When the filtering system believes you are a bot, the TicketMaster platform may display Error 401 Not Allowed. Most frequently, this occurs if you refresh the page excessively, browse the same page from several devices, and ping TM with your passcode.

The screening algorithm has activated a lock on the Ticketmaster site, which will automatically improve within 24 hours. If you come across a “Forbidden” or “403” message while accessing the site, it may have blocked your IP address. Additionally, if you refresh the website more than once in 3 seconds or visit more than 1000 pages in 24 hours, you may be temporarily blocked from visiting the site.

Remember that getting past the temporary limitation is difficult and dangerous because it is placed on your profile rather than your IP. In this situation, you wait until the period is the wisest course of action. Create a second account and purchase your tickets with another \one if you cannot wait.


Clearing The Cache In Microsoft Edge 

Clearing the Cache in Microsoft Edge is as simple as opening the browser, clicking the hub symbol, choosing the History tab, and then clicking the Clear Icon button.

clearing the cache

Check the boxes for Cookies, stored website data, Cached data, and files while you’re within the Clear Browsing Data page, and leave the rest of the boxes unchecked. When you’re ready to begin cleaning, click Clear and allow for the procedure to be complete.

Try using the TicketMaster platform to determine if the problem has been fixed when the operation is complete.

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Emptying The Internet Explorer Cache

Open Internet Explorer, expand the Safety sub-menu and select Delete browsing history from the Settings menu.

internet explorer cache

Tick the boxes next to Website data, Cookies, and Temporary Internet files on this page. When the program is ready, click Delete and wait for the function to be complete. After completion, restart your computer to confirm that the TicketMaster issue has been resolved.

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  1. VPN client – You could use a VPN to mask your location or disguise your identity online.
  2. Use of proxy servers – Certain websites ban your IP if they believe you are hiding your IP address or masking your location. Despite being a highly helpful tool, it occasionally causes problems with specific websites, like Ticketmaster.
  3. Multiple tabs – Sites like Ticketmaster frequently implement extremely rigorous procedures to stop bots from reselling tickets on their platforms. As a result, when you have a lot of processes running in your browser, it might identify you as a bot.
  4. Unsuitable network – The network might be unsuitable or inappropriate for causing the error. 
  5. Cache – the browser stores cache to speed up page loading, but if it becomes corrupted, it may end up prohibiting the user from connecting.

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5 Ways To Fix Ticketmaster Error 401 Not Allowed

Based on the causes of the Ticketmaster Error 401 Not Allowed issue, there are specific methods to fix it, which have been discussed below. You may find one or more methods useful based on the cause of the issue.

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Method #1 Fix Proxy Servers

A proxy server is a device that internet service providers use. This device helps you to have faster access to your requested websites. It receives your request for websites and, on your behalf, requests to the website without revealing your IP address.

proxy server

This might modify your IP address to hide your identity. And also increases the bandwidth of your request frequency. However, sometimes it might work as a loophole in leaking your information accessed by any unauthorized person.

Thus to counter this data misuse and ensure strict identity norms, Ticketmaster does not allow access to the users having a proxy server. All you have to do is switch off this device from your system.

The steps to be followed are:

  1. Go to the Control Panel of your computer system.
  2. Proceed to LAN or the respective networking option. Under the automatic configuration heading, deselect the Proxy Server and select the Automatically Detect option.
  3. Restart the computer system and try again to see if the issue has been fixed.See Also: What Is zlib1.dll And How To Fix zlib1.dll Missing Error?

Method #2 VPN Client Connections

VPN is a virtual private network. It works by connecting target websites with its nodes. However, VPN is considered illegal in many countries since it is very easy to steal data from any open node in the network. This data intimacy is not acceptable by Ticketmaster, which is the reason for Ticketmaster error 401 arising. You can turn off the VPN connection of your system by following the given steps to fix the issue:

  1. Open the Start menu and Search Control Panel.windows start and search
  2. Open the Control Panel of your system.control panel
  3. Click on View Network and Internet.open network and internet
  4. Disable the connected VPN network.disconnect vpn

This would fix the issue for sure if VPN was the cause of the issue.

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Method #3 Close The Multiple Tabs In Your Browser

Opening multiple tabs in your browser is a poor habit to follow. It causes unnecessary wastage of data speed and memory of your system. Ticketmaster and almost all applications suggest closing unnecessary tabs to avoid inconvenience.

Most people ignore multiple tabs opened simultaneously to quickly move to the next page, but it is a long-term affecting fault. To counter this problem, you have to follow the given steps:

  1. Open your web browser.open your web browser
  2. Close all the unnecessary tabs.close_unnecessary_tabs

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Method #4 Inappropriate Network Connection

Sometimes, the Ticketmaster Error 401 Not Allowed can be due to an inappropriate network connection. The Ticketmaster checks every aspect of their customers to avoid even a bleak chance of misuse or theft of their facilities. Thus if you have a weak network connection, it might seem doubtful on the parameters of Ticketmaster.

This may end with a crash message of Ticketmaster error 401 not allowed on your system. Here are steps to fix this issue:

  1. Refresh your network connection.
  2. Check proper connection and range of WiFi.
  3. If everything seems in place, disconnect and then reconnect to the network.

This will probably fix the Ticketmaster Error 401 Not Allowed issue, but if it doesn’t, you must go to the following method.

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Method #5 Check For Cache Data And Cookies

Cache data help has a better browsing experience. Every time you visit a website for the first time, the data is sent to your cache memory for storage. It is to provide the data whenever you request again easily. Though it is a good step to make browsing a better experience, it is the cause of issues.

Cache data is useless after some time. If this data is not removed, it can reach up to several Gigabytes, thus making your system immensely slow. These memory consumptions make your system response slow, which causes the Ticketmaster Error 401 Not Allowed issue. So, it is essential to clean this cache of data from your system regularly. The steps to follow are:

  1. Go to settings in your computer system.
  2. Look for the Storage tab under the System Setting and open it.
  3. Select Free up space and clear the cache.
  4. Restart the computer system if required.

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How can I unblock myself from Ticketmaster?

If you click the Forgot Password- link on the Sign-Up page and then lose access, a password-containing email to your account recovery link will be sent to the email address you have on file.

What period does Ticketmaster block you?

Temporary block of 24 hours.

Ticketmaster blocks IP addresses?

In its struggle against software bots, which are computer programs that may worm their way past internet security standards to quickly and covertly acquire big blocks of tickets, Ticketmaster has used IP blocking technology.

Can you use Ticketmaster on several devices?

No, doing so may cause issues and prevent you from making purchases during the Presale if you check in using the same account on several devices.


These were the best fixes for the computer system’s Ticketmaster Error 401 Not Allowed issue. An explanation accompanies the solutions for the significant causes!


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