5 Ways to Fix Origin Won’t Open Error


Origin Won’t Open: Origin is an online platform dealing with the distribution of games. One can buy or play the game online at their ease. Besides this, Origin allows its users to connect with platforms like Facebook, PlayStation, Nintendo Network, etc. Thus, Origin allows integration of all big communication and gaming platforms. Sometimes origin shows error or wont open.

origin won't open error
Origin Won’t Open Error

Origin is appreciated worldwide for its unique and worthy features but there are some users who have mentioned the Origin Won’t Open error, that is, when they login to the Origin error message showing won’t open appears freezing the screen.

In this article, we will be discussing a few of the easiest and effective methods to counter the error.

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Possible Causes of the Origin Won’t Open Error

In this section, we will discuss possible causes that might cause the Origin Won’t Open error. It becomes very easy to solve any issue when you already know the possible causes behind it. Following are some possible causes of the error:

1. Excessive Cache files.

2. Technical issues.

3. Graphics driver not updated.

4. The old version of Windows.

5. Compatibility issue between Origin application and your PC.

How to Fix Origin Won’t Open Error

In this section, we will be discussing some of the easy and effective methods to fix the error. Now it would be quite easy for us to deal with the issue as we have already discussed the possible causes behind the Origin Won’t Open error. Following are the methods to deal with the issue:

Method #1 Clear the Cache Files

Cache files are the files that get stored automatically in your browser or in any application in order to serve smooth functioning without any delay. In other words, applications and browsers save your activities in the background so that when you perform the same activity again, it would reflect quite faster to serve smooth functioning.

These files, if exceed a limit may lead to malfunctioning of your system or applications. These cache files might be the culprit in your scenario as well. Thus, to counter the Origin Won’t Open error, clean the cache folder from your system. Following are the steps to clear cache:

  1. Go to the control panel.
    control panel
    Control Panel
  2. Search for applications and devices.
  3. Scroll down for Origin.
  4. In the Origin folder clear all files except Local Content Folder.
  5. Run the Origin application again to check if the issue is resolved.

This method will allow you to counter the Origin Won’t Open error.

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Method #2 Uninstall the Application

It may be possible that Origin is reflecting the error Origin won’t Open due to any technical issue in the application itself. To counter the situation you can uninstall the application and then reinstall it. When you reinstall the application all the technical issues get resolved automatically.

Following are the steps to uninstall the application are:

1. Go to the settings of the Origin application.

2. Log out from your profile.

3. Now, go to the control panel.

4. Scroll down for device and application option.

5. Search for Origin application.

6. Click on the uninstall option.

7. Now reinstall the option.

Re-login to your profile in Origin and restart the application to see the changes in action. This will solve the issue but if the problem still persists go to the next method as well.

Method #3 Update the Graphics Driver

Graphics drivers are very important software that plays a crucial role in the smooth functioning of games in your system. It gives accessibility to the game to use the system’s graphics hardware. In case you are missing or having an old version of graphics driver then you will be surely interrupted by the Origin won’t open error. Thus to counter it, you need to install or update this software in your system. The steps for the same are:

1. Open Control Panel in your computer system.

control panel
Control Panel

2. Click on Device Manager.

device manager
Device Manager

4. Select the update drivers option and wait for the update to complete.

update graphics driver
Update Graphics Driver

5. Restart the computer system after the update is completed.

restart pc
Restart PC

Besides this, to update the driver in a PC is quite technical, time taking and a hectic process. Thus, to avoid this process you can use any third party service. This software once downloaded, automatically checks for driver updates and accordingly suggests the most suitable driver for the system.

Method #4 Update the Windows OS

It is possible that Origin is showing the error Origin won’t open because of the old version of Windows. The system software is the most important factor that makes your activities smooth and easy on your PC. Applications are made as per the latest system software needs and norms.

If you are using the latest version of the application Origin and the old version of Windows then certainly you will face errors. Thus resolve the issue you need to check for updates of Windows and update it regularly on your system. Following are the steps to update Windows:

1. Click and hold the Windows key.

windows key not working on windows 10
Windows Key Not Working on Windows 10

2. Enter update in the space provided.

windows start and search
Windows Start and Search

3. Go to check updates option.

select windows update
Select Windows Update

4. Click on the update option.

Now, restart your system to see the changes in action. This will definitely solve the issue if Windows update was the reason. In case the problem still persists, go to the next method as well.

Method #5 Run Compatibility Troubleshooter in Your PC

Sometimes it happens that the application and the system software are not able to maintain compatibility with each other. This leads to errors like Origin won’t open. In this case, you can run the compatibility troubleshooter from your system. This is an inbuilt feature of Windows that helps in maintaining compatibility between the applications and system software. Following are the steps to run Compatibility troubleshooter in your system:

1. Go to the Origin icon on the desktop.

origin on desktop
Origin on desktop

2. Right-click to find properties option.


3. Search for the compatibility option.

4. Click on the Run Compatibility troubleshooter option.

run compatibility troubleshooter option
Run Compatibility troubleshooter option

5. Now restart your system to see the changes in action.

restart system
restart system

This will resolve the Origin won’t open error. In case you are not satisfied then along with this step adjust the settings of Origin manually.

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These were some of the most effective and efficient ways to deal with the Origin won’t Open an issue. The steps mentioned in these methods are clear and easy to follow. These methods are most accepted and positively reciprocated methods by users all around the world. If these methods are followed as described then definitely the issue will be resolved.