Capcom and Dimps launched the Street Fighter 5 video game in 2016 for the PlayStation 4 and Microsoft Windows. The game features side-scrolling gameplay with three new talents. However, Street Fighter 5 Not Launching due to outdated graphics drivers, corrupted data, or hardware issues. To resolve this issue, players should follow several troubleshooting steps.

To fix the Street Fighter 5 launch roaster, try to update the graphics card driver, verify Game files, clean boot your computer, and add the game to the antivirus exception list. You can also apply other solutions like updating the operating system, turning off the in-game overlay, or running Street Fighter 5 as an administrator.

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Possible Causes for Street Fighter 5 Not Launching

It might only seem like a big deal once your computer exhibits widespread faults, which it is. There aren’t any pressing grounds for the Street Fighter 5 launching issue. Instead, consider the following factors for the Street Fighter 5 not working on the PC.street fighter game

  • Your firewall has blocked the game.
  • There’s a third-party software stopping your game from opening.
  • An antivirus tool stops your game from booting up. The issue could have happened because of an update for Avast or Windows Defender, but it might also have resulted from another antivirus program.
  • It would be best if you used port forwarding to play on Steam.
  • Your DLL file needs to be included or fixed.
  • Your system is missing or has a corrupted game file.
  • Intel System Usage and Intel Driver Support services are incompatible with the game’s “.exe” file. Street Fighter 5 has issues with a few Intel CPUs. However, they may be resolved simply by turning off the Intel services.
  • The drivers for your GPU need to be updated.

[Fixed] Street Fighter 5 Not Launching

One of the difficulties you could have in the game is Street Fighter 5 not launching. Nothing occurs if you click the Stream client or desktop game shortcut. This might be unpleasant, especially if you genuinely want to enjoy the game.

Follow the below steps to solve the Street Fighter 5 not launching on Steam issue, as we’ve provided every possible solution to address the problem.

Method 1: Update the graphics card driver

Outdated graphic drivers might create issues with Street Fighter 5 not launching. Ensure you have loaded the most recent driver because it will feature performance and bug improvements to enhance your gaming experience and resolve the issue of Street Fighter 5 not launching.

Make sure your chosen graphics processor is the dedicated graphics card when you play Street Fighter 5. You may use the Nvidia control panel to select your preferred GPU as a gamer. Also, the process for updating the graphic drivers might solve your League of Legends not opening issue on Mac as well.

  1. Go to the NVIDIA control panel to get started.nivdia panel
  2. Under 3D settings, choose Manage 3D on manage settings
  3. To select your game, click the Program Options tab and use the dropdown the program options tab
  4. Select the graphics processor this software prefers from the second dropdown option. “High-performance NVIDIA processor” should be the display name for your NVIDIA GPU.nvidia high performance processor
  5. Next, Save your modifications.
  6. Verify whether the issue of the launching problem for Street Fighter is resolved.

Method 2: Adding the game to the antivirus exception list 

Most people prefer using other third-party security apps or activating Windows Defender antivirus to defend the machine from malware assaults. However, some antivirus programs, such as Windows Defender, can disrupt Street Fighter V’s operations and even stop it from starting.

Try adding Street Fighter to your antivirus exemption list to prevent the game from being scanned. To stop the game from being blocked by Windows Defender antivirus, you need to perform the following steps below:

  1. To access Settings, press Windows + I.
  2. Click Virus & Threat Protection in the right pane after selecting Update & Security > Windows Security.virus and threat protection
  3. Click Manage settings in the Windows Security interface’s Virus & Threat Protection settings section. manage settings
  4. Next, click Add or Delete Exclusions by scrolling down after finding the Exclusions area.add or remove exclusions
  5. From the dropdown menu, select Folder by clicking Add an folder
  6. Locate and select the Street Fighter V folder, then choose the option “Exclude this folder.”
  7. Restart your computer after that to see whether the issue with Street Fighter 5 not launching on Steam has been resolved.

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Method 3: Verify Game Files

The corrupted game files are another cause of the launcher issue with Street Fighter 5. If you are a Civ 5 fan encountering issues like Civ 5 not launching, you can also check out the integrity of game files. You may utilize the built-in capability of the Steam client to confirm the relevant files if you are playing the game in it. Here’s how you go about it:

  1. Open Steam, then go to the LIBRARY.library
  2. Select Properties with a right-click on Street Fighter
  3. After choosing the “LOCAL FILES” option, click “VERIFY INTEGRITY OF GAME FILES.”verify integrity of files
  4. Await the completion of the validation procedure with patience. After that, try restarting the game to see whether it launches correctly.

