Netflix users often face issues with the service, such as the Netflix error number m7361-1253, which prevents films from playing. These issues are connected and can be resolved with simple technological solutions. A connectivity issue is the cause of the error code M7361-1253, which keeps your device from connecting to the Netflix server. If you’re experiencing the same problem on your Windows or Mac device, follow the troubleshooting advice provided.

To fix Netflix error code m7361-1253, try restarting your device or modem, restarting your router, clearing cookies and browser cache, and Checking the antivirus. You can also try alternate solutions like updating your browser or netflix App, disabling/enabling hardware acceleration, and contacting Netflix customer service as a last step.

Continue reading to learn what the Netflix code m7361-1253 means and how to resolve it if you’re experiencing it.

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Top 7 Fixes for Netflix Error Code m7361-1253

There are several fast troubleshooting actions you may take to get Netflix operating again if you’ve encountered Netflix error number M-7361. Let’s examine a few potential solutions so you may resume watching your movie as soon as possible.

Method 1: Restart Your Device

This is most likely what every computer user does in the event of a technical issue. You can see Netflix error number M7361-1253 if you fast unplug and re-plug your headphones. If so, all you have to do is reset your device to reboot your operating system. Usually, this will take care of most similar issues. Take your device out of the plug, wait thirty seconds, turn it completely off, put it back in, and turn it on. If this remedy doesn’t work, kindly go to the next one. You might also fix Netflix error code UI-122 by following the above instructions.

Method 2: Restarting Your Router

Restarting the router is another simple fix that you may attempt. Unplug the device, switch it off, and wait half a minute before connecting it back in. After that, re-plug it into the outlet and turn it on.unplug the switch and wait for few minutes

You may need to contact your ISP and request that they reset your modem if you still have trouble connecting.

Method 3: Clearing Cookies and Browser Cache

Verify if your browser is referring to any corrupted or out-of-date settings in the cookies file, and if so, take urgent action to clear them by following these instructions. Adhering to clear the cookies and browser cache method, you can also solve the error code m7053 1807 of Netflix.

  1. To remove all Netflix cookies, go to cookies
  2. When finished, you’ll be returned to the Netflix home screen and logged out of your account.
  3. Establish a Netflix VPN connection if necessary.
  4. Enter your Netflix login information to log log in
  5. Get Netflix started.

Method 4: Check the Antivirus

An overly vigilant antivirus application or firewall conflicting with the Netflix online player may be the source of the issue, and netflix will keep saying the error. After this remedy, if Netflix does start to function again, you should update your antivirus program. However, you must contact your antivirus supplier or look for another solution if it still doesn’t function after doing this. Here’s how to fix a problem like that:

  1. Turn off every firewall and antivirus software.
  2. Establish a Netflix VPN connection.
  3. Verify that it functions correctly upon a restart.

Method 5: Updating Your Browser or Netflix App

Netflix may not work with obsolete browsers like Google Chrome, even if they support HTML5. Ensure the latest Chrome browser version is installed on your system. This will fix security flaws that earlier browsers could miss and guarantee that Chrome can interact with Netflix. If your Netflix app is not upgraded, you might encounter error code 17377 while streaming content.

  1. Get the most recent and improved Mozilla Firefox, Opera, or Google Chrome version.mozilla firefox, opera or google chrome
  2. Connect with ExpressVPN, NordVPN, Surfshark, Cyberghost, or PureVPN servers.
  3. Make use of the upgraded browser to access Netflix.

Method 6: Disable/Enable Hardware Acceleration

Installing the “Hardware Acceleration” Google Chrome extension is a typical way to enhance user experience. Errors with Netflix or mouse lag may occasionally result from it. Try resolving this problem by following the instructions to turn Hardware Acceleration on or off.

  1. Launch Chrome.
  2. Next, select “Setting.”settings
  3. On “Advanced Setting,” click yes.
  4. Choose “System” from the drop-down options.advance setting and system
  5. Find “When available, use hardware acceleration.”use hardware acceleration when available
  6. Hardware acceleration can be disabled and subsequently enabled.
  7. Restart Chrome upon setting the configuration.
  8. Enjoy Netflix by connecting to the Netflix VPN.

