What to Do If You Can’t Change Twitch Username


Twitch is a popular streaming platform. Not only does it stream tournaments and live shows, but it also allows individual streaming. Almost all gamers love Twitch as it is the perfect platform to stream games, including Fortnite, Hearthstone, Overwatch, etc. Over the years, twitch has evolved from just streaming gaming content to opening the doors for other artists like creative works. There have also been music shows, streaming, and live performances.

Twitch has become the most popular and loved live content streaming platform and a learning platform for many. Along with these features, it also has a “just chatting” category that lets the users chat and have a candid conversation. Many users also host streams that help in raising money for charity. When this error occurs, the username is greyed out with a message popping up, “can’t change twitch username,” and the edit option does not work. Open the Twitch app>Click your profile image>Settings>Profile>Scroll down to Profile Settings

can't change twitch username

Like all the other platforms, this platform faces various issues regarding performance. One of the most common errors users face nowadays is that Twitch won’t let me change my username. Though it is not one of the significant issues, it can be irritating for many users.

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Solutions for Can’t Change Twitch Username 

If you are one of the users facing the same issue and thinking, why can’t I change my Twitch username, well don’t worry. In this Techwhoop article, we are providing you with some best methods to fix this issue

Clear the cache and cookies 

As the browser gets loaded with unwanted data and cookies, it often results in errors like Twitch change username not working. To clear them, follow these steps:

  •       Select the three vertical dots in the upper right corner of the google chrome page.
  •       There select more tools
  •       Select Clear browsing data
  •       In the window that appears, check the boxes with cookies and site data, change the time range to all time, and check all the boxes 
  •       Next, select precise data

clear browsing data

Restart the browser or device to check if you can’t change the Twitch username is solved. 

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Changing the username from the settings

  •       Open your Twitch account. Next, open the account settings
  •       Click on the edit button and type the new username that you want 
  •       If you type an available username, it will approve with a green tick. Next, select the update button
  •       Next, you will need to verify the account by entering the password. 

change username from settings

After performing the above steps, they can’t change the Twitch name will be solved.

Opening the Application in Incognito Mode

In Google Chrome, try opening the application through incognito mode. Click on the three dots present in the top right corner. Select the incognito mode for the given list. See if they can’t change the Twitch username is solved.

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Try Opening it in Another Browser 

If the above methods didn’t work, you should try opening the application in another browser. If you are using Google Chrome and it is not working, try using Firefox.

open twitch on another browser

This might help in solving can’t update the Twitch username.


How long do I have to wait to change my name on Twitch?

The username of Twitch changes every 60 days. Go to the Twitch account, and an edit option will be available beside the username. You change the username from there. The followers and all the other things remain the same; just the username changes.

Should I use my real name on Twitch? 

Many users cannot decide whether there should be different names for different streaming platforms or the same. Keeping the same username on Twitch and other social media is advisable. This way, it helps avoid any confusion amongst the followers, as a consistent name helps in better branding.

How do I fix my username that is not available on Twitch?

Contacting Twitch support and letting them know about this issue might help, but it’s not always recommendable. The reason is that many complaints to Twitch support remain unanswered. Wait for approximately six months for the username to be available again.

Do inactive Twitch accounts get deleted?

Inactive usernames recycle periodically and are available for new users in batches. After you delete or rename your account, the old username recycles. It takes around six months to complete this process, and eventually, that username adds to the pool of available usernames.

How many Twitch accounts can you have?

You can have as many Twitch accounts on the same email as you would like. You cannot limit how many accounts you can link per email address. Twitch allows users to quickly and easily add multiple accounts to the same email address. 


They can’t change Twitch username errors can be very disturbing while streaming your content. If you have reached this far in the article, we are sure that some of the above methods have worked for you, and now you can enjoy live content streaming!

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