{Solved} 7 Ways to Fix Steam Missing File Privileges Error


Many users have reported the Steam Missing File Privileges error in Windows 10 while updating or installing their steam games. This error message pops up with the path to the mentioned file also.

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steam missing file privileges error
Steam Missing File Privileges Error

This error may be caused by some reasons, including the user’s hardware and software configuration. Mostly, this error is a minor one and is quickly resolved with a good solution.

How to Fix Steam Missing File Privileges Error in Windows 10

Here we provide you with the best and most potential methods that can resolve this error. We recommend that you read the complete article before attempting any of the given ways so that you can choose the best method suited for your system.

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Method 1: Stopping the igfxEm process

The igfxEM.exe is one of the software components included in the Intel Common User Interface. This software comes as a standard package and the installation of Microsoft Windows and its graphics card drivers. This software acts as a kind of middleware that stays between the user and Intel Graphics. This component enables users to view and adjust the characteristics and settings of the Graphic card using the provided GUI.

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igfxEM is an abbreviation for Intel Graphics Executable Main Module. This .exe file is from a trustworthy site and includes a signed digital signature. Therefore it is completely nonharmful for your computer. It is an exe file. But, since the file is not a Windows core file and not visible, it exists in the fixed location: (C:\\Windows\System32\igdxEm.exe).

We are mentioning the exact location because, in case you found the .exe file anywhere else, beware because it most probably is harmful malware. Since this process is responsible for the graphics processes, it is recommended that stopping and restarting this service may resolve the error you are facing.

1. Press the Windows key + R, and then in the run command dialogue box, type in “taskmgr,” hit enter.

Task Manager
Task Manager

2. When the task manager opens, go to the processes tab and look for the igfxEM process.

3. Once you have found the service, right-click and select end the process and then restart your Steam client using administrator and Start downloading the game again and see if the missing file privileges steam error is resolved.

igfxEM process
igfxEM process

Method 2: Changing the download region

Changing the download region is one of the most fundamental and easy solutions to the steam missing file privileges error in Steam. It is because the Steam content system is divided into many different regions. Your steam client automatically searches and detects your region through the help of your network and then sets the detected region as default.

But at times, this may cause the error as servers in a specific region may not be working correctly as they are overloaded or may have a hardware failure. In that case, changing the download region of your steam client may solve the error fast and quickly.

1. Open your Steam client and then click on ‘Settings’ from the drop-down menu in the upper left corner of the steam window.

2. Click on the ‘Downloads’ options and then navigate to the ‘Download Region’ option.

3. Select any of the other regions in the list other than the currently set as default, then restart Steam and check the error.

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Method 3: Rebooting PC

When Steam is downloading or updating a game, it has multiple processes running at the same time. Sometimes, something as easy as restarting your PC may be the solution to your problem. It can be a very potential solution as your computer may at times experience minute technical errors that may not be very visible but are causing these errors.

restart pc
Restart PC

Whenever you are updating or downloading a game in Steam, the software divides the data of these games into small pieces of 1MB and then assembles these pieces so that they can perform their roles correctly. Steam used this method to avoid corrupt downloads and also to save the right amount of your bandwidth.

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So, we recommend restarting your computer to see whether the error steam missing file privileges get resolved. We also strongly suggest that you avoid running any other software or program while Steam is downloading to prevent interference with the download or update process.

Method 4: Giving administrator privileges to Steam

To perform seamlessly, Steam requires two things that are to Read and Write on your computer system. It may interfere mainly when your computer treats Steam like a Read Only program. This essentially means Steam won’t write on the different files and therefore gets stuck while trying to Download or Update the program, which includes writing on the system.

So, if this is the reason, then the best solution we can try is to grant Steam with the Administrator Privileges.

1. Open your Steam directory from its default location that is: (C:\Program Files\Steam). In case you have installed Steam in any other custom directory, then browse to that location.

2. Once you have reached the Steam folder, right click on it and then select Properties. On the properties window, go to the Security tab and then click on the Advanced option.