Method 7: Contacting Netflix Customer Service

If none of these fixes resolve your issue, you may need to contact Netflix directly. You may reach them at 1-800-843-2859. If you phone them, they will gladly help you determine the problem. While streaming, contacting Netflix support for guidance will be the best solution if you also face a similar issue with error code m 7037 of Netflix. You will get quick and customized support if you need help to solve the problem.

What is Netflix Error Code m7361-1253

When you encounter the Netflix Error Code M7361-1253, an alert states, “Whoops, something went wrong. This is an unforeseen problem on Netflix with error code M7361-1253. So, what exactly is Netflix’s error code m7361-1253? This phenomenon is listed while attempting to stream media on Google Chrome. The issue indicates that upgrading Google Chrome or reloading the device’s saved data may be necessary for a possible fix. An unreliable internet connection, damaged data, or an outdated browser are likely causes of this error

You get Netflix error code M-7361 while attempting to access the streaming service using a web browser. It is associated with issues with a network connection. This issue often indicates a problem with the Netflix app’s connection to the Netflix servers.

Causes of Netflix Error Code m7361-1253

While there are several reasons why Netflix could display error code M-7361 to you when you try to watch content, a network connectivity issue is among the more frequent ones. The most common question users ask is, why is my Netflix showing an error? The answer usually concerns your obsolete web browser and happens more frequently with Chrome. That mistake, though, might be caused by other problems. Including:

  • The Chrome web browser has a hardware acceleration function that helps load websites more quickly. However, due to the technique used to increase surfing speeds, it might occasionally cause problems with Netflix streaming.
  • Browsers save cookies and cached data to expedite the loading of webpages. However, Netflix may only be able to establish the right connections for streaming if there is a problem with those cookies, outdated data, or even outdated cookies.clear data
  • The HTML5 specification, which is required for Netflix to operate appropriately, is not supported by your browser. Netflix won’t be able to connect correctly if your browser isn’t capable of supporting HTML5.html five logo

Preliminary Checks

In the following content, we will present some of the practical first solutions we have gathered to address this problem.

Checking Internet Connection

If none of these solutions appears to resolve your Netflix error M7361-1253, your ISP issue is probably the cause. Whether you cannot watch, check with your Internet service provider (ISP) to see whether Netflix has been banned or if you have over your bandwidth allotment. If so, address the issue and try Netflix again. But there’s one final thing you can do that could work if you keep receiving the same problem and it’s starting to irritate you.

System Requirements

Your Windows machine must have Windows 8, Windows 10, or Windows 11 installed for you to stream Netflix via a web browser. One of the supported browser versions listed below is what you have to be using.

  1. Google Chromegoogle chrome
  2. Microsoft Edgemicrosoft edge
  3. Mozilla Firefoxmozilla firefox
  4. Perform Operaperform opera
  5. Safarisafari browser


What is error code s7363 1253 on Netflix?

This message indicates that Netflix was not playing on your Mac due to a software problem. You must update macOS to version 14.0 (Sonoma) or later on your Mac to resolve the issue.

What is error code m7361 1254 c00d5212 on Netflix?

When this occurs, your computer most likely requires a system upgrade to play Netflix.

What is error code U7361 1253 on Netflix?

When you encounter the error number U7361-1253-C00D36B4 on your Windows 10 PC, an audio driver problem is usually the reason behind it.

What is error code M7353 on Netflix?

If your computer displays the error number M7353-5101, it indicates that a browser extension is blocking Netflix from working.


Although troubleshooting techniques like cleaning the browser cache, upgrading your browser, or deactivating browser extensions may typically cure the problem, coping with the Netflix error m7361-1253 can be stressful. Contacting Netflix customer care for individualized help is always a good idea if the issue continues. Recall that while errors occasionally occur, a fix is typically only a few clicks or phone calls away.


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