You’ve undoubtedly heard of Funimation if you’re a serious anime fan. It’s one of the most well-liked anime and TV program streaming sites, with a huge collection of material that keeps viewers riveted to their screens. Nevertheless, even the most devoted fans have probably been annoyed by the issue “Why does Funimation keep freezing?” 

The cause of buffering or freezing in Funimation may be sluggish or unreliable internet connections. During busy hours, network congestion can cause disruptions to streaming, and server overload might cause outages. To resolve this, check your internet connection and choose a wired connection to stream anime on Funimation continuously. Make sure the hardware on your device is up to date and able to play high-definition material. Update your apps, stream during off-peak times, and utilize network prioritization if necessary. You might also notice that Funimation subtitles are not working. This is a pretty common issue.

This post will examine the answers to the puzzling query of Funimation keeps freezing. More importantly, we’ll show you a few easy fixes to ensure your anime streaming goes smoothly.

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Why Does Funimation Keep Freezing?

Anime fans frequently become annoyed when Funimation won’t load. There might be other causes for this bothersome problem.

It can be your internet connection to start. Problems with buffering and freezing may arise from an under-optimized or sluggish connection. To experience uninterrupted streaming, ensure your connection is steady and fast enough.

Second, software problems can come into play. Older operating systems, browsers, or applications may not be compatible with Funimation’s most recent updates, which might lead to freezing problems.

funimation freezing

You may fix this by upgrading your software regularly. These could be minor browser issues that can be easily solved. Check out this article to use Funimation on Chrome.

Thirdly, issues with the server may also be to blame. Users may experience freezing during busy hours or when Funimation’s servers are overwhelmed.

Knowing these possible causes, you can fix the issue and take advantage of seamless, continuous anime viewing on Funimation.

Common User Experiences and Concerns

Users’ experiences on sites like Reddit provide insight into the common problems that Funimation users have. One issue that comes up repeatedly is, “Why does Funimation keep freezing?”  

Many Funimation users’ posts express frustration with episodes stopping or buffering at crucial points in their favorite anime programs on Reddit and related boards.

funimation bannerOne’s patience might be put under strain by the tension of an exciting conflict or an emotional confession abruptly cut short by an unplanned stop.

Buffering is a common complaint since several users claim to have had problems on several devices. These breaks can make anime shows less enjoyable, particularly when the story is most compelling.

Others frequently provide suggestions and remedies in reaction to these user experiences, highlighting the anime community’s collaborative effort to address this frustrating issue.

It is evident that although Funimation provides a vast collection of well-loved anime films, the problem of frequent pauses continues to be a prevalent and mutually felt difficulty among its devoted fan base.

Regaining uninterrupted enjoyment of anime viewing may be facilitated for fans by comprehending the causes and putting remedies into practice.

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Potential Solutions to Funimation Buffering Issues

Anime fans like Funimation, but buffering problems might make it difficult to watch your favorite series. Why does Funimation keep freezing? We will examine various resolutions to Funimation buffering issues to guarantee a flawless streaming experience.

Restart Your Router

If you want your streaming to go more smoothly, restart the router to refresh your network connection.
restart router

It assists in removing transient glitches and restoring a steady connection, successfully addressing network-related difficulties that may cause freezing or buffering when utilizing Funimation.

Internet Troubleshooting

The first step in fixing frozen Funimation difficulties is internet troubleshooting. It’s critical to measure your bandwidth by running speed tests.

Assume that your internet connection is capable of supporting Funimation’s streaming needs. For regular quality, they usually advise a minimum of 5 Mbps.

internet troubleshoot

Close any rival apps or gadgets that could use up bandwidth on your network. Network congestion might result from streaming, online gaming, or downloading files across several devices.

It can create freezing or buffering issues. You may improve your Funimation streaming experience by streamlining your internet and reducing competition for bandwidth.

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Update the Funimation App 

Ensuring Funimation is running the most recent version of the software is essential to avoiding freezing problems.update the funimation app

Frequent updates guarantee a smoother and more pleasurable streaming experience by granting access to performance enhancements and problem fixes.

Potential software-related issues can be fixed by keeping the application updated.

Device Software and Browser Updates 

For a flawless Funimation experience, keep your browsers and devices updated.


