A Fatal JavaScript Error Occurred [Fixed] | 4 Unique Ways


To fix a fatal javascript error that occurred we first have to understand the definitions of JavaScript, Discord, and the mistakes.

JavaScript is a programming language that is one of the three core languages that helps us develop websites. The other two core languages related to making websites are HTML and CSS, which are not as advanced as JavaScript. They make and give the website’s basic structure. JavaScript is also involved in forming complex web pages. It helps us create enthusiastically great content and control multimedia and animated images by making the website’s viewers interact with the website’s content more energetically and imaginatively.

JavaScript runs within the browser of the computer. With the advent of JavaScript, the language has become hugely popular among developers to create apps. It is a free and open community that is easy to learn and apply to daily lifestyle. At times there are some confusions about Java and JavaScript given they have kind of the same name and both are programming languages. They have almost nothing in common. The JavaScript came to form Netscape’s support of Java applets. It is said as tactical marketing to divert Java’s attention. 

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What Is A JavaScript Fatal Error?

A typical JavaScript error is some coding mistake that the programmer has made, and the user cannot inherently fix the coding error. It has to follow some manual processes to improve. When a fatal error occurs on a website, the display shows random numbers and alphabets, which tells the user that the language has crashed and some error has occurred. There are many reasons for a fatal error, but there are some ways to fix them. fatal javascript error

Discord is an application and a hugely popular program for communities, like to play games, organize meetings, etc. Conflict can also be accessed by a web browser where JavaScript’s programming language comes in, and some fatal error might occasionally occur while staying in the Discord platform.

When a fatal javascript error occurred, the screen shows random numbers and alphabets, which might not be familiar to non-programmers, and they need some ways to fix the mishap. It’s not always known what causes the disruption or the error, a fatal javascript error occurred. Still, the most immediate cause might be installing a corrupted Discord app or similar corrupted services like installing the antivirus, etc. 

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Features of JavaScript

JavaScript is a powerful and popular programming language widely used to build web applications and other interactive online experiences. Here are some key features of JavaScript:

Object-oriented programming

 JavaScript is an object-oriented language that allows developers to create and manipulate objects to represent real-world entities.object oriented programming This helps to make code more organized, reusable, and scalable.

Dynamic typing

 JavaScript is a dynamically-typed language, meaning variables do not have a fixed type and can change at runtime. dynamic typingThis makes it easier to write code quickly but can also make it more prone to errors if not handled carefully.

Asynchronous execution

 JavaScript has an event-driven programming model, which means that code can be executed asynchronously in response to events, such as user input or network requests.asynchronous execution This makes it well-suited for building interactive applications that require fast response times.


JavaScript can be used to build a wide range of applications, from simple websites to complex web applications and mobile apps.building an app It can also create interactive graphics and games and control other devices like robots and drones.


JavaScript is supported by all modern web browsers.web browsers This means it can be used to build applications that run on a wide range of devices and platforms.

Community support

JavaScript has a large and active community of developers. Many resources are available for learning and staying up-to-date with the language.community supportMany libraries, frameworks, and tools are also available to help developers build applications more efficiently.

Ways to Fix A fatal Javascript Error Occurred

Now there are several reasons to fix the JavaScript error, but the four most important and influential ways to improve them are as follows:- 

Uninstall the Discord application to fix a fatal Javascript error occurred

The first and foremost, and can be called the most effective way to resolve the error, is to uninstall the Discord application from the computer and then reinstall the app.

  • If the app works correctly after reinstalling, then it implies that the corrupting files, which were interrupting the app to run, remove when the application is uninstalled in the first place.

a fatal javascript error occurred

  • To uninstall the app, we have to go to the Windows settings or control panel.
  • We have to go to the Apps and Feature option, where we will find the Discord application. Then uninstall the program.
  • Once the uninstalling process is completed, we can go to a website and download the Windows app’s latest version.

a fatal javascript error occurred

  • If, after installing, it runs smoothly, then the problem, a fatal javascript error occurred is solved.

Delete AppData

The Discord desktop app has all kinds of files included in it. It includes configuration settings, usage logs, cached thumbnails, and other data to open the app and reload quickly. However, if all these data are corrupt, then the main application, Discord, may stop working. If one deletes Discord’s AppData folder, it will help regenerate the Discord configuration and make it run properly.

  • To delete the AppData folder, the first one has to open the navigation bar at the top and type a specific function ‘%appdata% and then Enter Key is pressed.


  • It takes us to the AppData folder, and from there, we search for the Discord app folder. Once we have found our desired app folder, we have to click on it, and the option “Delete” appears.
  • Click Delete, the files are delete and moves to the recycle bin.delete discord folder


  • Then, by going to the recycling bin, we have to select it and empty the recycling bin to remove the files from the PC. 

PC’s Antivirus

Another way to correct the fatal error is to check whether the antivirus is blocking the Discord App’s efficiency. 

