Hello there! Are you looking to find out the resolution to Netflix lagging? Go no further! Here is your spot. You are about to discover all possible causes and all proven methods to solve this issue.

To fix this issue, delete all the cache from your system and remove all cookies. They are redundant data that need clearing. Even if you clear the bookmarks, it would help you. You will find this option readily available on your Google Chrome.

However, this is only one of the many methods. To learn who is the culprit for annoying you while streaming and to get rid of that, follow this article till the end. Remember to read the FAQ section, as it is beneficial. You can also check out how to fix Netflix Freezing on your Computer.


Let us find out the answer to why your Netflix is lagging. Wait! Before we get to the fixes, we need to find the roots. It is the only acceptable way and a permanent one, too.

There can be many reasons that stand against a smooth Netflix streaming. However, in most cases, there are some general causes.

They are enlisted here:

Low-Speed Internet

This issue of Netflix lagging may be due to your internet connection. It may be running slowly.

low speed internet

It can happen due to various reasons itself. 

  • The distance from the router to the system may be excessive. 
  • There may be some other issue with your router.
  •  It is possible that many other devices are taking up your internet, and the device on which you want to run Netflix cannot pull the data.
  •  The system may be indirectly connected to the Wi-Fi router. 
  • You may have started a download in the background, collaborated with the streaming, and now it is competing and causing issues for you. 

Unwanted Cookies Or Cache Stored In The PC Or Your System

Using cookies and cache is necessary for programs to store details about you that may be needed in the future. They are prominent in convenience as you don’t have to remember stuff. But, they take up unnecessary space in your system, causing it to be heavy.

out of date systems

This makes the system and Netflix lag. Therefore, they may be a root cause of your system’s inability to adapt to Netflix appropriately. 

Background Apps May Be Competing For Resources

It may not be Netflix causing lag but other background applications. background apps may be competing for resources

You may be pointing fingers at the innocent app, which is being disturbed by other apps and tasks running with a reason in your system. They are taking up memory, power, and system operations. 

Explore how many apps are running in the background at the same time as you are streaming Netflix. 

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The Browser Is Obsolete

Why is Netflix so laggy?

 It is guessable that it is the browser at problem. Whichever browser you use they tend to go out of date quickly.

the browser is obsolete

 They are not immune to rapid technological advancements and promptly fall prey to them. The obsolete browsers may render your system incompetent to stream Netflix. You can also check out methods to solve Netflix Error Code f77011003.

The Brightness Of The System Is Too High

Another reason for Netflix lagging can be traced to the brightness of your system.

the brightness of the system is too high

The display functions matter a lot. They consume and drain out the battery quickly. 

Visibility must be ensured; no other motive of high brightness exists. 

The System Got Out Of Date

Why is Netflix lagging? Maybe it is your system. 

The device you are using may have gone obsolete. When this happens, the system encounters issues that malfunction while running sophisticated apps. As a complex app that requires high-tech devices, Netflix may be altered by the low-tech ones. 


Netflix Account Is Facing Issues

Well, what do you know?

netflix account


Maybe it is the Netflix account itself that is stuttering and rendering issues.

It may be the real culprit, which requires some jolting. 


To get the methods to solve the Netflix Lagging issue, this is the section you aspire to.

You will find the top ten solutions to solve the problem here. Let us get started on them in chronological order.

Speeding Internet

The first solution you can try is to speed up the Internet. You must check if the internet is your culprit by conducting a speed test. Once you establish that this is the primary problem, you must speed up the internet. To do that, there are many methods to follow. 

speeding internet

You can reboot your Wi-Fi router. Make the internet easily accessible to the device by stopping any other device from competing with it. Also, try not to engage in a download while streaming. It won’t let you do either of those things. Instead of having an indirect connection, you must aim for a direct connection between the device and the modem. 

Get Rid of Cache

Another method to solve Netflix lagging is to get the unwanted cache plus cookies out of your devices.

get rid of cache

Clear all the junk and make space in your PC. This would give some breathing space to your device, and it may start functioning better and let Netflix operate properly. 


You should avoid running any unnecessary apps in the background of your device while operating Netflix.

prioritize netflix


 This can be done via the Task manager. It will rule out the possibility of Netflix having to compete for connectivity, data, storage, etc., making Netflix run smoothly. 

Updating Browser

If the issue is with your obsolete browser, you need to update it.

updating browser

To do that, you have to follow the automated prompts, and they will do all the work for you. You can also conduct a manual update. 

Fixing Display Resolution

The issue of Netflix lagging may emerge from a high brightness setting and other display-related settings. Netflix provides four kinds of display options.

fixing display resolution

You have to choose Auto amongst them. It would automatically decipher the connectivity and network strength, providing the optimum resolution that suits your device. 

Update System

The system you are operating your Netflix on may be the root cause of your issue since it may have gone out of date.

update your systems

You need to update the system, and only then will you be able to experience issue-free Netflix streaming on your device. It will get rid of any bugs. If you are facing a Netflix stuttering problem on Windows 10, check this out.

Rebooting System

Try rebooting your system. It is one of the simplest methods to get the system to restart.

rebooting system

Just conduct a straightforward reset, and you will be good to go. 

Re-Sign In

You may need to conduct a re-login into your Netflix account. This may rule out any possibility of a malfunction.re- sign in It will refresh the history and work like a system reboot. You must sign out of the existing account and log in with your credentials again. 

Give Wi-Fi a Jolt

When we are talking about reboots, you must also give your network connection a new start. This means that the network is refreshed, and any issue is subtracted.
give wifi a jolt
Restart your modem, and you will experience a fresh connection that will work effectively once it is fully enabled. 


Who to call when Netflix isn’t responding?

You can call your ISP (Internet Service Provider) when you know the network is the issue. Also, if you have found any problem and you can’t seem to solve it, call the Netflix help center.

What is Netflix error code 0041?

This code pertains to the connectivity issue. Or, your device may be facing an issue of data stuck and needing playback.

Is Netflix password sharing banned in the US?

It is not banned in the US. It is instead paid now. You must pay for those who use your account but don’t share your residence.

Are old TVs compatible with Netflix?

No. If you have an older device as your television, it may need to be fixed with your Netflix. It is a new technology that is not supported by the old media.


You have completed the top ten methods to solve the Netflix lagging issue, along with the reasons causing them. You learned that the causes could range from the low speed of the internet to the case with the Netflix account. Fortunately, the measures to solve the proclaimed issues are also vast. They include speeding the internet through various ways, getting rid of cache, killing background apps, making the browser up to date, bringing down the display settings to auto, updating the entire system, restarting your system, signing in to the account again, and, reconnecting to the Wi-Fi after restarting it. You are now all good to go. All the best and happy, smooth streaming!

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