Xbox App Party Chat not Working | 4 Unique Fixes


Xbox live party is an application that helps the user to invite, connect and communicate with a maximum number of seven people while playing games or watching movies together. However, people have been receiving an error Xbox app party chat not working.

Something as simple as a loose wire or something more substantial like a server problem on Microsoft’s end are frequently to blame for the error. Regardless of the root reason, the majority of Xbox Party Chat issues may be fixed with no effort.

You can use Xbox party on your pc as well by following the given steps:

  1. At the end of the game bar, you will see a button named “Social.” It would help if you pressed this button widget to view your friend’s list.
  2. Right-click on the friend’s name from the friend’s list with whom you wish to connect. Then click on the option termed “Join Party.”
  3. You will be successfully entered the party with your friend.

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4 Easy Ways to Solve Xbox Party Chat Not Working

Now, in case your Xbox party doesn’t work on the PC,

Check Your Network Connection

Let’s start with troubleshooting the link.

The Xbox app is defective in a huge number of many respects, and these kinds of issues and errors are not uncommon. Even though your network is working as expected, you can face various issues. Either way, we’re going to check the network issue still and remove potential connection problems with the Xbox app party chat not working.

Check the following network connection troubleshooting steps:

  • Flush your DNS
  • Disable IPv4
  • Restart your PC as well as your internet router.
  • Disable any VPN or proxy that you might be using.
  • You can also check the status of your Xbox party services.

Download the Teredo Adapter

This solution has turned out to be the top and most famous solution to solve the problem in your Xbox live party. Many Xbox live party users have successfully resolved their issues of Xbox app party chat not working by using the Microsoft Teredo Adapter.

Although very useful, it is not installed on your PC by default. Therefore, you will need to enable as well as install the driver. Follow these steps to enable the Teredo Adapter:

  • Open Device Manager by right-clicking on the start menu.

xbox app party chat not working

  • Press “view in the main bar” and then select the option termed “show hidden devices.”

show hidden devices

  • Now, look for “Teredo Tunneling Pseudo-Interface” in the hidden network devices.

xbox app party chat not working

  • If you are unable to find and locate it, click on “Add legacy hardware.”

xbox app party chat not working

  • Click Next.
  • Now, select the option “Install the hardware that was manually selected from the list (Advanced)” and then click on next.

xbox app party chat not working

  • Choose the network adapter from the list.

xbox app party chat not working

  • Click Next and select Microsoft.
  • Select “Microsoft Teredo Tunneling Adapter” from the app party chat not working
  • Click on the install to install the adapter.
  • Lastly, Restart your computer.

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Reset the Xbox App to Resolve Xbox Party Chat Not Working

You will not be able to uninstall the Xbox Application. But you can easily reset and restore it to the default factory settings. Doing this will delete all the stored cache files, and will all the minor bugs and issues will be fixed. These minor bugs are very common in Xbox live parties. After resetting the application, could you update it?

Follow the given steps to reset the Xbox app on Windows 10 PC:

  • Open the settings in the Xbox Application.
  • Choose the option- “Apps.”

xbox app party chat not working

  • Find the Xbox app, which is located under the Apps & Features option, and expand it.
  • Press “Advanced options.”

xbox app party chat not working

  • Click Reset.
  • This will successfully reset your app and fix any minor bugs that may be causing the Xbox app party chat not to work.

xbox app party chat not working

  • Restart the app and the associated services

Many users who use the Xbox party feature to stream solve their issues by shutting down and restarting the application and the associated services.

The app sometimes tends to stop its services automatically, even though it comes pre-installed on Windows 10. These services that might stop are IP Helper and Xbox Live Networking Service.

By following the steps, you will be able to solve the Xbox app party chat not working:

  1. If the Xbox app is running on your PC, then close it.
  2. Type “Services” and open it in the windows search bar.
  3. Look for “Xbox Live Networking Service” and right-click on party chat not working
  4. Then, choose the “restart” option from the contextual menu.
  5. Follow the same steps for IP Helper Service.
  6. Open the Xbox app again, and it should resolve the error of Xbox app party chat not working.

Check Your Privacy settings

It is also possible that your privacy settings might have been restricting you from conversing with other users in a party chat. To utilize the Xbox party chat, you must bring in some modificatons into your account’s privacy settings. These may be changed using the settings menu.

1: To access privacy and online safety, go to Settings > Account.

2: Select the Xbox privacy privacy

3: Choose View details and make customizations.customize

4: Choose Communication & and multiplayer

5: Check to see if you are permitted to play multiplayer games, engage in crossplay, interact with others, and receive communications from others. The preferred sequence of choice needs to be Allow, Allow, followed by Everybody, Everybody.allow

Now you are ready to enter your Xbox Party Chat.


Why can’t I hear the party chat on Xbox One?

When the headset is connected, the conversation audio occasionally plays via the TV speakers. The Party Chat could be functional, but even then, one can't hear the game clearly. Relinking the controller to one's profile is the answer.

How to fix Xbox app not downloading or installing Windows 10 issue?

To run it, type wsreset.exe into the area and press Enter. Let the procedure run its course, and the MS Store Cache will be automatically cleared. After it is completed,, you would need to restart your computer.

How to fix Xbox One app not recognizing your account?

You would need to log out of the account you are using at the moment in the Xbox app, after which you are required to log back in. If the issue disappears immediately after logging in, the Xbox app could have run across a system flaw that prevented it from recognizing your account as being logged in.

How to start an Xbox party on an Xbox Console?

Press the Xbox button to access the user manual, then choose Parties & chats > Start a party. Choose Invite more. Decide which buddies to invite. Additionally, you can pick members of a club.

Last Thoughts

This article will help the Xbox Live Party App users resolve any problem that may occur while using the application on their PC. This article will provide you with four easy step-by-step solutions to resolve the Xbox app party chat not working error.

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