Numerous Windows users worldwide have reported experiencing the Windows Update bug 8024200d. The Windows Update component cannot be activated, and an error message will display. The article discusses fixing the windows-update-error-8024200d issue.

You can quickly fix the Windows Update Error 8024200d issue. Run A Registry Scan and Rename Software Distribution & Catroot2 Folders to solve the problem. Also, you can Install An Update In Clean Boot Mode, Delete Update Logs, reinstall The Update, Complete A Repair Installation, etc., to fix the issue.

Inform the end user that some updates were not successfully installed. The warning message will show up. Not be concerned if you have just now encountered this error. Read below to learn about fixing the windows-update-error-8024200d issue.

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How To Fix Windows Update Error 8024200d?

Here is the step-by-step guide to fix the windows-update-error-8024200d issue.

Run A Registry Scan 

The Windows registry contains a considerable amount of data. It is at the center of the system. Its duties include keeping crucial data in storage. Information on the hardware and include software parameters. Given the significance of the registry, Windows usually checks it before running a program or using a particular component.

Nevertheless, the registry is a well-known offender despite its significance. It is for various problems on Windows-based systems, usually due to corruption. Multiple indicators point to a faulty registry Broken programs, erratic errors, and sluggish system performance are all examples.

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Rename Software Distribution & Catroot2 Folders

Error 8024200d occurs by the Software Distribution, and Catroot2 directories get corrupted. The setup files will try to be copied by the system. The system won’t be able to replicate the setup files if there is corruption in these folders. An update error is an outcome.

The end user will have to rename these folders to solve this issue. To fix windows-update-error-8024200d, adhere to the guidelines below:

  1. Your computer must first boot into full administrator mode. Input msconfig by pressing the Windows key and R, then choose OK. System Configuration will, after that, start to load. Click OK after choosing the Safe Boot option and going to the Boot boot
  2. Press the Windows key and R. C: Windows to launch Safe Mode, then select OK. Change the name of Software Distribution to Software Distribution BACKUP after locating it in the Windows distribution
  3. Then, in the Windows directory, click the System32 folder. Last but not least, locate Catroot2 and rename it to Catroot2BACKUP. Try again after restarting the computer to use Windows Update.

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Install Update In Clean Boot Mode

You might be struggling with this problem as well. It results from a situation in which a service is obstructing the Windows 10 Update error process.catroot2

Getting to a clean boot state before reinstalling the update is one approach to get around the 8024200d problem. A fast way to get a Clean boot state for Windows update error 8024200d is as below:

  1. Reboot your computer in Clean mode. To bring the Run dialog box, press Windows key + R. Then, in the Run text box, type “wuapp” and click Ctrl + Shift + Enter. An elevated Windows Update instance will be launched.restart computer
  2. Using the Run box, access the Windows update menu. Then, select Check for Updates with Microsoft kb2918614windows update.
  3. A fresh installation of the faulty update is possible. Click Updates to install.  See whether the 8024200d error still occurs after installation.complete windows update

Delete Update Logs and reinstall The Update

Inconsistent WU log files can also bring on this problem. Your having many updates makes it considerably more likely. With the error code 8024200d, they are all failing. After an unplanned system shutdown during the update’s installation, you begin to suffer this problem. The integrity of servicing packages gets compromised by the issue you are experiencing

You must enter several hidden folders to solve this problem. You can remove windows-update-error-8024200d by updating logs and reinstalling the update. Before attempting the update again, remove the update logs. Here is how to accomplish it:

  1. Type ‘%SYSTEMROOT%LogsCBS’ in dialog box. A hidden folder with admin access can be reached by pressing Ctrl + Shift + Enter.systemroot
  2. Crack open the CBS folder. Grant the admin access by selecting Yes under User Account Control (UAC).cbs folder
  3. Choose Yes from the UAC. By right-clicking on the cbs.log inside the location, i. Out of the context menu, select Delete. Remove the CBS log.uac

Complete A Repair Installation

If you’ve come this far and need help getting past the 8024200d, try again. Install the pending update; otherwise, file corruption is the Windows update 8024200d. Without updating the complete set of Windows files, you won’t be able to solve it. 

The only options are to perform an in-place repair or a clean installation. Return Windows to a position where it can automatically perform any pending installation

It is easier to perform a clean installing process. The biggest drawback is that you cannot preserve your data.

Free Up Space to Install Updates

Not having enough room to download updates is one of the causes of corrupted files. To avoid this issue, make a lot of space up space

Therefore, see if the system hard drive has much free space. Make all the necessary space-free preparations for the update.

Use An Antivirus

The operating system includes Windows Defender antivirus by default. Although it is helpful, occasionally, it can sneak malicious files. Installing a free antivirus program on Windows is advised because of this.antivirus If you consistently experience issues like windowsupdate_8024200d, install it.

These are the solutions to solve windows-update-error-8024200d.


How to repair C with cmd?

In the desktop search box, type cmd to launch the Command Prompt. Go to Run and select Administrator. chkdsk C: /f is the command to type. Replace 'C' with any letter of the drive in question if it's not the C drive that needs repair.

How to repair Windows 10 boot?

Make the Troubleshoot selection on the Choose an option screen. Select Next and Repair the computer. Startup Repair from the Advanced options. Select Shutdown after Startup Repair. Then start your computer to check if Windows can start up properly.

What is automatic repair Windows 10?

Windows's automatic repair feature addresses boot-related problems when a startup issue manifests itself automatically. It occasionally doesn't function. The error message 'Automatic Repair loop' appears. Your machine must repeatedly reset as a result.

How do I repair Windows without logging in?

The simplest method for resetting your computer without a password is to Send the Restart command. Use this to perform the same reset procedure. Click on the Select an option screen.

What does the Microsoft 8024200d code mean?

Resolve some issues with the Windows System Update. Windows Update error 8024200d could appear. It can imply the interruption of the download or installation of an update. It might lead to this error. Download the System Update readiness tool, install it, and see if it is functional.


It is all about fixing the windows-update-error-8024200d issue. The error code 8024200d occurs frequently. It happens on several different Windows versions. Critical system file corruption is the leading cause of this issue. Use the methods above to solve this Windows Update Error 8024200d issue.

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