Do your favorite TV episodes and films seem too dark on your LG TV, making it difficult to enjoy them? Is your LG TV too dark? It’s not just you! Many LG TV owners face this problem, but don’t panic — fixes are available to help you get the most from your TV. 

Well! First, increase the TV’s brightness settings in the image menu if your LG TV is too dark. Click “Settings,” then “All Settings,” and finally, “Picture.” Then, adjust the “Brightness” option until it is to your liking. Play with this option to discover the ideal brightness level for viewing enjoyment. If you see that LG TV brightness keeps changing automatically,don’t worry; it can be fixed easily.

In this post, we’ll discuss the importance of having the optimum screen brightness for the best watching experience and provide simple instructions for adjusting and adjusting your LG TV’s brightness. Get ready to enjoy your entertainment in all its bright splendor and wave goodbye to those annoyingly gloomy situations! Experiencing Netflix Lagging? You should Check Out this.

Why is my LG TV so dark?

Is your LG TV too dark? Although LG TVs are renowned for their fantastic display quality, occasionally, they could seem overly dark, which would interfere with your viewing experience.dark lg tv To adequately address this problem, it is vital to comprehend its causes:

  • Backlight Settings: Inadequate backlight settings are a frequent cause of gloomy displays. The intensity of the backlighting may be adjusted using various backlight settings on LG TVs. This option might make your screen look dull if it is set too low.
  • Ambient Lighting: The apparent brightness of your TV can be affected by the ambient lighting in your space. The TV screen may look darker in comparison if the room is excessively light.
  • Energy Saving setting: LG TVs frequently have an “Energy Saving” setting that may lower brightness to conserve energy. When this setting is used, your screen may get darker.
  • Model Variations: While this problem may appear in variable degrees in various LG TV models, the fixes are often the same. Many viewers adjust brightness according to image settings.
  • Firmware and software updates: Occasionally, problems with your TV’s software or firmware might alter how it displays. Ensure your TV is running the most recent updates to address potential issues. Disney Plus Not Working On LG TV? Check Out now.

Method 1: Disabling APS (Auto Power Saver)

Is your LG TV too dark? Many LG TV models have the Auto Power Saver (APS) function intended to save energy use. Although this is a green feature, it occasionally results in darker screen displays. 

Based on the ambient illumination in the space, APS automatically modifies the TV’s brightness and image quality. While it’s an excellent effort to conserve energy, when you find LG TV too dark, your watching experience might not benefit. Check Out now How To Log Out Of Netflix On LG TV.

Step-by-Step Guide to Disable APS

Here’s how to turn off APS if you notice your LG TV screen is too dark and how you can work on LG TV brightness settings:

  1. Press your remote control’s “Settings” button to open the settings menu.
  2. Go to All Settings and then Go to the “All Settings” option in the settings menu by scrolling down. You’ll get access to all the sophisticated TV settings with this.
  3. To choose a picture, go to the “All Settings” menu and select “Picture.”
  4. Locate Energy Saving Mode by scrolling down in the “Picture” menu to locate “Energy Saving Mode.” Just click it.
  5. Turn off APS here to disable the Auto Power Saver function. Choose “Off” to turn off APS.
  6. You may further fine-tune your image settings to your preference by adjusting the brightness, contrast, and backlight to get the ideal picture quality.

Energy use will be significantly affected by disabling APS. If you’re concerned about your energy use, consider that your TV will use more electricity while APS is off. 

The result of this adjustment in energy use is an improvement in image quality. By disabling APS, you have greater control over your TV’s brightness and image settings, which leads to a brighter, more colorful display that improves your watching experience overall.

Method 2: Adjusting Picture Mode and Brightness Settings

Is your LG TV too dark? Several image modes are available on LG TVs, each designed for a particular viewing experience. The following settings are available: “Vivid,” “Standard,” “Cinema,” “Sports,” and “Game.” Your selected image setting significantly influences your TV’s brightness and overall visual quality.

