MTG Arena Get Thread Context Failed (Fixes)


Magic: The Gathering Arena is one of the world’s most popular online collectible card games, and it is based on the Magic: The Gathering franchise. MTG Arena game may throw Get Thread Context Failed error due to restrictions imposed by your ISP or antivirus program. Conflicting apps (like Faceit) or improper game installation can also cause the MTG Arena get thread context failed error. 

Some solutions to this issue include restarting download of updates, uninstalling FACEIT clients, adding MTG Arena to the Antivirus exception list, or turning off DEP for MTG Arena in Windows.

Let’s dive into the causes of this failure and how to fix it. Keep reading to learn more.


Why MTG Arena Get Thread Context Fails Happens?

The users encounters the error while updating the MTG Arena client, and the client crashes. The problem is on Windows, Mac, Linux (in a virtual machine), and the Steam version of the game. For some users, the error occurred right after installing the game.

mtg arena get thread context failed

ISPs utilize a variety of strategies and approaches to monitor and protect their users’ web traffic. However, ISPs may occasionally restrict a resource critical to the MTG game’s operation, resulting in a persistent issue.

Faceit is an anti-cheat application that is under utilization by a large number of users and games. However, this program may cause the current MTG Arena issue by interfering with the game’s operation. Nvidia (SLI) and AMD (CrossFire) have their methods for combining several GPUs into a single output. On the other hand, these technologies clash with MTG Arena, resulting in the issue.

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Solutions for MTG Arena Get Thread Context

Here are the solutions to fix the Get Thread Context Error

Restart Download Of Updates

The MTG Arena get thread context failed error may be due to a temporary malfunction of the application modules. To do this, you must restart the download of updates. 

  • Use Alt + F4 keys to close the game.
  • And try to relaunch the game, then you restart the download of updates. After that, it will download from its left off.

restart download

  • If the download still doesn’t work, you’ve to repeat the steps above a couple of times to complete the download.
  • After this, the getthreadcontext failed MTG Arena error should get solve. If it didn’t happen, then you need to move to the following methods.

Uninstall Or Turnoff FACEIT Clients 

FACEIT is a solution for clients and servers that aim to recognize tricks on online games or software that could help players while playing during the game. If it is already on the computer, you need to turn it off and try launching MGT. If it doesn’t work and the problem still persists, uninstall the FACEIT client.

uninstall faceit

Now reboot the computer, and try the above steps again. 

Add MGT Arena To The Antivirus Exception List

As in many other cases when it comes to security solutions, these can hamper a legitimate application. Users reports that the sudden fatal error MTG Arena get thread failed appears after updating their antivirus software.

antivirus exceptions

Some of them found it very easy to add MTG Arena to their AV exemption list. Unfortunately, this does not always work. You may need to use other security software.

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Turn Off DEP For MGT Arena In Windows

To turn off DEP for MGT Arena in Windows and fix MTG Arena get thread context failed, you can follow this, 

  • First go to control panel, go to system and then in the upper left corner click on Advanced system settings.
  • Then system properties windows will appear on the screen.
  • In system properties, you can find the Advanced tab and click on it. In the Advanced tab, you will have the performance tab and click on the system in the performance area.system properties


  • From the performance tab, you need to go to the Data execution prevention tab.
  • In the Data Execution prevention window, you need to select Turn on Dep for all the programs and services except those I choose: and click on Add button.

turn on DEP

  • In the last step, navigate to the executable of the application and select it. Then click apply, and DEP should not be a problem for MTG Arena and should fix MTG Arena get thread context problem.


Although DEP does not normally affect the running of newer applications, we cannot exclude it from our solutions. To disable DEP for MTG Arena, follow the steps listed above. These fixes will help players get rid of the annoying fatal bug. And fix MTG Arena get thread context failed error.

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