{Solved} 7 Ways to Fix Canon Printer Error B200


The Canon printer error B200 or Canon support code B200 is one of the most common errors that the users of Canon printers will come across. This support code error can occur in Canon printers having 2 or 4+ cartridges and occurs due to electronic issues such as the resistor influence on the mainboard or overheating of the print-head.

canon printer
Canon Printer

Cartridges may encounter a number of issues with refilling or replacing, clogging, alignment, storage, etc. which hampers the smooth functioning of the printer.

Furthermore, the error may also show up due to an obstruction that prevents the printer’s cradle from functioning correctly. This causes error messages stating, “Contact Service Centre” or “Printer Error Occurred” to show up.

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How to Fix Canon Printer Error B200

Some of the most common ways to fix the error are highlighted below:

Method 1: Using the Printer Carriage

printer carriage
Printer Carriage

1. At First, turn the printer off.

2. Then open the print-head bay.

3. Afterwards, turn the printer on and watch the print carriage inside move to the left.

4. Wait for the print carriage to go past the halfway point inside.

5. Then shut the cover of the bay before the print carriage reaches the other side.

6. Finally, leave the Printer turned on and the issue should be resolved.

Method 2: Updating the Drives and Software

Using this method requires updating the printer’s drives and software used to access it. Hence, internet connection and administrator access to the computer is required.

1. At First, update the printer drivers as well as the Canon IJ Printer Utility software.

2. Then go to the Devices and Printers option by searching for it in the Search bar or the Settings menu.

Devices and Printers
Devices and Printers

3. Once the section opens, right-click on the printer and select Properties.


4. Afterward, locate the Maintenance tab and click Deep Cleaning.

Deep Cleaning
Deep Cleaning

5. Once the above process is finished, perform a Nozzle Check from the Maintenance tab to ensure that the Canon printer B200 error is gone.

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Method 3: Resetting the Printer

This method is straightforward but may not always be the most effective.

1. At First, switch off the printer.

2. Then wait for a few minutes.

3. Afterwards, switch on the printer again.

This method is related to the overheating capability of the print head and hence works on the principle of allowing the parts to cool before making them perform work. I hope that now you’ll be able to fix Canon MP560 error B200 issue.

Method 4: Replacing

Many times, issues with the printer arise due to the composition of the ink in the cartridges.

ink cartridges
ink cartridges

Although it is tempting to buy cheap cartridges, such cartridges often would have a composition, not in line with the printer’s requirements and hence may cause the printer to malfunction. Thus, it is advisable to buy the standard prescribed cartridges and nothing else. Thus, this will fix the Canon error B200 issue.

Method 5: Removing obstructions

The advice given to solve issues with the Canon B200 error is to switch off the printer and remove any obstruction that might be preventing the printer cradle from moving correctly. However, as the issues are not related to obstructions, further steps need to be taken to solve the Canon printer error B200. Depending on the nature of the cartridges (2 or 4+), the means to deal with the issue differs.

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For Printers with 2 Cartridges

  1. At First, switch off the printer. The Canon printer error B200 does not allow the cartridge cradle to move in the error state. Resetting the printer clears the error message, thereby allowing further steps to take place.
  2. Then switch on the printer.
  3. Afterward, locate the problem cartridge and Remove it. Most of the time, the problem cartridge is one which has recently added to the print head. If you cannot locate the cartridge accurately, remove all the ink tanks/cartridges. Be extremely careful when handling these components to prevent them from damaging.
  4. Later, replace the cartridge(s) with an old set or a new one.
  5. Then perform a Nozzle Check or a Cleaning Cycle to see if the problem persists. It will let you know if the problem has been solved as the Canon printer error B200 only appears when the print head is in use or motion.
  6. If the problem does persist, then we recommend visiting an expert.

Note: – If the error persists after changing only one cartridge, it is recommended that you change both. Furthermore, it is recommended to switch off and unplug the printer for 5-10 minutes after replacing the cartridges and then switching it back on.

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For Printers with 4 Cartridges

  1. At First, remove all the cartridges/ink tanks from the printer by lifting the lid of the printer and waiting for the cartridge cradle to move into position.
  2. Next, the print head by lifting the orange or grey locking lever located on the side of the cartridge cradle.
  3. Then secure the print head properly back into position and reinstall all the cartridges. The printer should read and examine the cartridges and hence recognize them.
  4. Afterwards, unplug the printer from the power/plug point and wait for five minutes. It allows the printer to cool efficiently.
  5. Plug the printer back in and perform a Nozzle Check or Cleaning Cycle to enable the printer to read the cartridges correctly.

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The use of printers in workplaces and domestic spaces is now a mandatory requirement. It is now a device that most corporate people rely on and is thus one of the essential modern inventions. As Canon is one of the most trusted companies concerning the creation of various devices, errors like the Canon printer error B200 should be easily fixable and rectified in coming versions. We hope this list provides you with the methods required to get your printer up and running and that you never face an issue with this error again.