How To Fix NVIDIA Control Panel Missing in Windows 10/8.1/8/7


A lot of NVIDIA graphics adapter users have delineated about the issue- NVIDIA Control Panel missing on their Windows computer! They can’t notice the NVIDIA Control Panel on the Windows Control Panel or desktop context menu.

This situation could be very annoying when you have got to deal with graphics. But, don’t panic. It’s solvable!

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What is NVIDIA Control Panel Missing Error?

Users having NVIDIA Graphics card in their PCs can modify definite graphics settings by using the NVIDIA Control Panel. However, at times a problem can arise where the NVIDIA Control Panel is not visible, proving there’s a severe problem!

There are quite many ways to get back the missing Control Panel but some of these plans may seem to be a long and complicated procedure. However, we’re having some easy to implement methods. , go through the rest of the article to figure out the solutions which should fix the problem for you appropriately.

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What Causes NVIDIA Control Panel Missing Error?

Currently, a lot of Windows users are complaining about this issue that their NVIDIA control panel is missing. It’s mainly occurring due to the most recent Windows Security Update. NVIDIA control panel is convenient, provided you can alter your graphics settings using it.

NVIDIA Control Panel is primarily a hardware control application developed by NVIDIA and whenever an NVIDIA video card driver is installed on a PC, a Control Panel will automatically appear with the driver. It issues NVIDIA video card users with an interface to adjust the driver settings and modify the configuration of their NVIDIA hardware.

You can never think of modifying your NVIDIA graphics preferences without this Control Panel. But sometimes, you might definitely want to get a way to bring it back.

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How to Fix NVIDIA Control Panel Missing Error?

There are several ways to resolve the NVIDIA Control Panel Missing error. Listed below are some of the methods that could be handy to get your control panel back so that you can modify the configuration settings as and when necessary:

Method #1 Uninstall & Reinstall the Graphics Driver

The NVIDIA Control Panel missing problem could be prompted by driver incompatibility. To resolve the same, you can try uninstalling your NVIDIA graphics driver and after that visit NVIDIA’s website to look for an ideal driver as per your requirement and then manually download and install it. Check this out, if your NVIDIA Installer faces error.

  1. Click on Windows + R to open the Run dialog box.Run Box
  2. Type devmgmt.msc and click Enter. You will now see the Device Manager.devmgmt.msc
  3. Expand the option that reads display adapters.
  4. Right-click on the NVIDIA driver.Uninstall NVIDIA Graphic Card Driver
  5. Uninstall the driver.

After the uninstallation of the NVIDIA graphics driver is done, don’t forget to restart the system! Read this article, if you want to learn how to Optimize the NVIDIA Control Panel.

Method #2 Unhide Your NVIDIA Control Panel

NVIDIA Control Panel of your system could be hidden when it was getting upgraded from a previous version to the most recent version or by a software application that has incorrectly modified the graphics settings.

  1. Firstly, open Control Panel.Control Panel
  2. In Control Panel, you can observe View by, Choose Large icons.Control Panel
  3. Now, select NVIDIA Control Panel.NVIDIA Control Panel
  4. In NVIDIA Control Panel, hit on View or Desktop, and then look for Add Desktop Context Menu.Add Desktop
  5. Right-click on your desktop and check if your NVIDIA control panel appears in the desktop context menu again.

Method #3 Restart NVIDIA Services on Your System

If the NVIDIA services in your system have become corrupt, restarting them is an excellent way to solve the issue denying the fact, what caused the issue in the first place.

  1. Click on Win + R key together to open Run dialog box.Run Box
  2. Type services.msc in the appeared dialog
  3. Redirect to the Services tab in Task Manager and press on Open Services that appears below its windows and pops next to the gears icon.
  4. Right-click on the service and tap on the properties.Select properties
  5. Navigate to the startup type and bring it to Automatic if it’s not set in the beginning. Hit the Stop button to stop the service and wait for a few minutes. Click on Start after a while and confirm the dialog boxes which may be noticeable.automatic startup type
  6. Ensure that the Control Panel issue resolves now.

Method #4 Update Graphics Driver of Your System

Most of the time, the NVIDIA Control Panel missing happens because you are either using the improper graphics driver or it is old. So you must ensure that your graphics adapter has the appropriate driver, and update it if it does not. To fix the graphics driver problem instantly, you can go to NVIDIA’s Driver Downloads page to look for the right driver and after that manually download and install it on your PC; however, it is not a simple process and consumes quite an amount of time. Also, do remember to cross check whether linear actuators are working find or not.

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Method #5 Do Not Overclock Your GPU

Overclocking your GPU usually leads to NVIDIA control panel missing an error. Overclocking is a phenomenon where you change the frequency and speed of your processor to a higher value and above the factory settings. This can give your system a remarkable speed boost, but you have to be little careful since there were cases where entire PCs went down in flames after users overclocked them too much or due to the carelessness.

Reverting your GPU’s rate and frequency to its normal state mainly depends on which software you used to overclock in the first place. NVIDIA has their own applications available to download which allows users to overclock their GPU but there are plenty of programs available to choose from.

Pro Tip: Stop overclocking your graphics card and look out for Control Panel to check if it reappears.

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It’s pretty much understandable as to how infuriating it can be if you are unable to modify the hardware configuration settings as per your need. NVIDIA Control Panel Missing issue can be resolved in no time if you go through the solutions that we have discovered for you!

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