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Method 4: Clean Boot Your Computer

The software installed on your computer might need to be fixed for Street Fighter V. In this case, you may determine whether any software is causing problems by doing a clean boot on your computer. The steps to do a clean boot are as follows.

  1. Press Windows + R, type msconfig, then press Enter to open System Configuration.type msconfig
  2. To deactivate non-Microsoft services, choose Hide all Microsoft services under the Services tab and click the Deactivate All hide all microsoft services and click disable
  3. Once the Startup tab has been selected, click Open Task task manager
  4. Next, deactivate every item listed under the Startup tab in Task Manager.disable every item under the startup tab in task manager
  5. Apply these modifications by returning to the System Configuration window. 
  6. Check whether the issue with Street Fighter 5 not launching on Steam has been resolved by restarting your computer.

Method 5: Run Street Fighter 5 as an administrator

Try playing Street Fighter 5 as an administrator to avoid many startup bugs. The actions are as follows:

  1. Enter Steam into your search bar. By performing a right-click on the Steam icon, select Properties.
  2. Select “Run as administrator.” Navigate to Steam’s Library area. Select Manage with a right-click in Street Fighter as administarator
  3. Select Look through local files. Seek for the game’s “.exe” file. Right-click the file and choose Properties.
  4. Click the compatibility tab. Check the option that says, “Run this program as administrator.”run this program as administrator
  5. Remove Steam and reinstall it if the above steps don’t solve the issue.

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Method 6: Update the operating system

Update your Windows system; most updates come with many fixes and improvements to enhance your gaming experience. You can also fix the Steam Not Recognizing PS4 Controller issue by installing the Windows update.

  1. Press and hold the Start button.
  2. Next, Choose Check for updates.check for updates
  3. Finally, click on install updates and restart the system.updation and restart

Method 7: Disable in-game overlay

Overlay applications are helpful, but because they operate in the background, they might conflict with the game’s programming. If any third-party overlay services or Steam overlays are stopping Street Fighter 5 from the beginning, disable them.

  1. Launch the Steam application and Select Settings from the client’s top left-corner menu.steam settings
  2. Next, Select “In-Game.”select in game
  3. When the game box appears, uncheck Enable the Steam Overlay.untick the option
  4. Press the OK button.


Can I run Street Fighter 5 without a graphics card?

To meet the recommended system requirements for Street Fighter V, your PC should have a graphics card as powerful as a GeForce GTX 960 2GB/Radeon R9 380, along with either an FX-8350 or a Core i5-4690K 3.5GHz CPU. With high graphics settings and a 1080p display resolution, this PC configuration can produce 60 frames per second.

Why can't I play Street Fighter V story?

To begin playing the general narrative, navigate to Shop > Special > STREET FIGHTER V General narrative 'A Shadow Falls' and download 'A Shadow Falls.'

What is the fatal error KiWi in Street Fighter 5?

A deadly mistake! The Kiwi problem is typically caused by corrupted, missing, or inaccessible files; in most cases, a file verification on Steam resolves the issue without requiring a new download or installation of SFV. Since SFV operated previously, modifications have had to be made.

Can Street Fighter 5 run on my PC?

You need an Operating System: Windows 7 64-bit is required. Processor: 3.60GHz Intel Core i3-4160. 6 GB of RAM is available for memory—graphics: GTX 480, GTX 570, or GTX 670 or above from NVIDIA.


Several troubleshooting procedures may be employed to resolve the issue of Street Fighter 5 not launching. You may significantly increase the likelihood of a successful launch by ensuring your system satisfies the game’s requirements, upgrading drivers, checking game files, and turning off pointless background apps.

Additionally, staying updated with the latest patches and upgrades from hardware manufacturers and game developers might assist in addressing compatibility issues with Street Fighter 5 controllers on PC. Recall that any system can have different difficulties, necessitating the combination of various fixes.

You should be able to return to the Street Fighter 5 universe and take advantage of its exhilarating bouts with perseverance and patience.


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