Moto 360 debuted in mid-2014 and has become the best Android Wear gadget. However, it is often found that Moto 360 not charging due to an issue with the battery or the watch itself. Customers must either purchase another battery or get the watch ‘fixed’.

fix moto 360 not charging error

You can solve this issue by uninstalling all Android Wear apps and watch faces, including Motorola Connect, Make sure your Moto 360 is fully charged. Go to Settings > Reset device, Restart and install the Android Wear app on the device you want to pair, Ensure Bluetooth and Wi-Fi are on, load up the Android Wear app, then Select the device.

We’ve seen various Moto 360 issues announced in help strings and gatherings, running from battery troubles to stuck pixels, some of which you can cure. Here are the most basic Moto 360 not charging issues with ways to work around or fix them.

7 Ways to Fix Moto 360 Not Charging Error

Ways to Fix Moto 360 Not Charging Error

  • Method #1 Check the USB Port
  • Method #2 Check the Link
  • Method #3 Clean the USB Port
  • Method #4 Not Adequate Capacity to Charge the Watch
  • Method #5 Rollback or Update the Applications
  • Method #6 Turn Off the Watch While Charging

These are anyway superfluous uses as the issue can be understood effectively. The resulting programming updates have significantly shown improvement in the circumstances. Yet if you find that you’re experiencing a fast battery depletion and your Moto 360 apparently can’t endure the day, you should attempt these fixes:

Method #1 Check the USB Port

It is very conceivable that the USB port of your Moto 360 isn’t reaching the USB charger.



Expel the battery from your watch and utilize a toothpick to push the tab inside the USB port to make it back to its typical shape. When you have done this, embed the battery and associated the charger. In the vast majority of the cases, the issue is settled.

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Method #2 Check the Link

If you have effectively attempted the main strategy, there is a plausibility that your watch battery’s charger has a broken link.

check the link

Take a stab at accusing the watch of another USB link from one of the different gadgets. If you can charge the watch effectively, supplant the link.

Method #3 Clean the USB Port

The residue or different particles stop in the USB port of your watch.

clean the usb


This results in the charger being unable to reach the charging point inside the port. It may happen if you utilize the watch in a dusty, sticky, or unclean condition.

Method #4 Not Adequate Capacity to Charge the Watch

If you are utilizing a charger that isn’t good with the watch and the battery is depleted, try this.

capacity charge


Have a go at utilizing an ordinary charger connected to a divider attachment since such chargers can charge the watch much quicker.

Method #5 Rollback or Update the Applications

If you have, as of late, refreshed an application to a more current adaptation, it could be the root of the issue.



The issue could also be because your old Android watch isn’t compatible with the application. Likewise, have a go at refreshing your Android phone. On specific Android gadgets like Moto 360 smartwatch, it could be the issue that your Moto 360 is not charging.

Method #6 Turn Off the Watch While Charging

You may run applications that could be power-consuming.



Subsequently, the rate at which the battery is depleted could be quicker than the rate at which it is charged. Take a chance at charging the watch by turning it off.

Method #7 A Definitive Trap

A couple of straightforward steps may help settle the issue.

  1. Uninstall all Android applications and watch countenances, including Motorola Connect.
  2. Ensure that your Moto 360 is entirely energetic.
  3. Go to Settings > Reset gadget.
  4. Restart, and after that, introduce the Android Wear application on the gadget you need to match.
  5. Ensure Bluetooth and Wi-Fi are on and burden up the Android application at that point. Select gadget.
  6. Complete the product redesign on your Moto 360 and complete matching.

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How come my Moto watch won't charge?

Attempt these procedures if your Moto watches isn't charging: Verify the charger and cable are in working order. Both the charger and the watch should have their charging contacts cleaned. Check to charge it once more after restarting the watch. If the challenge still exists, speak with Motorola support or think about having it fixed by a professional since it may have a hardware or battery issue.

How can I power up my Motorola Moto 360 smartwatch?

The methods below should help you power up your Motorola Moto 360 smartwatch. Place the watch on the charging cradle. Attach the charging wire to an electrical source. Ensure the contacts on the watch's back and the charging pins on the cradle are lined up. Automatic activation or an icon for imposing ought to be present on the watch. Charge it up till it is fully charged.

What is the Moto 360's charging time?

Depending on the model and battery life, the Moto 360 smartwatch can take longer to charge. Usually, charging from 0% to 100% takes one to two hours. The charging rate, however, can vary depending on the power of the charging adaptor and the condition of the watch's battery.

Why won't my third-generation Moto 360 charge?

Think about trying these troubleshooting techniques if your third-generation Moto 360 won't charge: Make that the adaptor and battery cable are in working order. Make sure the watch and cable's charging connections are clean. Attempt a different USB port or power source. Restart the watch, then try charging it once more. Contact Motorola support if the problem continues or look for expert assistance.


Notwithstanding, if everything else falls flat and you are unfit to discover an answer, before purchasing another battery or getting your Moto 360 fix, check if the attachment where you have connect your charger is exchang or buy a better one- Tissot T Race!


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