AdBlock is an excellent tool for people who wish to remove obtrusive, bothersome advertisements from websites, but it does lower sales for companies. Consequently, some businesses attempt to turn off the program or recover some expenses. Twitch is one such business that has made several attempts to counteract AdBlock’s influence. This article is about adblock not working on twitch. 

Thus, let’s investigate the cause of your adblock not working on twitch and resolve it. As a result, many Twitch users need help with adblock functioning, which leaves them searching for a solution to resume their ad-free viewing experience. To fix the Adblock Twitch extension, try browsing in a different browser, Updating the Adblock Extensions, and disallowing Ads on Specific Twitch Channels.

You can also update Adblock Extensions on Chrome, Firefox, and Microsoft Edge. If you cannot resolve the issue, try uninstalling the adblock extensions from your browsers. We plan to tackle that issue by showing you how to cure adblock plus not functioning on Twitch and providing you with some vital advice to help you fight against any future changes.

Why Is Adblock Not Working on Twitch?

There are several factors for adblock not working on Twitch. Twitch has taken steps to identify and get around AdBlock, which makes it challenging for the addon to prevent advertisements. Another option is to update to a version of AdBlock compatible with Twitch.twitch ads

Furthermore, a few users have mentioned that AdBlock isn’t functional on Twitch while the browser is in private or incognito mode. You should activate AdBlock for those modes in this situation.

To find adblock not working on Twitch, you can consider the following reasons:

  • Twitch has implemented strategies to detect and bypass AdBlock, potentially employing methods to identify visitors with AdBlock installed and still deliver advertisements to them.
  • Incompatibility issues between the current Twitch version and your outdated AdBlock version may be causing the problem.
  • Several users complain that AdBlock isn’t working on Twitch while using the browser’s private or incognito mode. You should activate AdBlock for those modes in this situation.
  • AdBlock wasn’t installed or set up correctly in your browser.adblock
  • AdBlock is not compatible with the Twitch mobile app. AdBlock is an addon for browsers. The Twitch mobile app might not have it available.

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Pre-solution: Try a Different Browser

Let’s look at the one possible remedy for adblock not working on Twitch, try using a different browser. This is possible because browsers utilize rendering engines, and an ad blocker can perform better on a different rendering engine. You can also switch browsers if your Facebook videos are not playing due to adblock for Windows restrictions.

The best adblock for Twitch is uBlock Origin, which usually works better with Firefox than Chrome. Top Windows browsers should be given a try to discover which performs best.ublock origin See Also: Ublock Origin Not Working On Twitch [Fix]

How to Fix AdBlock Not Working on Twitch?

This section will walk you through resolving the Twitch adblock extension and taking back control of your browsing.

Find workarounds for AdBlock problems to guarantee an uninterrupted ad-free experience while watching your preferred Twitch streams. With these quick and simple instructions, you may wave goodbye to obtrusive advertisements and resume watching Twitch without interruption.

Update the Adblock Extensions

Your ad-blocking addon might not function on Twitch if incompatible with the newest ad formats. Updates with the most recent formats could be included if Adblock isn’t functional on Twitch. You can also update all adblock extensions to resolve the adblock not working in Crunchyroll.

How to Update Adblock Extensions on Chrome

While you might believe that your extensions Update automatically, this is only sometimes the case, mainly if you sleep on your device instead of shutting it off while keeping your browser open. To update the extension, take the actions listed below.

  1. Click the three vertical dots in the upper right corner, then choose Manage Extensions.choose settings
  2. After activating Developer mode in the top right corner, select Update on the left.turn on developer mode
  3. If Adblock wasn’t functioning on Twitch, try restarting the browser. This ought to resolve the problem.

How to Update Adblock Extensions on Microsoft Edge

Consequently, if you want the most recent ad-blocking capability, you might have to update them manually.

