Discord Mic Not Working-Fixed (8 Instant Solutions)


Discord Mic Not Working is a usually occurring problem (similar to Discord Won’t Open) which has been faced by multiple numbers of users. It makes you hear what other people are communicating to you but Discord is not detecting mic and will make your voice unreachable to people on the other side. Know about Rainbow Six Siege Discord Issues by clicking here.

Discord is a very popular voice chatting app, especially among gamers. On the Discord platform, users can create new or join existing channels related to specific topics and then communicate with the other members on the subjects. You might face particular problems when you are gaming with Discord and your microphone stops working.

How to Fix Discord Mic Not Working?

It becomes very disappointing and irritating to know that your mic can’t work on discord but you don’t need to worry as it is not a very difficult problem to solve.

Following are some solutions that can be applied to fix the problem of Discord Mic not working. However, before that you can follow this guide on Windows 10 microphone not working to troubleshoot most common microphone problems on Windows 10.

Update the Audio Driver in Your PC

The issue of Discord Mic Not Working can occur due to the presence of obsolete, corrupt or missing audio driver in your PC. You can rectify this easily by updating the audio drivers. There are 2 ways to update the drivers, either manually or automatically.

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Manually update the driver

To update your drivers manually, you can go to the manufacturer’s website for your audio card and to search for the latest available audio driver.

usb driver updates

Remember to select the driver that is compatible with the version of your Windows computer.

Automatically update the driver

It is quite a strenuous task to update the drivers manually. Also, it consumes a lot of your time, effort and needs computer skills, so users can choose to update the drivers automatically by using Driver Easy.

Driver Easy will automatically analyze the driver requirements of your system and will find the correct audio driver for your audio card according to the version of your Windows. After this, Driver Easy will download and install the drivers correctly. Follow the steps to do this:

driver easy Scan Now

  • Click on the Update button placed near the flagged audio driver to download and install the correct version of the available drivers. (This applies to the Free version).
    Or you can click on Update All to download and install all the correct drivers at once that are missing or outdated. (This applies to the Pro version which gives full customer support and also a 30-day money return guarantee if users are not satisfied).
  • Now check if the error Discord Mic Not Working is resolved by sending an audio message on discord.

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Check Your Headphone’s or Earphone’s Mic

The error Discord Mic Not Working can occur due to some issue in your headphone or earphone’s mic. If you use an external microphone, then there might be a cable issue.

To check your headphone mic, connect it to your smartphone or PC. Then, open recorder app. Your Windows PC also contains the Voice Recorder App, you can find it by using the search feature. Now record your voice & listen to it.

check your headphone's or earphone's mic

If there is no disturbance due to background noise, then your mic is working fine but if you hear some background noise in it, then it might be the cause of the Discord Mic Not Working error. In this case, you need to change the microphone and headphones you are currently using.

If your mic is not able to record your voice, then its 3.5 mm audio jack might be not working. You can use another device to find it out.

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Modify the Voice Settings Under Discord

Follow the steps to remove the Discord Mic Not Working error:

  • Click on the Settings option on the homepage of Discord.
  • Now click on Voice and Video and then reset the Voice settings. Click on OK.

discord voice and video settings

  • Try reconnecting your microphone and send an audio message on Discord to check if your Discord Mic works now.discord push to talk

Logout and Restart Discord

You could log out and then restart the discord if it was working fine before the same Internet and mic. If there’s an issue with the Internet then you can resolve it from here.

  • In Windows computer: Navigate to user settings. Check the logout option at the bottom left corner.
  • In Android phone: Clear the App data and cache to log out. Or go to User settings and click on the logout sign.

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After logging out, close the discord app from Windows PC. Start it then after 30 seconds and then login using your account details. Check if the Discord Mic Not Working error is solved.

Check Automatic Input Sensitivity

Your mic can stop working correctly when you disable the Automatic Input Sensitivity in the Discord’s settings. If you have modified your voice settings earlier, then there are chances that you unchecked the box near the Automatically determine input sensitivity.

When you disable this option, manual sensitivity bar sends the slider to the left and it prevents your discord app from picking sounds from the microphone. Though this automated input sensitivity is buggy, so you are on automatic mode and the indicator bar doesn’t light up when you talk, so it is worth it to go to the manual. Follow the steps to remove the error Discord Mic Not Working:

  • Click on User settings icon placed at the bottom left of the Discord windows.
  • After that, click on Voice and Video by going to the App Settings.

discord voice and video settings

  • Scroll down and choose Input Sensitivity and turn on the button of Automatically determine input sensitivity if it is turned off. Now talk using your headset and check if the bar below it lights up in green color. If it does, move on further.input sensitivity
  • Now turn off the button of Automatically determine input sensitivity and place the manual slider somewhere in the middle. If the manual bar is pulsating while you talk, you can go smoothly ahead.

Exit Discord and Rerun it as Administrator

  • Right click on the Discord icon which is located at the Windows taskbar. If you’re not able to locate it, go to Show hidden icons option as it might be hidden from the desktop. Now click on Quit Discord.
  • At the desktop, right-click on the Discord shortcut icon and choose Run as administrator.

run as administrator

  • Choose Yes when prompted by User Account Control.
  • Check if the Discord Mic Not Working error persists.

Disable the Exclusive Mode in Your Windows PC

In Microsoft Windows, some applications are configured to have exclusive control upon the audio device driver. If you allow this feature to carry on, it might arise some problems with Discord. If these settings of Exclusive mode are enabled, the mic with headsets will stop working entirely. Follow the steps to disable the Exclusive mode:

  • Right-click on sound or volume icon located in the bottom right area and choose Recording Devices.
  • Select mic from your headset and then click on Properties.
  • Choose the Advanced tab and uncheck the boxes under Exclusive mode. Click on Apply to confirm.
  • Reboot your PC and check if your mic is working in Discord now.

Change the Input Mode from Voice Activity to Push to Talk

Users say that after changing the Input mode from Voice Activity to Push to Talk, the microphone can start working again. This mode will need you to press a button all the time when you want to talk to someone. It will allow you to connect with other people again.

If none of the solution is working for you then try to get official Discord support.


So these were some of the best available methods that will help you to solve the error of Discord Mic Not Working. When you’re playing a multiplayer game on your computer with Discord running in the background and suddenly the Discord Mic stops working, then you are in trouble.

So at this time, the above methods can prove to be helpful for you. Although, it is advised to try using another headphone with the microphone because the issue might also occur if your headphones are damaged, Microphone port or the USB port is defective.