How to Repair Corrupted Excel File in 2023?


While working on the Excel, the last thing we need is for the file to go missing. It takes a lot of time in creating those Excel sheets, but there are a lot of times when the files corrupt and are required to be recovered. And at that time everyone searches for how to Repair Corrupted Excel File? In these cases, having an Excel recovery tool handy is extremely helpful. Although Windows does have an Excel recovery tool, using it at times is a difficult task for the users, thereby relying on the third-party recovery tools.

One such tool is Recovery Toolbox for Excel. This Microsoft Excel Recovery Tool comes in two ways- as a software and as an online application, wherein users can upload the corrupted files to Repair Corrupted Excel File. The users can download the software on their systems and recover the files thereon.

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Reasons for the Corruption of Excel File?

Before getting on the how’s of recovering an Excel file, it is essential to know why to do these files are corrupted in the first place. The reasons include:

  1. Virus
  2. Hardware failure
  3. USB device failure
  4. Excel bugs
  5. Incompatible third-party plug-ins and add on.
  6. Incorrect cleaning of the files.

2 Ways to Repair Corrupted Excel File

There are mainly 2 ways to recover any corrupted excel file. Both of them are offered by Recovery Toolbox. The first one is using their software & second option is using their online too.

Method #1 Using Recovery Toolbox Microsoft Excel Recovery Software

The Recovery Toolbox Microsoft Excel Recovery software is very well supported by Windows 98/Me/2000/XP/Vista/7/8/10 or Windows Server 2003/2008/2012/2016 and above versions. Installing and using the tool is extremely easy. The steps include:

1. Download the Recovery Toolbox Microsoft Excel Recovery Software from their website.

2. The next step is to install the software on the system. Follow the instructions, as stated by the program and install the setup.

3. Now run the Recovery Toolbox Microsoft Excel Recovery Software.

4. Next, select a corrupt Excel file on the first page of the tool.

5. Click on Analyse.

Click on Analyse

6. Preview the contents of the file.

7. Next, click on the Start Recovery button and save the content. There are two options available:

click on the Start Recovery button

8. Export to Excel, for saving the data in a new Excel Workbook.

9. Save to file, which saves the data to a new .xlsx file.

(Note: these options are available only on the full version of the software)

Features of the Recovery Toolbox Microsoft Excel Recovery Software

  1. Fixes all kinds of Excel formats such as .xls, .xlt, .xlsx, .xlsm, .xltm, .xltx, and .xlam
  2. Recovers the table styles, formats and worksheets, and their cell data. Even the column and row width are fixed in the recovery. Apart from this the number formats, except the color of it are also restored and retained.
  3. It repairs all the Excel formulas, functions, name references, whether internal or external.
  4. It also repairs the cell formats i.r the height, width, orientation of the text, alignment, format, etc.
  5. Restores the borders and the headings of the file.
  6. It repairs all the .XLS files of MS Office 98, 2000, 2003 and XP.
  7. It repairs the .XLSX files of MS Office 2007, 2010, 2013, 2016 and 2019.
  8. This saves the file directly to a new .xlsx file without requiring the need of a Microsoft Excel on the system currently being worked on.
  9. This can also export data to a new Excel file.

Method #2 Using Recovery Toolbox Microsoft Excel Recovery Online Tool

To recover an Excel file online, the user must follow the following steps to get the recovered data.

1. Get to the Online Recovery Toolbox Microsoft Excel Recovery Software link, i.e.,

2. Select the corrupted Excel file with extensions xls, xlsx, xlsm, xlt, xltm, xltx, or xlam by clicking on the Select File button.

3. Enter the email address.

4. Enter the characters from Captcha.

5. Click on Next.

use the Recovery toolbox online

Wait for the file to be recovered and then download the recovered.

Few Things that This Tool Doesn’t Offer

There are some parameters that the online tool doesn’t support. These are:

  1. Recovering a password protected Excel file.
  2. Printing options, conditional formatting, and validity of the data.
  3. Hyperlinks, Asian phonetics blocks, calculation, and sorting settings.
  4. Comments and macros in the file.
  5. The diagrams, pie charts, bar-graphs that may have been used.
  6. The format of working of the formulae, and functions.

The above-stated settings are available in the software a version of Recovery Toolbox Microsoft Excel Recovery Software.

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Plans & Pricing

The Recovery Toolbox Microsoft Excel Recovery Software has licensed software and requires the user to buy it from their website. There are three kinds of licenses that are available:

  1. Personal License: –These cost $27 and are to use for particular uses of non-commercial nature.
  2. Enterprise License: –  This is a business license and costs about $45, and is required for legal use in enterprises and small commercial companies, as well as in government organizations.
  3. Site License: – This license costs $60 and you can use it for up to 100 devices in the same or different buildings.
  4. Online Excel Repair: – The price for online Excel repair service is $10 if you prefer online web option over software.

Pricing of Recovery Toolbox Microsoft Excel Recovery Software

Since this is a shareware tool, the Recovery Toolbox site also has a trial version of the software on their site which the users can use to Repair Corrupted Excel File. However, it doesn’t allow the user to save the file in .xlsx format. This is a convenient way for the user to test all the features stated by the site on their work environments before actually moving ahead with buying the license.


The Recovery Toolbox Microsoft Excel Recovery software helps the user to Repair Corrupted Excel File in the best possible manner, with all the tags and format that the user had used in the corrupt Excel file.

The recovery tool is available for free for trial versions. With all the functionality of the software, it is essential to note that this doesn’t recover password or password-protected files. We hope this tool is of great use to our readers.

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