Hi gamer! Are you here to reason out a Fallout 4 Crash Log?  Well, even if the game itself doesn’t provide one, we are here to help you. Right here, you will achieve all the reasons and solutions for your game crashing.

The primary reason behind the game crash is the incompatibility of Fallout 4 with your system. This issue can be circled once you ensure your PC is up-to-date and capable of running Fallout 4. So, you must check the game’s prerequisites and compare them with your system specs. 

This is just one possible reason and its solution. But more is needed. You must know all the causes that render your game futile and learn how to solve them.

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problem with fallout 4 crash

You can learn about the Fallout 4 crash logs. The problem that arises generally is the unforeseeable crashes in the game at delightful events that put a stop to the delight.

 Gamers face impacts after they kill a mutant, trigger any mine, or even when try to reload their weapons. This causes fury among the gamers, instigating them to feel gruesome rage. 

But the need of the hour is that we end this issue. Let us learn what are the reasons why the game is losing its fun. Which cases are rendering the smooth gameplay a Herculean task? If your Fallout 4 crashes, then check out this.


Here is a list of all the possible top reasons that affect the game’s smooth play. Take them on individually before we head to their resolution. They are an essential part of the Fallout 4 Crash Report.

Video Resolution Disgruntled 

The video resolution of your PC may need to be lowered, making it too heavy on the system. Due to this, the game may become a threat to your PC and shut it down abruptly.

video resolution disgruntled

All because of the weak processor. The proper resolution will always ensure that your PC is maintained. 

Problems with Hardware

According to the F4se Log, the issue with the obsolete hardware may make your game crash. You are getting your PC in the optimum position before playing this game.

problems with hardware

This includes not only the software but all the hardware of the PC. This includes your Joystick, keyboards, monitors, CPU, etc. Please find out the issue behind the improper running and then solve it. You can also Check out how to Fix Windows 10 Startup Menu Missing.

Graphics Card Became Obsolete

Your Graphic Game card forms an essential part of your gaming experience. Without it, your PC is just an ordinary PC without the ability to turn the graphics into the best.

graphic card

An obsolete graphic card may land you in a pit where any strong representation in your game will lead to its abrupt stoppage. 

Antivirus Interference

According to the Fallout 4 Crash Log, your antivirus at work may ruin your gaming experience. When an antivirus disrupts the PC, playing games on it is impossible.


That is why you should ensure that the PC makes progress without interference from the antivirus. 

Problems in Default Settings

There can be incompatible settings in the game that may cause the defined game crash problem.

changing setting

The fallout settings are improper, and therefore, the PC faces irregularities in executing the Fallout 4 game. 

Obsolete Version of Fallout 4

Have the newest version of the game. As the Fallout 4 crash log says, you can only operate on an obsolete version briefly.

old version of fallout 4

It should be updated. The official Fallout Website carries the latest version, which you can attain. 

Unfulfilled Prerequisites 

The unmatching game requirements and the PC settings are the root cause of this crash issue. Ensure the availability of the latest suitable game that matches the system specs.

pc gaming

If you fail to bring a game complementing your PC, you’ll face this crashing many times. 


Now, based on the Fallout 4 Log file, after learning the possible prime cases of this issue, let us get to the solutions quickly. Follow the given methods to achieve a perfectly smooth gaming experience. Let us learn all of them now. 

Configuring Graphics

If it is the graphics and display problems that are being faced by your PC, you need to work them out.

good graphics

To do that, shift your game to Windows mode and then change the settings of the video. There are many different settings for various hardware and unlimited techniques to follow. 

Manipulating Compatibility

Instructed by the Fallout 4 crash log, you must head to the properties tab of the game to alter the settings to gain a matching set of specs.

 Once you are here, look for Local Files, then go to the Browse Local Files option. This will lead you to a tab called Compatibility. 

settings change

Now, you have to enable the functions of turning off full-screen optimizations and allow the program to run as an admin. Ensure the checking of the checkboxes beside it. Fallout 4 f4se crash log advises you to change the DPI settings and change it by checking the Override High DPI Scaling behavior box. When you see the Drop-down menu, click Application and submit by pressing okay.

Storage Space

You need to dig up some space in the system. At least 30 GB of free space should exist if you want the game to run smoothly. You can render some space by removing unwanted files or buying online space for the existing data.

clear storage from the device

As guided by the Fallout 4 Crash Log, you may use any tool to expand the partition.

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Game File Settings

You need to check whether the game has a verified identity.

fallout 4 properties

In pursuing that, you will come across the Library section. Go to the Fallout 4 Game’s properties and click the Local Files option. Here, carry out the command to Verify the Veracity/Integrity of Game Files. It will carry out a verification of the cache of the game and lead you towards a perfectly smooth gaming experience.    

New Version of Game

It is time to update the game to its latest version and get the best performance that suits your PC needs. A newer version is better since it’s got all the bug fixes and changes. Get your latest version now. 

get latest version of fallout 4

This finishes with the top 5 ways to fix your game crash. Now, head to the FAQ section before summarizing the article.

Some players might also experience Skyrim crashing on startup, which can be frustrating. Still, with the right approach, you can identify the underlying cause of the problem and implement effective solutions.


What is the duration of completing Fallout 4?

It would take any player who aims to finish the game as fast as possible 33 hours to complete this game. However, if any player wishes to explore all the parts of this game, they might spend 212 hours in it. So, 100+ hours can be spent in this game.

Who is the most hated character in this game?

The most hated evil character is that of Shaun, who is the prime antagonist. Conrad Kellogg and Pickman follow him on this list. This game is filled with antagonists and despicable characters.

Who is the easiest to defeat in Fallout 4?

Mole Miners are the easiest to rule out in the list of weak enemies. He can be defeated with ease and without any specific skill set.

Which Fallout game covers the most area?

It is the Fallout Tactics game. It has the vastest map one can find on Fallout.


It seems that you have a good understanding of the Fallout 4 Crash Log and the reasons why the game is crashing on your system. You have read through the entire article and learned several ways to solve this issue. These include configuring the graphics card, manipulating the Compatibility, ensuring enough storage space, adjusting the game file settings, and installing the latest version of the game. Now we are done here. All the best, and Happy Gaming!

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