We know that machines running the first 2016 release of Windows 10 OS cannot start the FATE series games (FATE, FATE: Undiscovered Realms, FATE: The Cursed King, and FATE: The Traitor Soul). The core of the problem is Windows 10’s minimum screen resolution requirement. To learn how to solve Fate application errors, continue reading.

Try creating a configuration file, changing the resolution, and using graphic drivers to fix the Fate Application error. To know more about these, keep on reading.

In this game, there is a lot of material to cover. Despite the average visuals, you can still get a whole RPG experience with this game. You only have a small number of scrolls in your possession when the fun begins. After investing in a fishing rod, you can gather resources from the neighboring bodies of water. You can locate unusual things and catch various fish species depending on your luck. The Fate Application Error is a common problem; keep reading to learn how to resolve it.

Fate Application Error

Unfortunately, there have been several Fate players who have had problems with application failures in their game. An application error message will appear on the screen and prevent players from starting the game whenever they attempt.

Learn more about the error in fate application. Follow these instructions on fixing the Fate application error in Windows 10 if you’re also experiencing the error.

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Step 1: Create Configuration File

On modern platforms, it is typical for old games to experience a variety of faults. Therefore, if Fate keeps crashing, you must control your game with a configuration file.

  1.  Launching the file explorer and then going to the game’s files would be best.

_launching the file explorer

2. Then open the Persistent game folder and create an editable document.

persistent game folder

3. You should now access the Steam forums to locate the configuration settings list that has to be copied into this new document. You may save the file after copying every setting from the Steam forums.

access the steam forums

4. The name of this new document must now be changed to “config.dat” by performing a right-click.config dat


5. You only need to run the game with your client after changing the file to use these updated configurations to prevent the application error.

run the game with your client

6. If your game’s folder already has a configuration file, modify the resolution settings before attempting to begin the game again.

modify the resolution settings

It would help if you experimented with alternative resolution settings using an ultra-wide display because it can assist you in preventing program errors. This is one of the ways how to fix application errors.

Step 2: Change Resolution

You can try this method to fix the Windows 10 problem of Fate Application Error. Your PC’s resolution difficulties are the major cause of this problem.

  1. You may fix the program error by altering the in-game resolution settings. After creating a new configuration file, you must adjust the resolution settings to match your system requirements.

altering the in-game resolution

2. To check if the new settings work with your display, experiment with various numbers for the screen’s height and width before launching the game.

screen's height and width

3. Try different options to find the ideal settings for your game.

4. Some customers did note that they could not play the game in full-screen mode after creating the updated configuration file.full screen


5. To make that adjustment, You can alter the value in the configuration file’s screen mode statement.

alter the value in the configuration

6. Full-screen mode, though, might cause problems for the game. Therefore, if you encounter an application problem after changing the screen mode, we advise you to play the game in window mode again.video general


You must access the Steam forums using your browser and search for discussions about application errors in Fate to obtain the whole configuration instructions. This can help you with your query on how to fix the Fate the Cursed King application error. Being a secondhand PC user, then click here to learn how to move a fullscreen game to ur PC.

Step 3: Graphics Drivers

If you are sure your specifications are correct, you can check your computer’s graphics drivers. You should revert to the earlier version of your graphics drivers if the problems began after you changed them. You may do this by using DDU to uninstall the current drivers and then reinstalling the previous ones on your PC. Try this:

  1. To prevent your system’s new graphics drivers from becoming corrupted, adhere to every instruction in the tutorial. You can repair the Fate application error.
  2. Optimizing the game using the GeForce Experience if using an Nvidia GPU.

optimizing the game

3. After choosing Fate, you may start the GeForce Experience and click the Maximize option. That will adjust the in-game settings to match your computer’s specifications. In certain instances, doing this has assisted several players in improving their performance.

after choosing fate, you may start

4.  To discover whether you’re missing any critical updates that can result in problems with your game or graphics drivers, you should also check Windows Update.windows update


5. Check your drivers, then restart the game.

So these are some of the ways on fate Windows 10 fix or Fate Application Error.

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What is Fate?

Fate is a hypothetical game application where players try to progress through different levels and ultimately reach their fate.

Will your phone let you play Fate?

Yes, using QooApp or ApkPure, you may download the APK for your Android smartphone. Avoid downloading the Chinese version, which has far less information. The different Android emulators may not support the version of Unity that Fate/Grand Order utilizes as of version 1.7. 0.

How long does playing Fate take?

When concentrating on the primary goals, Fate lasts around 12 hours. Play video games and try to see all there is to see. It will probably take you roughly 17 hours to complete the game.

What kind of errors can occur in the Fate application?

Several errors can occur in the Fate application, such as crashes, freezes, or unexpected behaviour. Bugs in the game code may cause these errors, compatibility issues with the device or operating system, or network connectivity problems.

What should I do if the error persists?

If the error persists even after trying the troubleshooting steps, you can contact the game developer's support team for assistance. You can usually find their contact information on the app store page or the developer's website. Be sure to provide as much detail as possible about the error and your device and operating system.


The Fate Application Error can thus be fixed in this manner. All the ways that could assist you are mentioned here. We hope you found our information on fate application error useful. You can ask us any questions in the comment box if you have any.

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