Step-by-Step Guide to Adjusting Picture Modes and Brightness Settings

Use the following steps to use various image modes to address the LG TV brightness problem:

  1. Press your remote control’s “Settings” button to access the Settings Menu.
  2. Scroll down and select “All Settings” to access advanced TV settings.
  3. Go to the “All Settings” menu and select “Picture.”
  4. Within the “Picture” option, choose your chosen picture mode. “Vivid” or “Standard” settings are frequently preferable since they improve brightness and color saturation for livelier pictures.
  5. Adjust the brightness settings manually after choosing a picture mode. The “Picture” menu usually has this option under options like “Brightness” or “Backlight.”

Experiment with the brightness, contrast, and backlight settings to fine-tune the settings until you obtain the ideal brightness level without sacrificing image quality. Stay moderate with the brightness since this might degrade image quality.

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Effect of Various Environments on Visual Experience

You can customize the visual output of your LG TV according to your preference in your space by modifying the picture modes and brightness settings.  lg tv

  • Vivid mode: This setting often offers the most vivid and brilliant colors, making it ideal for rooms with good lighting. However, it might distort images and oversaturate colors.
  • Standard Mode balances color accuracy and brightness, making it an ideal option for general viewing.
  • Cinema mode: With its deeper blacks and realistic colors, this setting is best for a more cinematic experience. However, in well-lit spaces, it could look not very interesting.
  • Game Mode: Specifically created for gaming, it frequently provides high brightness and little input lag, but it might not be the most incredible option for viewing movies.
  • Sports mode: Designed for sports, this setting improves brightness and motion handling to ensure you don’t miss any on-screen action.

Method 3: Ensuring Up-to-Date LG TV Software

Is your LG TV too dark? Keeping the firmware on your LG TV current is crucial for maximum performance. Software upgrades can fix several problems, such as screen brightness difficulties, and improve functionality and security. These updates frequently enhance the functionality and performance of the TV as a whole.

Step-by-Step Guide to Check for and Install Updates

Here’s how to make sure your LG TV is running the most recent firmware:

  1. Press your remote control’s “Settings” button to open the settings menu.
  2. Go to All Settings, and then To access advanced TV options, scroll down and choose “All Settings.”
  3. Go to the “All Settings” menu and choose “General.”
  4.  Select “About This TV” from the “General” menu. This page contains details about your TV, including the firmware version that is currently in use.
  5. Look for software updates in the “About This TV” section. If an update is available, download and install it by following the on-screen directions.

It’s a good idea to restart your TV once the update has been deployed to ensure all changes have occurred.

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How can updates resolve the brightness issue?

Is your LG TV too dark? Software upgrades might significantly impact the issue of LG TV too dark. Manufacturers release updates to correct problems, improve connectivity with external devices, and boost overall performance. 

Updates may fix problems with automatic brightness changes regarding screen brightness, ensuring your TV constantly maintains the brightness level you choose. update lg tv

Additionally, new capabilities that provide more exact control over brightness and image settings may be added through firmware upgrades. Maintaining the software on your TV can guarantee that any possible issues are quickly fixed and result in a better watching experience.

Method 4: Checking and Changing Input Sources 

Is your LG TV too dark? The input sources and external devices you utilize might impact the image quality of your LG TV. Various hardware and connections can affect brightness, resolution, and overall visual experience. Finding and fixing problems with input sources and external devices is crucial to guarantee that your TV shows the best picture. You can also Check Out Ways To Adjust Screen Size To Fit the Monitor.

Step-by-Step Guide to Change Input Sources and Check for Issues

Here are a few guidelines for managing input sources and dealing with possible issues: 

  1. Remote Control Inputs: Most LG TVs contain a button on the remote control specifically for switching between input sources. Keep an eye out for buttons labelled “Input,” “Source,” or “AV.”
  2. Choose the Desired Input: Use the remote to choose the desired input source. It can be a USB, HDMI, or other external device.
  3. Check for Loose Connections: Verify that the TV and the external device are securely connected to all cords. Loose or broken wires can cause poor image quality.
  4. Examine Device Settings: Some extraneous gadgets, such as game consoles or Blu-ray players, could have their display settings. Make sure your TV can handle these settings.