3. In the next window, edit the first four rows and grant the full folder control.


4. To edit a row, click on it and then click the button named Edit. A new window will popup, which includes all the options in the form of checkboxes. Check all of the checkboxes, including the Full Control. Click on Apply to save the changes, and then close everything. Do the same for all four editable rows.

Full Control
Full Control

5. Launch Steam by right-clicking on it and selecting Run as administrator. Check whether the steam missing file privileges error has been resolved or not.

Method 5: Granting complete control to the affected file

The same error as the one mentioned above can occur with the affected file in the steam directory. You can navigate to the specific file in the steam folder and then grant it full access so that the error can be resolved quickly without issuing the full permission to every file in the folder. To use this method, you must pinpoint the exact file that is affected by this error. The path to the location of the affected file will be mentioned along with the error message. So you don’t have to search anywhere more for it.

1. Browse to the exact location by using the Run application or navigating to the location yourself. Another method you can find in the steam client directory is to go to the library tab in Steam, right-click on the game showing the error, and select properties. The path will be visible there.

2. Once you have located the file affected by the error, follow the steps mentioned in Method 4 to grant full administrator privileges and access to the specific file.

3. Restart Steam and check whether the steam missing file privileges error persists.

Method 6: Repairing the Library Folder and verifying its integrity

There is a great possibility that the Steam Library Folder that you are using may be corrupt and has not been configured correctly. It can also be pointing out the issue that your game files, at times, may not be completely present, and this means that some of these game files may be missing due to some reason.

The Verify Integrity of Game files is an option that will try to fix your games, and this tool also helps you download and install the game files if any of them are corrupt or missing. To use the Verify Integrity tool, follow the steps below.

1. Open your Steam client, click on the steam icon at the upper left corner of the window, and click on settings from the drop-down menu.

2. After the settings open, go to the Downloads tab and click on Steam Library Folders that you found at the top.

Steam Library Folder
Steam Library Folder

3. A new small window will open that lists all the locations where Steam has been installed in your system. Also, Steam has used storage space. Right click on it and then select Repair Steam Library.

4. Once you carried out these steps, you can move on to the Verify Integrity of the Game Files present.

Verify Integrity of the Game
Verify Integrity of the Game

5. Exit the settings and then go to your games library.

6. Right click on the game which is causing the error and then choose Properties.

7. In the properties, navigate to the Local Files Tab and click on the Verify Integrity of Game Files Option. Steam will then automatically starts to verify all the files present for the games. If there is any missing file, then it will download those particular files again. And it would then replace it with the corrupted file accordingly.

Method 7: Deleting files in safe mode

If none of these methods work, you can try to delete all the files related to the game. So the Steam can download the files right from the beginning, avoiding errors and corruption.

Firstly, you must note down the exact location of the file causing the error in Steam. You can use the same methods that we have used in Method 5 to pinpoint the location of the affected file. After you have noted down the location, then enter your computer in safe mode. Entering your computer using the safe mode disables all the extra software and processes that are running and therefore allows you to perform administrative actions much more efficiently, without any interruptions.

1. Get your computer to boot in safe mode. You can do this quickly by selecting from the various options available in your startup. Select the ‘Enable Safe Mode with Networking option.

Enable Safe Mode with Networking
Enable Safe Mode with Networking

2. Once you have successfully booted your computer and entered safe mode, navigate to the file location that you have noted earlier.

3. After you reach the Steamapps list, click on the particular folder which says “download.” Delete all the contents of the download folder.

4. Then again, Restart your computer.

5. Launch Steam using administrator access, then again follow the steps mentioned in Method 6 to Verify the Library and Integrity of the Game files before again starting your download,

6. Check whether the Steam Missing File Privileges Error has been resolved or not

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Final Words

These are the best and proven methods that you can use to resolve the steam missing file privileges error in Steam. Be sure to go through these steps carefully before attempting any of these methods to avoid any mistakes. We hope that these methods have helped you resolve the problems you are facing with your steam client.