Playing games is common for all ages these days. It helps in relaxing your mind. However, what if Oblivion keeps crashing on startup? There are indeed different methodologies for resolving Oblivion crashing.

This is caused because you don’t have the codecs to play the game’s sounds. The game’s settings are at fault, The game isn’t using enough RAM, conflicting mods, or mod managers, and You’re using two monitors. To fix the issue, launch the game in compatibility mode, remove the oblivion.ini file, delete the problematic mode, and turn off the ambient services in case of several monitors are some options to try to fix.

Let this guide help you to learn why Oblivion keeps crashing on startup. You may also get to know several methods here. These steps contain some general troubleshooting guidelines as well that might work with other problems like Destiny 2 Crashing On Startup or Starbound Won’t Launch.

Oblivion Crashes On Startup Windows 7- Reason

There may be a few reasons why Oblivion keeps crashing on startup. Most of the time, the issue is brought upon due to the game’s soundtrack, which is once more a result of customers’ PCs’ lack of codec packs.elder scrolls oblivion game Furthermore, if users make too many changes to the.ini documents, such as in parameters, the games may begin to crash.

Because the game feels old for several co-configurations, players with numerous displays in the gameplay configuration must also think about turning off some of those or altering some parameters in the game’s parameters.

The Elder Scrolls IV: Oblivion breaks on initialization each time users attempt to play it, and they need help getting past the start page. That might be unpleasant. Do not fret. The approaches listed below might help users solve the issue. 

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Oblivion Crash Fix- 5 Methods

Oblivion is a gaming app that sometimes shows some issues. See the ways to fix when Oblivion keeps crashing on startup. 

Launch the game in compatibility mode

Users can start getting Oblivion in Windows XP (Service Pack 3), or Windows XP will resolve the breaking on the initial issue (Service Pack 2). To do this:

1. Right-click the gaming icon from the menu that appears, and pick and choose Properties.choose properties

2. Choose the Tab for Compatibility. Choose Windows XP (Service Pack 2) from the drop-down menu, then mark the option beside each other Execute this software in safe mode in the Compatibility option section. Attempt Windows XP if Windows XP (Service Pack 2) Service Pack 3 will not program compatibility mode

3. To commit the modifications, press Apply -> Accept. Verify whether the gameplay can be played without crashing.

Remove the Oblivion.ini file

Several Oblivion players claim that eliminating the Oblivion.ini file fixed their issue. You can thus attempt it. Any beneficial adjustments you have made will be lost if you remove the Oblivion.ini file.delete oblivion If users understand what’s happening, users may find the Oblivion.ini file in the sources. The data and erase it there.

Users, your username, Transcripts, and My Games. If the issue persists after deleting the file, try relaunching the game.

Delete the problematic mods

Oblivion may crash at login when sure of the addons you uploaded fail to include the appropriate backup copies.ram patcher mode Employ the third-party module editor Wrye Bash to determine which modules are troublesome. The problematic patches would appear in red in Wrye Bash. These are simple to locate.

If troublesome versions have been identified, disable those and reload the gameplay to determine whether the issue still exists.

Turn off ambient services

The background services can drain the operating system and break Oblivion upon execution. Users may disengage the background services to release the resources and check if the issue can be rectified.

Here is how you do it:

1. When opening the Following code, hit Win+R on your keyboard (the Windows logo symbol plus the R key).windows keyboard

2. In the Run box, enter “msconfig,” then hit OK. The System Configuration dialog will open after that. Choose Partial Beginning from the General menu, and next, deselect Import startup items.programs start up

3. Tap Disconnect both after tapping the checkbox beside Remove all Microsoft applications underneath the Settings apps uninstall

4. Choose Launch Command Prompt from the Startup menu. Click the Disable icon next to a task in the Device Manager wherein the “Status is Enabled” selection. Continue this procedure until every initial feature is command prompt

5. Return to the window for Control System. To commit the modifications, select “ > OK. Reboot your system, then reopen Oblivion to test whether the crashing issue remains.

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Access the Operating System panel

One more time, access the Operating System panel. For that, follow these steps. 

  1.  Choose the Services category. Turn on 5 services at once. Reboot the machine to check if the issue has been fixed.startup launch
  2. Continue iterating the procedures as mentioned earlier until you identify a cluster of five services that are the issue’s root. Examine each one individually before deciding what’s causing the problem.

Use the same procedures for the startup programs to identify the offending launch program.

In case you have several monitors

The crashing issue might happen across different monitors. While using numerous displays, this is advisable recommended users solely use the primary display.

Consumers using Nvidia graphics cards can deactivate monitors by following these instructions:nvidia

1. Start by pressing the Windows logo symbol on the device. From the set of outcomes, enter “Nvidia” and choose Nvidia Settings Menu.


2. Expand the Monitor option in the new branch Nvidia Settings Menu and choose Set up multiple screens. Uncheck all screens on the right side except for the main one. Check this out to fix Nvidia control panel keeps closing error.

For consumers with AMD/ATI graphics cards, take the following actions:

  1. Start by pressing the Taskbar icon key on the keyboard. From the list of outcomes, input “amd” and then choose AMD Aurora Controller.catalyst control panel

2. Click Device Configuration when the AMD Bridge Central Controller opens. Must choose a prominent display and deactivate all others.

Oblivion Not Launching

Oblivion crashes on the loading screen because of several things. There may be too many issues when you need help finding Oblivion launching. To change the system’s executable description.

1. Hit Steam well with the right mouse button. Pick Attributes under Settings. Navigate the portal’s compliance. Check this out to fix the Steam won’t go online error.

2. Switch the box. This Software Must Be an Active Contributing Member. Double of oblivion.exe file in the gaming directory wherever you loaded Oblivion to run it.steam

3. Everything will be fine if the game has no bugs. If the program crashes at startup, rename the executables from Oblivion.exe to Oblivionlauncher.exe.


What ought to be done when you find Oblivion crashing randomly?

Oblivion should be immediately uninstalled if it keeps crashing. You can solve any problems you might be having with the program by uninstalling it.

How is Oblivion installed?

Install the game to the Oblivion directory using the installer. Merely install requirements to their default places when doing so. Several add-ons require OBSE, which increases Oblivion's compliance with the terms.

Oblivion crashes on load. Why?

The damaged recorded game documents frequently cause a game not to launch properly. The Elder Scrolls IV: Oblivion will start when several required encoder packages are present in the game. Gamers occasionally add a tonne of mods to the game. This also affects how smoothly the game launches.

Why boots up modded oblivion?

Likely, the two mods won't work together, and the game will crash. Uninstall any addon you have added to Oblivion. Uninstalling Oblivion from the system and installing another copy. If you try to launch it again, it crashes. If it doesn't work, I'll develop some more solutions.


Here you get why oblivion keeps crashing on startup and solutions to it. The post above covers six ways to enable Operating systems to overcome Oblivion crashes at initialization. There are numerous potential causes for the issue, as you are fully aware.

The remedies focus on a few of the root reasons for this problem. With the assistance of said call resolution, we hope the problem can be resolved.

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