7 Ways to Fix Steam Download Stopping and Restarting Error


Steam Download stopping and Restarting is an error that users have been facing for a while. Plenty of users complain that one or more games are stuck in the dreadful “Download Queued” status. Whenever this situation occurs, Steam is unable to download anything, which can be very frustrating for the user.


How to Fix Steam Download Stopping and Restarting Error

  • Method 1: Clear Download Cache
  • Method 2: Close all unwanted applications
  • Method 3: Limit Network Bandwidth
  • Method 4: Adjust Time and Time Zone
  • Method 5: Disable Windows Defender
  • Method 6: Check if ‘.NET’ Is Enabled Properly
  • Method 7: Clear HTML Cache

Fortunately, there are ample effective solutions to this Steam Downloading Error. Due to distinctive software and hardware specifications, there are different reasons for this error occurring. So, we are listing down different solutions for users to implement to eliminate this error.

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How to Fix Steam Download Stopping and Restarting Error

There are a number of ways a user can fix the Steam Download Keeps Stopping Error. A few of them are mentioned below here, and it is advisable for users to follow one of these approaches instead of multiple methods.

Method 1: Clear Download Cache

To do this, there are two ways. First, you can either clear Cache data by opening the ‘Steam Client’ or using the ‘Run’ command on your system.

Opening the Steam Client

1. Open the Steam Client, then “Steam > Settings > Downloads”.
2. You will find the option “Clear Download Cache”. Click on this option.

Resetting Steam configuration by using the “Run” command

1. Right-click on ‘Windows Start button and click on “Run”.
2. Write “Steam://flushconfig” in the menu and click ‘OK.’


3. Steam will send a popup stating ‘doing this will clear download cache, and you need to log in again. Click on “OK” and the Steam download stopping error will be fixed.

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Method 2: Close all unwanted applications

Before resorting to technical methods, you should see if any external application is causing a ridge in Steam’s Download process. Many applications such as Firewalls, security applications, VPN software, download manager programs, etc. tend to interfere with Steam. Here is how to do it:

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1. Launch Task Manager. Press “Win + R”, it will launch the Run Command. Type “taskmgr” in the dialogue box and it will open Task Manager.

Task Manager
Task Manager

2. End all unwanted applications such as web browsers, updates, etc.
3. Restart Steam using ‘Steam.exe’ and it will work correctly.

Method 3: Limiting Network Bandwidth

If you experience fluctuations in your network connections while downloading, is it advised to limit your bandwidth. Choose a decent speed, one not too high nor too low.

1. Open your Steam Client. Use the option “Run as Administrator” when launching.
2. Click on “Steam” in the top left corner and select “Settings”.
3. Navigate to the “Downloads” tab. You will see the option “Limit Bandwidth to”
4. When you click on it, a drop-down window will come on your screen. Here you will find a number of speed options. Choose a speed according to the speed provided by your ISP.
5. Close Steam and relaunch. Steam won’t Download Error will be fixed and taken care of.

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Method 4: Adjusting Time and Time Zone

Steam is a system that collects real-time data from your system. There may be a discrepancy between the time in your system and the set time zone. In case of any such irregularity, Steam is bound to crash. In that case, it is advised to reconcile time and time zones.

1. Press “Win + R”. ‘Run’ command will come up. Type “Control Panel” and click ‘OK.’

Control Panel
Control Panel

2. From the list of categories choose “Date and Time”.

Date and Time
Date and Time

3. Choose “Internet settings” and click on “Change Settings”.

Change Settings
Change Settings

4. Choose the dialogue box “Synchronize with Internet time server” and click on “Update settings”. Click on ‘OK’ and restart Steam.

Method 5: Disabling Windows Defender

Many users reported that Windows Defender was somehow causing Steam to crash, thereby increasing the frequency of steam download stopping errors. Disabling it somehow solved their problem. Here is how you can do it.

1. Press “Win + R” and type “msc” in the dialogue box.
2. A “Local Group Policy Editor” will appear. Click on “Computer Configuration” and select “Administrative Templates”.
3. A folder “Windows Components” will appear. Click It and select “Windows Defender”.
4. A number of options will appear. Browse through them and select “Turn Off Windows defender”.
5. Select “Enable”. Apply settings and click “OK”.
After following the above steps, Windows Defender will be turned off. Restart your system and launch Steam using Steam.exe.

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Method 6: Check if ‘.NET’ Is Enabled Properly

Another method to fix steam stops downloading errors is to make sure the ‘.NET’ framework functions in the appropriate manner. ‘.NET’ framework is essential for the smooth running of games. In some computers, by default, it is not completely enabled. To enable it properly, follow these steps:

1. Press Windows Screen and type “Control Panel”.

Control Panel
Control Panel

2. Click on “Programmes and features”.

Programs & Features
Programs & Features

3. After clicking it, a number of options will appear on the screen. On the left-hand side of your screen, you will see an option “Turn Windows features on and off”. Click on it.

Turn Windows Features On or Off
Turn Windows Features On or Off

4. A small window with a number of checkboxes will appear on your screen. On the top, you will find the option ‘.NET Framework’. This checkbox will be ticked, but on expanding it, there will be 2 checkboxes. Tick both of them and change your settings and exit the control panel. Then launch steam.

Method 7: Clearing HTML Cache

1. Click “Win + R” and type “Control Panel”.

Control Panel
Control Panel

2. In the search option of the control panel, search for “Folder Options”. In windows 10 click on ‘File Explorers Options.”

Appearance and Personalization
Appearance and Personalization

3. Open the menu and click on the “View” option. Here you will find an option “Show Hidden Files, Folders and Drives”. Click on it, apply changes and close the window.

Show Hidden files
Show Hidden Files

4. Once again press “Win + R” and type “C:\Users\<Username>\AppData\Local\Steam\htmlcache’.
5. Click on your username and find a folder named “AppData”. You will find a folder named “Local”. Find a folder named “Steam”. You will find a folder named “HTML cache”. In this folder select all items and delete them. Launch Steam using the client, and it will function properly.

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Due to differences in computer hardware and software systems, no single method can fix steam download stopping errors. There are various ways, and a few of them are mentioned above. Hopefully, these methods will be useful and help users fix these errors.