  1. Select Extensions by clicking the three horizontal dots in the upper right on three dots in the right corner
  2. Choose Manage Extensions in the next step.manage extensions
  3. After activating Developer mode in the top right my extension and turn on developer mode
  4. Select Update on the on update
  5. Restart the browser and make sure the issue with Twitch adblocking has been resolved.

How to Update Adblock Extensions on Firefox

This problem could also be readily resolved by adjusting a few of your browser’s advanced options. To upgrade Adblock Twitch Firefox, follow the steps below.

  1. Click the hamburger menu in the top right corner to select themes and on addon and themes
  2. Choose “On” for “Automatic updates,” then restart the browser.allow automatic updates

Disable Allow Ads on Specific Twitch Channels

If you use the Adblock addon on Chrome or any other browser, you may have given your agreement to adverts on select Twitch channels. While this option could have some advantages, it can also mean Twitch advertisements will still appear. Here’s how to turn it off.

  1. Click the AdBlock symbol in the browser’s toolbar and choose the gear icon.adblock toolbar option go to options
  2. Select General from the left panel, then click the right panel to deselect Allow advertisements on specific Twitch channels.disable allow ads on twitch option

Uninstall Conflicting Extensions

If you install a new extension and find an error of adblock not working on Twitch, you could be experiencing an extension conflict. The freshly installed adblock twitch extension has to be removed. Also, try using this method to turn off extensions when the Disney Plus log-in button is not working.

How to Uninstall Extensions on Chrome

To stop those Twitch advertisements, you might need to adjust your AdBlock settings since adding AdBlock to your browser might not be sufficient.

  1. Select Extensions by clicking the three vertical dots in the upper right corner, then select Manage Extensions.choose settings
  2. Click “Remove the newly installed addon” to fix the Adblock on extensions and remove

How to Uninstall Extensions on Microsoft Edge

AdBlock has an option for Twitch that he may turn off to improve the odds of the extension working on the streaming service and remove those annoying ads.

  1. Select Extensions by clicking the three horizontal dots in the upper right on three dots in the upper right corner and click extensions
  2. Next, Choose Manage Extensions.
  3. To ensure the Adblock issue has been resolved, click Remove on the newly installed extension.disable the extension

How to Uninstall Extensions on Firefox

Follow these steps to activate the Firefox Twitch adblock settings extensions:

  1. Choose Addons and themes by clicking the hamburger menu in the upper right on addon and themes
  2. Click its three vertical dots to remove the conflicting addon and choose Remove.choose remove


Why is Adblock not working on Twitch?

Because Twitch advertising is integrated, it is not feasible to disable them; to cease seeing them, you must subscribe. It's clear why Twitch took this stance; to prevent adblockers from blocking advertisements. There is nothing an adblocker can do about that, and it has nothing to do with what YouTube is doing.

Why is my adblock not working?

Any further extensions that can conflict with your ad blocker should be disabled or removed. Ads and trackers may be able to pass through some extensions, or they may interfere with your ad blocker. For example, using multiple ad blockers simultaneously might lead to conflicts and decrease performance.

Do Ad blockers still work on Twitch?

Yes, the majority of ad filters do indeed prevent specific adverts on Twitch. VPNs work better than the majority of ad blockers. You may install NordVPN and utilize a Polish server for the most significant ad block experience. Total Adblock and uBlock Origin are reliable browser addons for ad blocking if you don't want to do that.

How do I block ads on Twitch 2023?

Without sacrificing quality, you may block undesired Twitch—TV advertising with the TwitchTM Adblock Plus addon. For Twitch. tv, an adblocker is the TwitchTM Adblocker Plus plugin. Using this addon will help you avoid advertisements. With this addon, advertisements are blocked without sacrificing quality.


Try a browser refresh or reactivate the addon to fix AdBlock’s Twitch issues. Ensure your AdBlock filters are up-to-date and not too harsh. If the issue persists, try using a different browser or clearing your cache.

Keep your browser and AdBlock compatible to avoid problems. Gradually experimenting with these methods can improve your ad-free Twitch experience, as the answer may vary depending on your browser and system setup.


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