Only a few sports video games immediately emerge, but those that do are unquestionably the best in the industry. NBA is one of the titles. NBA video games have a lengthy history, which is why the complete series consists of 18 volumes, and the number keeps going up.

For those unfamiliar with the NBA, this is a basketball simulation game. The primary topic of our blog today is the NBA 2k17 not working problem. The eighteenth game in the series, NBA2K17, has been out for a while and receives frequent updates. However, a lot of gamers require assistance with the game.

To fix NBA 2K17 not working, try checking system requirements, updating graphics card drivers, and verifying the integrity of game files. If it is still not working, try alternate methods like restarting/power cycling the Xbox console or running NBA 2K17 as an administrator. Read the full article to understand more.

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Reasons for NBA 2k17 Not Working

Before we go into the problems with the game, let us inform you that it needs an online connection to function. Sometimes, when the network connectivity is not secured, you might also get the no internet-secured error code. Thus, you may have these kinds of NBA 2k17 Not Working Xbox One troubles if your internet is sluggish or malfunctioning. Moreover, the error continues because of a brief server problem or server outage. You must verify the game’s minimal system requirements as well. The game will undoubtedly crash if your system fails to meet these requirements. NBA 2K17 problems can have a variety of causes, some of which are frequently stated below.

  • Not meeting the system’s essential criteria.
  • Outdated drivers for graphics cards
  • Shaky or unstable Internet connectionunstable wifi connection
  • Interference of antivirus software in NBA 2K17 game files
  • Damaged game files

How to Fix NBA 2k17 Not Working? 6 Latest Fixes

Now that you know the potential causes of “NBA 2K17 won’t load,” you may attempt to restart the game to check whether the problem has been resolved. We have gathered a few solutions that may be useful in determining the NBA 2k17 Xbox One not working issue. This problem isn’t exclusive to PC users; console users may also experience it. Therefore, the troubleshooting techniques listed below may also be utilized for other gaming devices.

Check System Requirements

The problem “NBA 2K17 won’t load” might arise if your computer can’t run the game at the minimal system requirements. If you could play the game before, insufficient HDD storage might cause this problem. Consequently, you must examine the amount of space on your hard disk using File Explorer. How would you go about doing that? The complete set of instructions may be found here:

  1. Press Win + E on the keyboard to launch File Explorer.
  2. From the drop-down menu, choose Properties after performing a right-click on the disk containing NBA 2K17.
  3. The amount of free space is displayed under the General tab in this window.checking free space

Update Graphics Card Drivers

Why won’t my NBA 2K17 game load? Your machine needs to run the proper graphics card drivers. The primary elements that enable communication between the hardware and the game are graphics card drivers. The drivers may be corrupted or out of date if the problem “NBA 2K17 won’t load” happens.

Therefore, upgrading graphics card drivers could resolve the “NBA 2K17 won’t load” problem. However, you may determine what kind of graphics card your computer has and then update the drivers (NVIDIA/AMD/Intel).

To fix your issue, you may delete and reinstall your graphics drivers by visiting the official NVIDIA download page or any other graphics card webpage.

Verify the Integrity of Game Files

A damaged game file might cause the “NBA 2K17 won’t load” problem. As a result, you have to verify that the game file on your gaming system is legitimate. You may use the built-in feature to confirm the integrity of the game files if you download it from Steam. This issue can be fixed by redownloading the files.

  1. Launch Steam first, then choose LIBRARY from the navigation bar. Next, find NBA 2K17 in the left column and select Properties with a right-click.
  2. After picking the LOCAL FILES tab, click “Verify integrity of game files.”go to compatibility mode
  3. After completing the process, try relaunching NBA 2K17 after waiting for the verification.

Restart/Power Cycle Xbox Console

The simplest solution to an NBA 2K17 issue is to reset your Xbox gaming system. Let’s see how to do a basic restart by following these steps:

  1. Take out the disk using an NBA 2K17 copy. If not, proceed to the following step without stopping at this one.
  2. Any connections attached to your console should be unplugged.
  3. Press and hold the button briefly to turn the Xbox off entirely.restart xbox console
  4. A few minutes later, attach the wires to the console and press the Xbox button again to turn it on.
  5. After that, put the disc back into the console and launch the game to see whether the issue still exists.

Run NBA 2K17 as an Administrator

Launching a game under administrator mode might resolve various problems, like the game not loading or crashing. How would one approach that? You may find the complete tutorial for NBA 2k17 not working in the above steps:

  1. Find the NBA2K17.exe file on your computer, then choose Properties with a right-click.
  2. Select Run this software as an administrator under the Compatibility tab. After that, click the Apply button, then select OK.go to compatibility mode
  3. Please use the last option if the “NBA 2K17 won’t load” problem persists after that.

Disable Antivirus Temporarily

NBA 2K17 may be unable to access your computer because of your antivirus software’s protective measures. Turning off antivirus software could resolve the “NBA 2K17 won’t load” problem. Here’s how to carry it out:

  1. Select Update & Security by pressing the Win + I buttons on the keyboard.
  2. From this window’s left side, choose Windows Security, and then select Virus & Threat Protection.disable antivirus temporarily
  3. Select Manage settings at this point. Turn off Real-time protection under Virus & Threat Protection settings in the ensuing window.
  4. After doing the actions mentioned above, restart your computer and try to rerun NBA 2K17 to check whether the problem has been resolved.

You can fix the NBA 2k17 not working by performing all the above steps.

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Why is my NBA 2K17 not loading?

A damaged game file might cause the 'NBA 2K17 won't load' problem. As a result, you have to verify that the game file on your gaming system is legitimate. You may use the built-in feature to confirm the integrity of the game files if you download them from Steam.

How do I fix error code 4B538E50 2K17?

When attempting to play NBA 2K, you can get difficulties with the error codes 'EFEAB30C' or '4B538E50'. This is typically caused by the fact that you still need to download the most recent data. When that occurs, it indicates that you must download the most recent version before playing again.

How many GB is NBA 2K17?

Due to the size of the game files, you will require at least 70 GB of free disk space. You may play the game if your graphics card is at least an AMD Radeon HD 6450.

Why is NBA 2K17 the best?

In sports simulation games, NBA 2K17 feels superior to all others. For ardent followers, Visual Concepts keeps embracing innovation and adding features that establish new standards. Every sports fan should play 2K Sports' newest basketball game because of its unparalleled gameplay, presentation, and game modes.


NBA 2K17 not functioning can be a challenging problem, but several workarounds and cures are available. Whether you’re experiencing crashes, problems, or other technical hiccups, the secret is to tackle the issue methodically.

NBA 2K17 can operate more smoothly if you adhere to the recommended changes in this article, which include upgrading your graphics drivers, confirming game files, and checking system requirements. When troubleshooting, always be patient and systematic.

Feel free to ask the gaming community or support boards for more assistance. You may overcome the challenges and resume hassle-free enjoyment of NBA 2K17 with the appropriate strategy.


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