Xbox One is an eighth-generation home video game console that supports offline and online gaming modes. It is named ‘Xbox One’ by Microsoft and has many errors, but they are easy to deal with. The Xbox One error 0x97E107DF is undesirable for users to run remote games or applications and affects the usability of all Xbox Live-dependent devices.

You can try to resolve this error by checking the Xbox Live Service Status, checking your network connection, logging out and re-logging in, or restarting your Xbox Console. The error 0x97E107DF can indicate that licensing validation has momentary difficulty while the Xbox Live service attempts to start the game.

This problem frequently comes with the error message “Something went wrong. Give it another try.” The good thing is that you can take action to solve the issue. Let’s review each of the causes and solutions to this issue individually. To get more information on other XBox Errors, check out this article.

Reason For Error Code 0x97E107DF?

The error arises when the Xbox Live application fails to launch again, in which license validation is essential. It shows us that a short-term issue with license validation, while Xbox Live is trying to launch any kind of game for the user, maybe the most probable cause for this error.

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4 Methods To Fix The Xbox One Error 0x97E107DF

The following are 4 working ways that serve as a quick fix to this error. If not all, you will find at least one to work on your gaming console. You will soon be able to resume your game!

Method 1: Check the Live Service Status of the Xbox

Sometimes, the Xbox server goes down, which leads to several issues and errors on Xbox One. So, it might be possible that you are getting the error 0x97e107df on Xbox due to the down Xbox server. The Xbox Live status to get normal will probably fix this error.

You can check that by following:

  1. Open the browser.
  2. Navigate to the appropriate website for Xbox Live Service Status. If the server is down, in that case, look for the official Twitter Support Account.The same issue must be reported by the officials, along with the evaluation time to solve the issue.
  3. If the servers are regular, ‘up and running,’ then your error should affix.

But, if you find the Xbox server is up and running normally, there must be another issue. So, try the other solution to fix the Xbox One error 0x97E107DF.

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Method 2: Check the Network Connection

Many times our Network might not work well enough for Xbox Live functionality. In this condition, the given method will be helpful for you. And you have to use a wired connection instead of a wireless one.

  1. Press the Xbox button. This will open the guide menu.
  2. Choose a Setting from the menu.
  3. Then tap All Settings and open Network.
  4. Now select Network Setting. Under Troubleshooting, click on Test network connection.

Now, we reset the MAC address.

  1. Press the Xbox button again, opening the guide menu.
  2. Now, choose Settings.
  3. Tap All settings and open Network.
  4. Select Network Settings and click on advanced settings.
  5. Click on the alternate MAC address and then click on clear.
  6. Now restart your console by returning to the guide menu and selecting reset from restart console.

If you have done the above instruction so, make sure your Network is working properly and using a good wired connection network instead of the wireless Network.

Method 3: Log Out and Re-login

Many times there can be various errors without having any root cause, and we can fix that by simply logging out and logging in again.

Follow the steps:

  1. First, Press the Xbox button to take you to the guiding menu.
  2. Now select Home.
  3. Then select your account by highlighting your game photo.
  4. Log out and Restart your console.

This trick should resolve the Xbox One error 0x97e107df. But, if it fails to fix the error, move to the methods.

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Method 4: Restart Your Xbox Console

Hard resetting the console:-

If the above methods are not working for you, then there is the last option to reset your console hard. It never affects your data storage, but it will clean out the console cache properly, cleaning all trash or dump files, which can be the reason for this error.

For this, follow the given instructions:-

Firstly, press and hold the console power button for 10 seconds. Now wait until the Xbox One switches off.Xbox button restart Then again, power on the Xbox. You will see a green start-up screen. Making sure it has been retested perfectly. Now, check if the Xbox One error 0x97E107DFf disappears.

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Typical Registry Errors

Errors in the register can have many typical causes. Some things are unimportant to take care of, but others are.

Orphaned entries

After uninstalling the software, small pieces of registry entries are left behind. This results in orphaned entries. Yet, these take up little space – a few kilobytes – and are not the urgent problem that registry cleanup software says they are.

Additional keys

 When you reinstall, upgrade, or update software, including the operating system, additional keys. Registry cleanup software claims that duplicate entries can confuse your programs. It can also decrease the speed of your computer’s operation. All these claims are false.

Fragmented registry

 Additionally, the registry may become fragmented when software is uninstalled, upgraded, or updated.

Erroneous system shutdowns

A copy of the registry in system memory before each computer shutdown. Your computer may have problems in the future when it shuts down, crashes, or shuts down without following the standard shutdown procedure.


Many different types of malware target and alter the registry. Registry changes caused by malware need immediate attention. For example, malware changes the values of the startup key so that it runs whenever the PC restarts.

Why Should We Clean Up The Registry?

After prolonged use of Windows OS, installing and uninstalling programs, and switching between different keyboards and mice, hundreds or thousands of meaningless registry entries accumulate.

The operating system has to work its way through each entry, which slows it down, even though each one takes up very little disc space. You can end these unnecessary entries and speed up your system by deleting the registry.

But sometimes, repairing registry problems is necessary. For example, if you have ever encountered malware, how harmful it is for your registry. So, how can you repair a corrupted registry? You should have the knowledge to fix registry problems and always start a backup copy of the registry.

  • Windows registry restores and backup.
  • Preserve the Windows Registry
  • When changing, adding, or removing registry data, as with all other essential system settings, it is advisable to make a backup copy to revert to a previous version. Your Windows records can be backed up using a variety of techniques:
  • application regedit
  • with the help of the command prompt
  • use of third-party software


What is Microsoft Xbox One error code 0x97e107df?

This may mean that the Xbox Live service is trying to launch the game but is experiencing a short-term license validation issue.

How can I fix the Xbox error code 0x97e107df?

Xbox One Error 0x97e107df or 0x97e107df Xbox error may mean a short-term problem with license validation. You may face it while the Xbox Live service tries to launch the game.

What caused the error number Xbox error code 0x87e105dc?

Error code 0x87e105dc can be caused by various issues with games and applications on the Xbox console.

How can I fix the error 0x87e00007?

The Xbox One game or app you're trying to launch isn't compatible with your Xbox Series X|S console, or the Xbox 360 game you're trying to play isn't compatible with either Xbox Series X|S or Xbox One. Xbox Series X|S and a few Xbox One games aren't compatible.


I hope you enjoyed his article and that these solutions are enough to resolve your issues. So, here we conclude this article. In this in-depth article, we have learned 4 Ways to Fix the Xbox One error 0x97E107DF. I have shared 4 different fixed. Try any of these methods to resolve this error code on your Xbox.

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