Minecraft Crashes On Startup Issue: How To Fix It


In 2009 a version of the game Minecraft went online for PC gamers to undertake; it had been called an alpha build, meaning it had been considered in flux and adapted and updated by user’s feedback. Minecraft had a unique look harkening back to the days when games were made up of pixel art. I hesitate to truly call Minecraft a game as it’s much more of an experience. If your Minecraft crashes on startup, then you’re at the right place. Follow this guide to know how to fix this issue.

minecraft crashes on startup

Minecraft is extremely much up to you. However, the essential mechanic is that you simply wander through this world and break down resources that you find that permit you to build your structures weapons. Some resources are difficult to seek out, so exploration is also key there.

There are four modes that you simply can play within the game

  • Creative
  • Survival
  • Hardcore
  • Adventure

Each mode has different gameplay features and mechanisms, which is one among many reasons it’s such an enticing, popular platform.

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What Happens When Minecraft Crashes On Startup?

When Minecraft crashes on startup, you’re unable to open it means the sport won’t load, and you’ll consistently need to experience it crash! So, what’s the rationale behind its crashing on startup?

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Reasons Why Minecraft Crashes On Startup?

The reason behind your Minecraft crashing on startup could also be anything among this

  • The mod.
  • The missing or outdated graphics card driver on your system.
  • The corruption of the sport files.
  • Bugs within the game.
  • Windows setting.
  • Outdated java framework etc.,
  • Running an old version of Minecraft.
  • Enabling VBO.

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Easy Fixes When Your Minecraft Crashes On Startup

As we have already discussed possible causes of the error, it would be quite easy for us to fix it. In this section, we have briefly discussed a few easy methods to fix the error Minecraft keeps crashing on launch. By going through these methods you can definitely eradicate the error. Following are the methods:

Try Restarting Your Computer

If any error occurs during Minecraft startup, then simply restarting your computer can fix almost any issue. All you’ve got to try to do is an exit from your Minecraft, then confirm that each other tabs are closed, then restart the PC!


Sometimes, after longtime usage, the system starts misbehaving as a result of which many errors are spotted. Thus, it is suggested to reboot your system and game in order to refresh all the settings. This might eradicate the error and allow you to run the game smoothly. If this method didn’t work, then try 2nd method.

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Try Updating The Game Patches

If the rationale is to use mods, then just delete it and reinstall the newest version of Minecraft on your system.

Updating the game patches

If this method hasn’t managed to repair Minecraft from crashing, then try 3rd method.

Confirm That Java Is Installed

For games like Minecraft, keeping java on your system affects/improves your gameplay’s performance and productivity. If you don’t have the JAVA on your system, then download and install it from their website. If it is installed, then update it, To do the manual update, here is what you need to do!

update java

  1. Go to the search bar and there type in – configure java
  2. After this, click on the popup which says configure java to open it
  3. Finally, you will go to the updates menu page, and there simply click on the update.

Update Your Graphics Card Driver

If your system features a graphics driver that’s either missing or outdated, this may be why Minecraft is crashing in your device, so a simple fix is to update your graphics card driver simply! There are two ways you’ll update this driver, either manually or automatically.

update graphics driver

For a manual update of your graphics card driver, you’ll be got to attend your card manufacturer’s website, locate the graphics card driver that seems accurate, then proceed to put it on your PC. However, the difficulty with this method is trying to do it, and you’ll need certain computer skills, and it’s time-consuming.

update graphics driver

That’s why you’ll also do that automatically using an app meant for this purpose! Thus, to avoid this process you can use Driver Easy software. This software once downloaded, automatically checks for driver updates and accordingly suggests the most suitable driver for the system. You can easily download the app from the Play Store or App Store.

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By Repairing The Corrupted Files

Corrupted files disrupt the proper functioning of any software. Thus, any software having a corrupted file won’t be able to run smoothly. It may be possible that your software has also got some corrupted file as a result of which Minecraft keeps crashing on launch.

To check for the corrupted files scan your system with SFC scan or use DISM command. DISM and SFC command detect and replace the corrupted files with correct copies. Following are the steps to do so:

1. Open Run command from the start button.


2. For DISM, enter DISM scan in the text box.


3. For SFC, enter SFC scan in the text box.

Thus, scan and detection will be initiated in your system. This will help you to eradicate the issue, but in case you are not satisfied then check out the next method.

Update Minecraft

One of the only ways to repair the problem on your system when your Minecraft crashes on startup is to supply your Minecraft itself with an update. If it’s been a short time since you last downloaded the newest version, then this could be causing all of your crashing problems.

The process to update this game is super simple. All you’ve got to try to do is:

  • Login into the Microsoft Store and click on check for updates. Search for the Minecraft application and see if it needs updates.update minecraftIf you’re twiddling with a Win32 version, then it allows you to search for updates in-game.

Disable the VBO

Vertex Buffer Object or VBOs are excellent ways to upload necessary data to your game, like the color and position of vertexes. This is an inbuilt feature of the Minecraft game itself. However, if you have enabled this feature in your game then it is obvious to encounter the situation that Minecraft keeps crashing on launch. Therefore, About WordPress repairing this, many users have claimed that if you disable the VBOs on your system, then Minecraft should function properly, and crashing will stop. To fight out the situation disable the feature. Following are the steps to do so:

1. Go to the game settings.

2. Select video settings.

3. Disable the VBO option.

4. Restart your system to see changes in action.

This will allow you to eradicate the error. In case you didn’t find it effective, switch to the next fix as well.

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However, if you feel that the crashing could be beyond your skills, then contact the Minecraft help center for more information and that they could be ready to guide you better.

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