You may minimize any freezing or buffering difficulties connected to outdated software and maintain compatibility with Funimation’s features by keeping up with the newest versions.

Adjust Video Resolution 

You may get smoother Funimation streaming if you lower the video quality.

video resolution

Reducing the resolution helps save data and reduces the chance of buffering or stalling, particularly on weaker internet connections. This modification guarantees a smoother viewing experience.

Clear Browser Cache and Cookies 

Streaming speed on Funimation can be greatly enhanced by clearing the cache and cookies in your browser.
cacheThis procedure removes stored data that might cause your browser to lag, making loading times quicker and less likely to happen when watching anime.

All of this adds up to a smoother streaming experience.

VPN Considerations 

When using Funimation with a VPN, some problems might affect your viewing experience.


VPNs might cause geographical limitations or slow down your internet connection, which can lead to buffering or freezing issues.

Think about turning off your VPN for the best streaming experience when using Funimation.

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Wired vs. Wi-Fi Connections 

A more dependable and consistent network connection may be obtained by choosing a wired Ethernet connection over Wi-Fi.

wired and wireless connection

During Funimation streaming, wired connections offer reliable and swifter data transmission speeds, which lessen the chance of freezing or buffering.

Making this decision guarantees a more seamless and continuous anime-watching experience.

Contacting Funimation Support 

Please do not hesitate to contact Funimation Support if you have tried every possible remedy and your issue with freezing or buffering persists.


With their professional advice and answers, you may enjoy continuous anime streaming. They are there to offer extra support and quickly resolve particular concerns.

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Understanding the Causes of Buffering on Funimation

Buffering issues while streaming on Funimation can be a source of frustration for anime enthusiasts. Two major factors contribute to buffering problems: internet speed requirements and router communication issues.

Internet Speed Requirements and Their Impact on Streaming

The quality of the Funimation streaming depends on how fast your internet is. Achieving the minimum required throughput of 5 Mbps for the standard rate is necessary.

streaming services

Buffering happens if your connection isn’t strong enough to meet this criterion. When data packets are not transmitted fast enough, buffering occurs, which results in pauses as the material loads. 

In addition to lowering resolution, slow internet can result in poor visual quality. Upgrade your internet plan to reach or above the necessary speed to fix this problem and eventually enjoy a smoother and continuous streaming experience.

Router Communication Issues and Potential Need for Upgrades

Issues with your router might greatly influence the quality of your streaming. Routers that are too old or of poor quality may not be able to send data efficiently, which might cause disruptions and buffering.upgrade router

You may reduce buffering and improve data transfer by upgrading the firmware on your existing router or buying a high-quality one.

Wi-Fi congestion and other device interference with the router can also cause communication disruptions that result in buffering problems. 

Consider using an Ethernet connection to solve this and guarantee a more streamlined Funimation streaming experience.

One of the biggest ways to avoid buffering issues is to upgrade your router and optimize its configuration.

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What are some common problems with the Funimation Xbox One app?

Funimation Xbox One app issues come up due to slow loading times, numerous crashes, playback issues, and occasional freezes when streaming. Users can need help signing in or seeing their content. The streaming experience may need to be improved by several problems, which may be resolved by troubleshooting or app upgrades.

Why my Funimation app xbox one is not working?

Funimation is not working on the xbox because of a bad internet connection, an out-of-date program, or server issues are common problems. Update the program, make sure your internet connection is steady, and see if Funimation is experiencing any server problems to fix the problem.

I cannot connect to Funimation Xbox One. Why?

There are a few possible reasons why you cannot connect to Funimation on your Xbox One. Ensure the Funimation app is up to date, confirm your login information, and assess the reliability of your internet connection. Checking for service interruptions is important since server problems might also impact connection on Funimation's end.


We’ve looked at several answers to find the solution to the annoying issue, “Why does Funimation keep freezing?” each is essential to a seamless and continuous anime streaming experience.

Updating your devices and applications to optimize your internet speed and network connection refresh is critical for reducing interruptions.

But it’s crucial to remember that there is only a partial solution. We advise people to experiment with different solutions because every person’s circumstances might be different.

Through trial and error and perseverance, you can find the mix of treatments that is most effective for you. Welcome the anime world on Funimation without having to deal with freezing, and enjoy the continuous viewing experience you are entitled to.