  • Since each Discord AppData is temporary, we have to run the updated program to see whether the Discord app installs automatically.
  • Still, if the problem stays, one has to check the antivirus settings and “allow” the Discord app.
  • Right-click on the Avast symbol and select Open Avast UI choice from the rundown.
  • Go to the Protection segment and snap on the Virus Chest.
  • Friction lethal JavaScript blunder
  • Presently, you can see the records isolated by the Avast. Here find the documents related to Discord.

check antivirus

  • When you found the documents, click on the three spots, select the Restore and add an exemption from the rundown.
  • Fix Discord lethal JavaScript mistake on the Windows 10 PC
  • Do likewise with all the isolated Discord records.
  • Introduce the Discord and check if the Discord lethal JavaScript blunder resolves or not.
  • To ensure no such issues occur with the Discord, later on, add the Discord executable arrangement envelope to the Avasts exemption list. By doing this, you will disclose to Avast that the Discord establishment records are not unsafe to the framework.
  • Along these lines, here are the means:
  • Open the Avast by following the means referenced previously.
  • Go to the Menu choice given on the upper right corner of the Avast window.
  • Presently, select the Settings starting from the drop list.
  • Snap-on, the General.
  • Under the General segment, select the Exceptions alternative.
  • Dispose of Discord JavaScript mistake
  • Snap-on the Add Exception and peruse the area of the envelope that contains the Discord installer.

check antivirus

  • Disagreement blunder on Windows 10
  • Then, click on the Add Exception.
  • Relaunch the Discord arrangement.

If all of the above reasons do not help resolve a fatal javascript error occurred, one must check whether another app or service is coming in Discord’s path to run it properly. It fixes by running administrative privileges.

Use Command Prompt to a fatal javascript error occurred

  • On the off chance that none of the arrangements assisted you with eliminating the Discord deadly JavaScript blunder from your Windows 10 PC, at that point, covering a few changes with the Command Prompt may help you with fixing this mistake.
  • Press Windows + R key together, type Tasker, and click on the OK catch.
  • Find and select Discord in the Task Manager and snap on the End Task button.task manager
  • Press Windows + R key, type control board, and snap on the OK catch.

control panel

  • In the Control Panel, click on the Uninstall a Program.
  • Find Discord in the rundown, select it and snap on the Uninstall.
  • After uninstalling the Discord, go to the Local Data and App Data envelopes. Erase Discord from both of the organizers.
  • Press Windows + X key and select Command Prompt (Admin) from the rundown.
  • In the Command Prompt, type this order and press the Enter key:


  • Stand by until the cycle is over, close the Command Prompt.
  • Presently, reinstall the Discord and check if a fatal javascript error occurred settles or not.

Take Away Administrator Privileges From Discord

  • Once in a while, this Discord JavaScript mistake happens because of the administrator advantages given to the Discord. Subsequently, removing the administrator advantages from Discord may assist you with eliminating this blunder from your PC.
  • Here are the means you need to follow to do this:
  • Find the Discord executable and right-click on it, and select Properties from the menu.
  • Dissension Properties
  • Change to the Compatibility tab and uncheck the check box offered close to the Run this program as an executive.

run troubleshooting

  • Snap-on the OK catch.
  • Run strife as chairman
  • Finally, restart your PC.

Change Startup Type of Quality Windows Audio Video Experience Service

  • A few clients have announced that changing the Quality Windows Audio Video Experience Service’s Startup type from manual to programmed settled the Discord lethal Javascript blunder for them. They likewise reported that it additionally fixes the JavaScript mistake of various applications.
  • On the off chance that you additionally need to check out to this stunt, at that point, adhere to these directions:
  • Press Windows + R key to dispatch the Run utility.
  • In the Run text field, type services.msc and click on the OK catch.
  • Fix dissension issues
  • In the Services window, discover the Quality Windows Audio Video Experience administration. At that point, right-click on it and select the Properties alternative from the menu.

quality windows audio experience

  • Strife issues on Windows 10
  • If the Service status indicates begun, click on the Stop catch to stop the assistance, and click on the Start catch to commence it once more.

start quality windows audio experience

  • Fix the Discord deadly JavaScript blunder on Windows 10
  • Presently, ensure the Startup type is Automatic. If it isn’t, at that point, click on the drop-down rundown and select the Automatic choice from the rundown.

click on automatic

  • Quality Windows Audio Video Experience


  • Snap-on the Apply and OK catch.

click ok


Check if the Discord a fatal javascript error occurred settles or not

What is a JavaScript fatal error?

A fatal JavaScript error is an error that occurs when the JavaScript interpreter encounters an irrecoverable problem while executing a script. Various issues, such as syntax, reference, and type errors, can cause this. When a fatal error occurs, the interpreter stops executing the script and displays an error message.

How can I fix a fatal JavaScript error?

To fix a fatal JavaScript error, you'll need to identify the source of the error and resolve it. This may involve reviewing the code for syntax errors, correcting references to undefined variables or objects, or modifying the code to handle unexpected data types.

How do I find the cause of a fatal JavaScript error?

To find the source of a fatal JavaScript error, you can start by looking at the error message displayed by the interpreter. The message should include information about the line of code where the error occurred and a description. You can then use this information to locate the problem in your code and make the necessary corrections.

Can I prevent JavaScript fatal errors from happening?

While it's impossible to eliminate the risk of fatal JavaScript errors, you can take steps to minimize the likelihood of them occurring. This includes writing clean, well-structured code, testing your code thoroughly, and using debugging tools to catch errors before they become fatal. You can also use try/catch blocks to handle errors and prevent them from crashing your application.

What are some common causes of JavaScript fatal errors?

Some common causes of fatal JavaScript errors include syntax, reference, and type errors. Syntax errors occur when the JavaScript interpreter encounters code that does not match the language's syntax rules. Reference errors occur when the interpreter encounters a reference to an undefined variable or object. Type errors occur when the interpreter encounters an unexpected data type, such as a string where a number is expected.


We hope this step by step guide helped you to resolve a fatal javascript error occurred. Never be bothered by the issue again!

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