’t be a significant issue. These games are server-based. The records of each player are stored in the servers (as long as you have your login details).

initialize ps4

Single-player games without server-based save options will be lost. You can save the progress if you have already backed it up somewhere or get an active subscription to PlayStation Plus.

playstation plus subscription

If not, then you should keep this as your last resort. This process has a high chance of success. However, it comes at a cost and should only be done if you cannot restore the console update by any means. Data on the console is deleted. It functions similarly to a factory reset button, formatting any irregularities with the stored data.


So there you go. That is how you fix the PS4 update 8.50 Error SU-42118-6. Now you can resume playing your favorite games without any problems.