Fix:$annotatedconnectexception Error


Minecraft is a sandbox game created and distributed by Mahjong. The game was launched in 2011 and in a flash wound up famous in the internet gaming network.$annotatedconnectexception the error can occur oftenly.

minecraft game
Minecraft Game

It has one of the most significant player checks with an enormous number of 91 million players signing in a month to month.

Facing Error While Setting Up Minecraft?

With essential information of PCs and systems administration, you can be playing with companions over a neighborhood (LAN) or the Internet in minutes.$annotatedconnectexception$AnnotatedConnectException

In any case, as of late a lot of reports have been coming in of clients experiencing this problem “$AnnotatedConnectException” while attempting to associate with a server.$annotatedconnectexception problem is restricted to a single server and continues over time.

10 Ways to Fix$annotatedconnectexception Error

Method #1 Check the Internet Router

At whatever point the web switch is reset the IP address that is given by the ISP is changed except if you are utilizing a static IP address. In this manner, in this progression, we will be reinitializing the web settings and the DNS reserve by totally power cycling the Internet Router. For that:

check the internet router
Check the Internet Router
  1. Switch off the power from the router.

2. After 5 minutes, connect to the power again.

3. When internet access is gained, try connecting to the Server and verify to see if the problem is still there.

Method #2 Windows Firewall might Block the Connection

It is conceivable that the Windows Firewall that you are utilizing may hinder your association with the Server. Like this, in this progression, we will include a particular case in the Firewall for some executables in the Minecraft envelope that need web get to. For that:

  1. Go to start in windows and select Settings followed by clicking” Updates & Security” from the options given.
  2. In the “Windows Security” from the left panel select” Firewall & Network Protection”‘
    firewall network protection
    Firewall Network Protection
  3. Move the cursor down and select” Allow an App through Firewall” from the options given.
    Allow an App through Firewall
    Allow an App through Firewall
  4. From the options of “Change Setting” select” Yes.’’ After this, click on the “Allow another app” from the options and choose on” Browse” and further Navigate to game installation options from where the user has to select the game and its launcher.
  5. After that, Open” Maxwell” folder followed by the “Minecraft Server” one. Try allowing both the Java executables located inside the folder, in the same manner, repeating the steps and this time simply scroll down the list of applications available by allowing all the” “Java Platform SE Binary” options for both the Private as well as Public networks. It might resolve$annotatedconnectexception error.


Method #3 Is the IP Address a Static One

Along these lines, in this progression, the user will be checking the IP address and the right port of the game and add it to the Minecraft Launcher. For that:

  1. In the search bar on the Windows toolbar, type” Command Prompt” and click right followed by selecting” Run as Administrator ”

    Command Prompt (Admin)

      Command Prompt (Admin)
  2. Start typing” config” and note down the” IPV4 Address” carefully. Go to the “Minecraft Servers folder>Maxwell (some random numbers)> Minecraft Server” and open the “Server Properties” document.
  3. Here, write down the” Server Port” listed after which open Minecraft and go to the “Play Multiplayer” option.
  4. The user can select the Server by clicking on it and select” Edi” from the options available.
  5. The name of the Server can be changed according to the preference of the user, but the Address has to be the IPV4 Address that we noted and the port number, for example,” XXX.XXX.X.X:2556″ is the port number, and it may vary. Finally, click on Done and refresh.

Method #4 Try the Repair Tool

On the off chance that none of the Methods have settled the issue for you, we suggest utilizing Reimage Repair Tool which can examine the archives to supplant degenerate and missing records.

reimage repair tool
Reimage Repair Tool

This works where the problem might have started because of a framework debasement. Reimage will likewise advance your framework for most extreme execution.

Method #5 Update the Latest Version of JAVA

Minecraft requires the Java programming to refresh to the most recent form with the goal for it to work appropriately.

update java
Update JAVA

The updated version of Java is on this link

Method #6 The Software is Not Compatible

There is a rundown of programming that isn’t good with Minecraft and causes issues on the off chance that they are introduced on the PC on which you are attempting to interface with the Server. Minecraft has an official rundown of programming which isn’t perfect with the game and causes crashes.

Method #7 Utilize Special Commands

On the off chance that the direction brief didn’t work or you would want to utilize Power Shell, you can, and it works also. Ensure you have Power Shell open in the index where server.jar is.

Search on the web in case you are uncertain how to fix$annotatedconnectexception error. Once in the best possible registry, run a similar direction from above.

Method #8 Directly Connect to the Server

In the Minecraft game, click on Multiplayer and then on Direct Connect option.

minecraft direct connect
Minecraft Direct Connect

A. For The Same Computer

For those playing Minecraft on the same machine as the Minecraft server, enter

B. For Another Computer

If the user is on another computer in the local network itself, enter the local IP address of the system that’s running the server at that moment. To locate this, go to the computer that is running the server and type IP configuration into the command prompt. Keep in mind that the IP address should look similar to, though the last two numbers can be different.

Method #9 Switch the Basic Commands

View the essential server directions and acclimate yourself with them. In any event, realize how to use stop, which securely shuts down the Server and recoveries the world.

Method #10 Take Help from the Internet

The IP address of the system for the Minecraft server is required to connect to the Minecraft server to the Internet. For this, the user can navigate to while using the Minecraft server PC. After following these solutions you’ll get$annotatedconnectexception error solve.


Remember that both your outside and nearby IP locations may change when you shut down your PC or reset your modem. Each time you start your Server, make sure to twofold check your inside and outer IP address, and update settings in like manner. Since your Minecraft server is appropriately arrangement, you can send your external IP address to your companions and have them associate with your Minecraft server over the Internet.