Fix Skype Not Detecting Webcam with This Simple Guide


In the days of the pandemic, many video conferencing apps have become our saviors; one of them is the most popular skype app. But sometimes, it might constantly result in the issue of skype not detecting webcam or skype starting automatically. If this happens for you too, then you are not alone.

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skype not detecting webcam
skype not detecting webcam

The error can arise due to faulty connection, access denial, or even outdated applications. Follow the detailed step-by-step guide below to resolve the error skype doesn’t recognize the Camera completely.

How to Fix Skype not Detecting Webcam

One of the following methods will help you remove the error of skype not detecting webcam no matter the reason for the same.

Verify if the Camera is Plugged in

If you use an external device for the camera, make sure the USB ports are not faulty.

verify if the camera is plugged in
Verify if the Camera is plugged in

Try plugging it in again and checking its functionality on other devices. Make sure after connecting it; you power it on too.

Check your Webcam Access.

The issue can be a result of no access given to your webcam. To check this,

  1. In the start search menu, enter Camera
  2. In the list, open the app of Camera.
    check your webcam access.
    Check your webcam access.
  3. Click on Allow to give your computer permission to use the Camera.

Now retry using your webcam again.

Give Access to Skype.

If you are using the inbuilt Camera, ensure its access is given to skype. To verify this,

  1. In the start menu, open settings
  2. Now find the head of privacy and open it.
    give access to skype
    Give access to Skype.
  3. Go to the App permissions section and tap on Camera
  4. Find skype and turn it on.

This should resolve the error skype camera not working windows 7

Update your Application

Why is my webcam not working on skype? Your application should be up to date; otherwise, the webcam won’t respond, and the error of skype not detecting webcam will occur.

update skype
update skype

To update this, go to the Microsoft store and find skype to update. Now restart and run again.

Change your Video Settings.

If nothing works for you, then try changing your video settings. To do this,

  1. Open Skype and tap on Settings
  2. Now got to the audio and video section
    change your video settings
    change your video settings
  3. Tap on the name of your webcam
  4. Directly change the settings and save

This will ensure the proper working of your webcam.

Ensure no Apps hinder your Webcam

While using Skype, make sure no other camera-using apps are running. These will hinder the webcam resulting in the error skype can’t connect to your webcam. End all the background tasks from the task manager and then retry.

The Compatibility of the Webcam should be verified.

If your system is outdated or an older version, Skype may not work for you. You need to ensure that your system and your skype version are compatible with each other.

update windows
update windows

Update windows and try to check skype can’t detect any webcam error.

Restart the Webcam

The easiest method is to disable the cam and enable it again. To do this,

  1. In the start menu, tap on the device manager.
  2. Open and enlarge Imaging devices, go to its driver, and tap on disable the device.
  3. After some time, enable the webcam by clicking on Enable device.

This will resolve the error of skype not detecting webcam.


Why isn't Skype making video calls?

Skype enables you to make video calls and connect in general. But if the app doesn't recognize your webcam, you may not be able to make calls. Fix the issue, then retry.

Does my camera work on Skype?

Generally, the Camera works on skype without any issues, but if certain errors occur, restart or follow the guide above.


With assistance from this guide, we hope you were able to solve skype not detecting webcam and other video errors. Now get back to your meetings.

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