You were going to relax and have a vaping session, but your Vape Pen won’t work. In that case, you need to fix a vape pen. First, make sure there is a problem. vape pen

How to fix a vape pen
  1. Boost nicotine levels
  2. Raise the temperature settings
  3. Use thicker e-liquid, inspect o-rings [if tank], and look for cracks.
  4. Recheck the connection and use isopropyl alcohol to clean the firing pin.
  5. Hold each button for 5 seconds to exit stealth mode and restart the device.
  6. Use the included charger, straighten and clean the charging connections, or buy a new charger.

Users often think that their vape pens are broken when settings are wrong. A device won’t perform if there’s no juice in the battery, it is not fully charged, or its parts are improperly put together. Read further to find out more.

5 Evergreen Ways To Fix A Vape Pen In 2024

Check your Vape Pen for these 5 common breakdowns and use these troubleshooting tips to Fix a Vape Pen.

The Need For Cleaning

When was the last time you cleaned your vape pen? You should do this regularly to ensure its satisfying work and long life.

There will always be some e-liquid build-up that gets in the way of things. Your device can also get clogged because of over-filling, staying unused for too long, and being stored in conditions that change liquid consistency.


The best cleaning method involves separating all the parts and giving special attention to every part. Build-up accumulates at the connection points. Unclog the mouthpiece by putting it under the running water.

Many vapers find that water cleans just fine. It removes chunks of dried-up residue and works well on materials that require a scratch-free, non-abrasive cleaning. Some vapers use alcohol to get a vaporizer perfectly clean. You’ll also need a small, soft brush (it’s possible to use your old toothbrush), cotton swabs, and paper towels.

Battery Failure

A vape pen battery may not work because of 3 common causes:

battery failure

  • If the battery won’t charge or is hit with a cartridge screwed in, the connection plate inside the 510 thread may be shifted. It’s not difficult to fix it. Take a toothpick, gently pull up the connection plate inside the thread, and then screen it on your charger or cartridge.
  • Another common reason is that the connection between the battery and the cartomizer is poorly established. Ensure that these parts of the vape are clean. If there’s some dirt or fluff, chances are the battery will start charging after cleaning.
  • The battery is dead. Any vape battery will eventually die after long-term use or for other reasons. Maybe you just need to buy a new one.

Other reasons why your battery or vapor pens don’t charge or work and the ways to Fix a Vape Pen that you can find here.

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Problems With The Coil

If the coil is not fixed tightly, a vapor pen could perform poorly or not perform at all. The filthy coil could also be causing the failure. It’s also possible that the coil has reached the end of its lifespan, and you need to replace it with the new one.

problems with the coil

If you use wicked coils, you know that they are designed with a wick surrounded by a thin metal heating element. Sometimes, that heating element breaks. And usually, the break is quite visible. Simply check whether your heating element is intact. Problems With The Heating Chamber

If your battery is OK, but the heating chamber isn’t heating up, perhaps, that’s the cause of the malfunction. It’s a bit trickier to fix the heating chamber. There’s one technique that helped many vapors to “heal their electronic friends.” But be careful – it’s about applying light pressure to the coil, not pushing it until irreversible damage.

problems with the heating chamber

Sometimes, the heating coil moves away from the connecting pin inside the chamber, and the battery has no electrical flow. So, you are to restore this connection. Here’s what to do:

  1. Take a toothpick or a paper clip.
  2. Take apart the pen and examine the heating chamber. The wire coil is inside the chamber. At the outer side of the chamber, there’re 2 small metallic pins where the coil connects.
  3. Now slightly push the heating coil on the pins. Sometimes, it helps to put the toothpick in the center of the coil and push it (gently!) in different directions. You may also try to twist the pins to restore the power circuit.

When maintaining your vape pen, it’s crucial to keep it clean for optimal performance.

The Stuck Button

We turn on and off a vaporizer pen with the help of the firing button, which activates the power supply from the battery. Piling up of dirt inside the gaps causes the button to stop working.

Experienced vapers know an excellent old trick:

  1. Separate the tank from the battery.the stuck button
  2. Use pliers or tweezers to move the stuck button anticlockwise several times. This circular motion must break off the dirt inside.
  3. Now, the button on your e-cig should be unstuck. Check if it clicks. If there’s no result, the button is probably broken inside, return it to the vape shop or throw it away.

Things To Remember

  • Never put your vape pen or cartridge in the vehicle! Keep items in an excellent, dry location away from strong sunshine and severe heat.

vape pen

  • Never keep a cartridge linked to your battery when storing it.
  • Preheat the cartridge: after initially opening it, inhale deeply to fill the coil and prevent the metal from burning during subsequent puffs.
  • Repeated long draws can heat the oil so that too much goes forcefully into the airflow chamber. We advise quick draws and allowing the oil to settle and cool in between puffs.

Below Is A List Of Handy References To The Most Typical Vape Pen Issues

No power for the vape pen? Check for frequent problems with the connection, fire button, and charging. Below is a list of handy references to the most typical vape pen issues: 


  • Too little of a throat hit? Boost nicotine levels, raise the temperature settings, and inspect your cartridge. 
  • Is the vape tank or cartridge leaking? Use thicker e-liquid, inspect o-rings [if tank], and look for cracks. 
  • E-liquid seeping out of air holes? Use thicker e-liquid and gradually raise the temperature.
  • ‘No Atomizer’ message appearing? Recheck the connection and use isopropyl alcohol to clean the firing pin.
  • Is the OLED display not functioning? Hold each button for 5 seconds to exit stealth mode and restart the device.
  • Won’t the vape pen charge? Use the included charger, straighten and clean the charging connections, or buy a new charger.
  • Juice from a vape gunning for your mouth? Reduce the vape pen’s temperature, point the fire away from the mouth, and get spit-back protection.
  • Tastes like burnt vape juice? It would help if you started by lowering the temperature. You could then replace the coil since it may have burned out.
    • Does a gurgling sound come from my e-cigarette? Cut down on the time you spend pushing the fire button, clean the drip tip, and drain the tank.
    • No flavor in your e-liquid? Change your coil, blow out the central chimney, and e-liquid flavors.


A disposable vaporizer won't hit; how can you fix it?

Sometimes gas bubbles in the cartridge impede airflow, causing a disposable device not to hit. Try flipping or tapping the cartridges to get away from the air bubbles. You can also put the device aside for a while to permit the wick to soak more juice.

After it stops working, how can you revive a disposable vape?

Since these items are transitory, there isn't any way to revive them once their internal batteries or vape juice have completely run out. When a throwaway vape breaks, you have to throw it away and buy a new one.

Why does my pen, which is fully charged, keep blinking?

Low voltage: If the battery has been charged up, but the pen is still flickering, The system could not have enough electricity. Poor battery connections brought on by dirt, or an incorrect lineup frequently cause a low voltage.


To sum up, I hope this information was helpful. Have an excellent vape!


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