Bienvenu people! Unable to understand why is Netflix Volume Low? Got you! You have arrived at the right place. Let us take your coats and show you to the room of solutions.

To get your Netflix sound proper, you must adjust its audio settings. Your Netflix may carry a couple of audio options. You have to choose which is optimum for you. Switch from the surround settings to the stereo one if your device is incompatible with a Dolby Surround setup. 

This is just one of the ways. There are many other paths you can divert to in fixing the Netflix volume on your device. This article carries solutions segmented by the kinds of devices. Follow through to find out which method is suited to you. Here is a guide on the Netflix app crashing on Roku TV.

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why is the volume on Netflix so low?

Many Netflix users face a problem with the volume. They constantly question, “Why is the volume on Netflix so Low?” The volume gets too low that it becomes inaudible, and users are puzzled whether they launched the mute mode.

It happens mainly with new users who have not yet changed the settings on their devices. Their volume is set by default, so they face the issue.

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This may occur due to the compressed audio, weak signals, weak connections, and arbitrary settings. Ensure you go through all the methods for your device to be sure what you can do to help yourself. 

Let us begin with some reasons that may become the root cause of your Netflix volume issues. 

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Reasons why is the volume on Netflix so low

Why is Netflix so quiet? There can be many significant reasons why you are faced with the issue of Netflix volume low. One reason can be the default settings. They may be at play and abrupting the device’s volume. 

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Another reason could be the failure of the device to be compatible with Netflix. It may need an update or some bug fixes, such as addressing the Netflix error NSES-500. 

They are easy to carry out. The reason can be anything, but all you have to do is follow the article’s next section and find out how you will be put at ease. 

The methods to solve your device’s volume issues have been segregated into the types of devices that support Netflix. Every solution has been customized and modified according to the settings and operations of the various devices. 

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You must follow the given methods to learn how to solve the issue:

Samsung Devices 

You have these options to solve the Netflix volume low issue on a Samsung Smart TV. First, you can alter the Netflix audio settings on TV. Take the remote and hit Menu. Reach for sound, go to the Additional Settings option. Within this, seek the settings serving the speaker. If your sound setting is set to Auto Volume, change it to Normal. Restart Netflix, and here you go! 

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Or, you can update your system. You can also reset your system settings and make it like new. Also, try to contact Samsung Customer Support.  If Netflix is not working then check this out.

iOS Devices

The ways to fix your Netflix audio settings on iOS devices differ significantly from those on Android. You must manipulate the audio settings and, for that, reach the settings from your home screen. You will find an option marked audio and video. Further into this, you will encounter Dolby. When you choose auto in this, you enable the surround sound option. This may be your way out of the Netflix volume low problem. 

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You may even want to reverse this setting. It can work both ways. Shift your audio output from any voice command device to the Stereo or Linear PCM. 

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If the Netflix dialogue is too quiet on your PlayStation, you must ensure the audio output is in stereo mode. You will find the settings app. Reach it from the Home Screen.

ps4 audio output settings

Further, go to the audio output settings after you have passed through the sound settings option. You need to highlight the cable in use and press X. Once you can save the settings, reset the Play station. 


The issue of the low volume of Netflix can arise in the Fire TV, too. To solve that, you must carry out the given suggestions. The only solution that works best is re-installing the Netflix app. 


To carry this out, first go to the Settings option. The next stop is storage. After that, look for the apps to download on your SD Card. Leave it for the time being. Launch Appstore on your device. Look for Netflix in the search menu. Install it. Now, relaunch Netflix and enjoy the show!

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Other Devices

You have a slightly different path if you have any other device than the ones mentioned above. To solve the issue of Netflix Volume Low, you must adjust its audio settings.

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Your Netflix may carry a couple of audio options. You have to choose which is optimum for you. Switch from the surround settings to the stereo one if your device is incompatible with a Dolby Surround setup. If your Netflix is freezing, check this out.


Does Netflix compress its audio as it does with the video?

Yes, Netflix compresses the audio so that it becomes easy to transfer. It allows the internet to stream speedy series, films, docuseries, and other entertainment data. Netflix can't send files over the network without audio data compression.

Which system requirements are necessary for Netflix audio?

Suppose you want good audio quality on your Netflix. In that case, you must ensure that the device supports a Dolby Atmos surround system and has a connection to the audio system, which can also complement that. With both these prerequisites on your device, you can achieve good audio.

What is the format of Netflix audio?

The Netflix app uses the digital Dolby Plus + format. This is the most advanced and efficiently curated sound design for any audio. This audio is referred to as the Enhanced AC-3 format. It is nicknamed DDP, DD+, EC-3, and there are many more ways to abbreviate it.

Does Netflix audio echo?

The Netflix audio sometimes echoes due to mis-synchronization between the captions and the spoken dialogues. It is due to problems in the system, problems in the app, or any other related attribute.


We believe we have done our part since you have learned how to solve your Netflix volume low issue. You learned about the case, what it is, what it seeks, and how it arises. You even knew about the various reasons that became the root cause of the volume issue in Netflix, rendering it incompetent. Then came the methods that were categorized based on the type of device you are operating through. For example, you must change the audio settings for Samsung devices, ensure proper hardware connection, re-install the app, or update the TV. For the iOS gadgets, you learned to manipulate the audio settings slightly differently. You also learned how to manage the audio settings on the PlayStation.

Further, you learned how to re-install the app on Firestick to make it work better. Finally, we told you about the general instructions that will assist you in fixing the audio settings of other devices. Now that we are done here, you are all set to go. All the best, and happy fixing!