How To Fix WhatsApp Says Computer Not Connected? [Easy Guide]


Generally, using WhatsApp Web is easy, and trouble shouldn’t arise. But occasionally, it malfunctions and displays the error message “WhatsApp says computer not connected.” There are numerous troubleshooting techniques available.

On their laptops and computers, users can view chats through WhatsApp online. The software could, however, occasionally experience problems and stop functioning. Issues with the phone and computer’s networks, incompatible browsers, VPN use, and other factors cause it. Several ways to fix this problem include updating your web browser, clearing your browser’s cookies, and resetting WhatsApp for your desktop.

Let’s look at some quick solutions to the problem so that you can easily combat this issue when you face it.

Fixes for WhatsApp Says Computer Not Connected | 8 Ways

Technical expertise is optional for fixing the WhatsApp Web not working on PC issues. You can achieve the desired outcome by following the directions below.

Check Your Phone’s WhatsApp Capability

Ensure you can send and receive communications using the WhatsApp app on your mobile device. Ensure WhatsApp is supported with your smartphone before continuing.whatsapp on phone

WhatsApp Web will likely stop working on your PC if you need help sending or receiving communications because it is only a shell for the simple messaging program on your mobile and is entirely dependent on the mobile application.

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Reset WhatsApp On Your Computer

If you reset the application to its default configuration, your WhatsApp web is not working issue may well be fixed. There are several ways to reconfigure the WhatsApp Desktop app for Windows 10.whatsapp on laptop

  1. By clicking Start, navigate to Settings > Apps.

2. Pick the program and its attributes.

apps in settings

3. From the selection of apps, choose WhatsApp, then select Advanced settings.apps whatsapp

4. Click the Reset button selection.reset

5. Check WhatsApp’s functionality by opening it.

Upgrade Your Web Browser

Your internet browser may not be up to current, which is another reason WhatsApp says computer not connected properly on your laptop. In this case, upgrade your browsers to the latest versions.

  1. To reach Settings when utilizing Google Chrome, click the dots in the corner of the menu three dots
  2. Tap on About Chrome next.Update Google Chrome
  3. Google Chrome will begin updating automatically if the web browser on your laptop has not been updated.

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Get Rid Of Cookies From Your Browsers

Why is WhatsApp Web not working? You must sign in each time you want to use the account, which is annoying and takes time. Another method to fix an issue using your browser is to clear its cookies.

  1. From the menu in the corner of your browser, choose Settings.

2. On the next screen, select Advanced, then click Clear browsing data.clear browsing data3. Make sure the Basic tab is selected. From the Time range menu, pick All time.

4. Hit “Delete data” after selecting the “Cookies and other site data” choice.cookies deletion

All these steps can help you remove cookies from your browser.

Make Use Of The Private Mode In Your Browser

Your cache, cookies, and other data are in a standard web browser window. Sometimes, these files could obstruct WhatsApp’s functionality.

Try WhatsApp Web in an incognito window to see if that resolves the WhatsApp web problem because it doesn’t use any of your current cookies or site data.

  1. Pick a New incognito window from the menu that appears when you click the three dots in the top-right corner.incognito mode
  2. Hit Enter after entering in the address bar.
  3. To access your WhatsApp account, log in as usual.log in to whatsapp
  4. If browser data was the root of the problem, switching to incognito mode should resolve it, and you won’t experience WhatsApp Web issues on your PC from now on.incognito mode

Reopen The WhatsApp Website

Ensure your phone has an active internet connection. Logging out and reactivating the WhatsApp Web Page will sometimes fix a connection issue. You can attempt reloading the website to see if that resolves the issue before logging out.

  1. On the chat page, pick Log out from the Menu button (three dots).log out all devices
  2. Then scan the QR code on the WhatsApp Web page to log in.web scan
    You will now again be logged into WhatsApp.

Pass Your Network Settings

Your firewall or network settings may be preventing the WhatsApp website from loading, which is one of the causes of WhatsApp says computer not connected.

If so, you’ll need to get in touch with your network administrator and request that they add the following domains to their safe list, allowing them access to your network:

* \s*


Once approved, you can visit these websites and utilize WhatsApp Web on your PC.

Disable The VPN Program On Your Computer

If your computer has a VPN installed and active, you should turn that off to see if this fixes the Whatsapp not opening on pc problem. By identifying your VPN IP as an unauthorized user, WhatsApp may forbid you from accessing your account.


You can temporarily disable your VPN by starting the VPN program and choosing the disable option. When done using WhatsApp Web, you can switch it back on.

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Why is not loading?

Simply launch your Google Chrome browser and type to link it to your WhatsApp client. You'll see a QR code; simply scan it inside WhatsApp to get started. The WhatsApp web client and the WhatsApp app are now paired.

Can I access WhatsApp via the web?

All you have to do is launch WhatsApp Web from the Incognito mode on your browser. You can also access your secondary WhatsApp Web account using a different browser, such as Firefox or Opera. To access your account, use the mobile app to scan the QR code.

Is it possible to track or hack WhatsApp?

Your WhatsApp account can be easily hacked by programs like Spyzie and mSPY to obtain your personal information. All required is to buy, download, and activate the app on the target phone.

Can WhatsApp messages be tracked?

No. Tracing messages would be useless and extremely abuse-prone. You would be found to be the author of the content if you merely downloaded and shared an image, copied and sent a screenshot, or transmitted an email-based article on WhatsApp.


For WhatsApp Web to operate at its best, several variables must be in place, including browser compatibility and internet connectivity. You will undoubtedly encounter the WhatsApp says computer not connected issue when one or more of these variables is not fully functional.

We discussed the causes and dependable fixes that can assist you in fixing WhatsApp Web’s connection issues. Also, you might be interested in the best AI chatbot platforms in 2023.