Fixed: Windows Update Error 0xc1900223


Error Code 0xc1900223 is reflected by Windows 10 when it’s update fails. A large proportion of the population using Windows 10 complains about errors like these. These errors are formed as a by-product of Windows update which is healthily acknowledged by Microsoft as well.

windows update error 0xc1900223
Windows Update Error 0xc1900223

Errors are one of the most frustrating aspects of computer technology that not only freeze the system but also our schedule. Here, in this article, we will reveal 5 quick fixes to the Windows Update Error 0xc1900223 that will help you to handle the issue without being dependent on any external source.

Causes of the Windows Update Error 0xc1900223

In this section, we have discussed a few of the possible causes of the error so that it becomes quite easier to resolve the issue.

Following are some of the causes:

  • DNS Cache files.
  • Usage of VPN.
  • Improper Windows update.
  • Host files.
  • Malfunctioning of Winsock.

How to fix Windows Update Error 0xc1900223

In this section, we have briefly described the five methods that will solve the issue if followed correctly. Before beginning with any method you must refresh the system and check if the issue gets resolved or not because in most cases technical issues get solved by a mere reboot.

Following are the quick fixes to the Windows Update Error 0xc1900223:

Method #1 Clear DNS Cache

DNS stands for Domain Name System. DNS is used to refer to cache files of an operating system. Like web browsers, OS also prepares a cache file collection of visited websites so that it continues to serve with the best possible speed at the time of heavy data trafficking also. It may happen that your OS, Windows is flooded by DNS Cache which is obstructing its a proper update. Therefore, to solve the issue you need to clear this cache.

Following are the steps to clear DNS files:

  1. Press the Windows button on your console.
    windows button
    Windows button
  2. Select the Run command.
  3. Enter the ipconfig /flushdns command to initiate DNS Cache files deletion.
    ipconfig command
    ipconfig command
  4. Wait for the completion message pop-up.

Refresh your system and restart the Windows update to check if the issue is resolved. In case you are not satisfied with the method, go for the next fix as well.

Method #2 Disable the VPN

VPN stands for Virtual Private Network. It establishes a network that functions exactly like a private network but actually is a public network. Nowadays people prefer using VPN services as it provides high speed and easy data sharing. Also, promises complete data security by changing the IP address of the network.

These features of VPN sometimes lead to errors like Windows Update Error 0xc1900223 as frequently changing IP addresses is often perceived by some applications and software as security threats. Thus, it is suggestible to turn off this VPN network so that your IP address does not change anymore. Following are the steps to turn off the VPN from your system:

  1. Move to Settings via Windows key.
    open settings
    Open settings
  2. Select Internet and Network
    internet and network
    Internet and Network
  3. Select the VPN option and disable it.

Note: Click on disconnect option to disable while click on Remove to delete the network.

Refresh your system and make another attempt to update your Windows 10. This will solve your issue if VPN was the reason.

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Method #3 Update Windows via Media Creation Tool

Updates often create a lot of errors in most of the OS but what makes Microsoft different is that they always keep ready an alternative way to fix most of the issues. In this case, the Windows Update Error 0xc1900223 can be solved by using a quick bite feature of Windows called Media Creation Tool. This tool, when launched in the system allows to create media and upgrade the device to the latest version of Windows. Thus, this tool will solve your issue of updating Windows 10.

Following are the steps to implement update through Media Creation Tool:

  1. Download the Media Creation Tool.
    download the media creation tool
    Download the Media Creation Tool
  2. Select Update now to initiate the update.
    upgrade now
    Upgrade now
  3. Give necessary accessibilities, to complete the update.
  4. Follow the steps as directed thereafter through pop-up messages.

Refresh your system to see the changes in action. Check if your Windows 10 has upgraded or not.

Method #4 Modify the Host Files

Host files are the text files stored in your system. These files contain the name of hosts (networks) which is later converted into an IP address. Thus, it is an important file that plays a crucial role in the proper functioning of the internet network.

Many users have said that their issues like the Windows Update Error 0xc1900223 get solved when they rename the host files. Thus, it is suggestible to try changing the name of your host file to resolve the issue.

Following are the steps to rename the host file:

  1. Open the C drive of your system and follow the directory path given below name :
    C:/Windows/System 32/Drivers/Etc

    c:/windows/system 32/drivers/etc
    C:/Windows/System 32/Drivers/Etc
  2. Name the file HOST to OLD and grant all the permissions asked thereafter.
  3. Prompt a Run command.
  4. Enter command ipconfig /flushdns for DNS scan.
    ipconfig command
    ipconfig command
  5. Update Windows 10.

This will allow you to update the Windows 10 and get the Windows Update Error 0xc1900223 resolve.

Note: Once the process is complete don’t forget to rename the host file to its original name.

Method #5 Refresh Winsock

Winsock or Windows Socket is computer software that allows the proper interface between internet-based applications and your TCP/IP. This is a technical method that is design to smoothen the internet usage.

It may be possible that the Winsock of your system has been haunt by some corrupt files as a result of which the Windows Update Error 0xc1900223 is being displayed on your system. It is suggest to reset the Winsock of your system to restart with your work.

Following are the steps to do so:

  1. Prompt the Run command via Windows key.
  2. Enter CMD in the space provided in the left portion of your screen.
    cmd run
    CMD run
  3. Press Ctrl + Shift + Enter key simultaneously.
  4. Grant the asked permissions to UAC.
    grant the asked permissions to uac
    Grant the asked permissions to UAC
  5. Go to administrator mode and enter the following command:
netsh winsock reset

Now the system will reset the Winsock therefore wait for the successful completion of the process message. Refresh your system and re-update the Windows 10 and if the issue still persists.


These were some of the easiest and accurate fixes to the Windows Update Error 0xc1900223. Steps mentioned are simple and easy to follow thus if followed correctly will definitely solve the issue. It is suggested that in case none of the methods worked for you then please contact the customer service of Microsoft.