Tips for Identifying and Resolving Issues

Here are some quick tips to further help you with the LG TV too-dark issue:


  • Make sure you’re connected to the correct HDMI port on the TV if you’re using HDMI. The capabilities of various HDMI connectors may vary, which might impact visual quality.
  • Check your external devices’ resolution settings to ensure they correspond to your TV’s specifications. Unbalanced resolutions might provide a subpar image.
  • High-quality HDMI or other cables can significantly enhance image quality. If necessary, think about upgrading to better lines.
  • Some external devices need firmware upgrades to function correctly with your TV. For any updates for your external devices, check for them and apply them.
  • Make sure that the source device is transmitting a strong, clear signal. Weak signals can result in a dark or pixelated picture.

Method 5: Seeking Professional Support

Is your LG TV too dark? While many LG TV problems may be fixed using do-it-yourself techniques, there are some situations when it’s more beneficial to seek out expert assistance. professional support

When to Get Support from LG:

  • Recurring issues: If you’ve tried several solutions to the black screen problem, but it keeps coming back, it might be time to contact LG Support.
  • Warranty issues: If your TV is still covered by warranty, it is advised to contact LG Support, who may give advice and possibly even free repair services.

How can expert assistance be helpful?

LG Support can offer the following advantages: expert assistance

  • Remote Assistance: They may provide remote assistance to help diagnose and fix problems without a service call.
  • Technical proficiency: Qualified technicians have in-depth knowledge of LG TVs and can successfully diagnose and resolve complicated problems.
  • Repair Services: LG may schedule professionals to solve the issue if the TV has to be physically repaired.

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Additional Tips and Considerations

Is your LG TV too dark? Here are some tips you can check out to deal with the issue of LG TV too dark:  additional tips

  • Use a soft, lint-free cloth to wipe your TV screen clear of dust and fingerprints to preserve image quality.
  • When modifying brightness settings, remember that higher levels use more energy. Strike a balance between energy efficiency and brightness.
  • Make your TV last longer by turning it off when you are not watching. 
  • Adjust your TV’s settings to correspond to the room’s illumination. Increase brightness in well-lit areas and decrease it in darker spaces.
  • Be wary of screen burn-in, particularly with static graphics like channel logos, since they might result in long-term picture retention.
  • Keep the firmware on your TV and any external devices updated for compatibility and best performance. Updates must be made often.


How do you turn up the brightness on LG TV?

To figure out how to adjust brightness on LG TV, access Picture under settings. Select a better picture setting in select mode. Or, you can change brightness under advanced settings to brighten the display on your LG TV.

Where is the LG TV's light sensor located?

The light sensor is positioned close to the center of the TV screen's lower third. By slowly dimming the screen brightness, you can prevent the screen image from staying too long.

Where can I find settings on LG Smart TV?

Start from the Home screen to enter the settings menu. To set up your settings, hit Apps and select Settings, or click the Menu key and choose Settings.

Do TVs automatically adjust their brightness?

Yes, some TVs offer an 'Ambient Light Detection' or 'ECO Sensor' feature that detects the ambient light in the room and automatically changes the screen brightness to conserve energy.


Dealing with LG TV too dark in the search for the ideal watching experience might be irritating, but don’t worry — we’ve given you a whole toolset to restore brightness to your screen.

These techniques give you the power to address the problem head-on, from tweaking APS and fine-tuning image settings to ensuring the TV’s software is current and analyzing input sources. And keep in mind that expert assistance is only a phone call away if all else fails.

The key takeaway is that it’s possible to keep your TV running smoothly and produce high-quality images. You can watch your favourite programs and motion pictures again in all their vivid splendour with some hard work and experimenting. So go ahead and try these fixes to make your LG TV more brilliant than before.

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