3 Ways to Fix Err Connection Timed Out Error in Chrome


Err Connection Timed Out windows 10 is a general issue in Chrome. Google Chrome is arguably one of the most capable browsers out there. It is the preferred web browser app for many people. Even I use it regularly on my smartphone because it has excellent data saving and usage reduction features. But there is one thing that absolutely drives me crazy sometimes, is that this app is very impatient!

err connection timed out
Err Connection Timed Out

I am not kidding! This browser legit cannot be asked to wait for a couple of seconds more than the expected time frame for a website to load up.

Even though your internet connection is working fine but might be slow (which is the norm for my neighborhood broadband), but chrome straight out says that it cannot load the site and that your Internet connection is crap.

Though it is right about my crappy internet connection, it can try to load that site instead of throwing me that annoying Err_Connection_Timed_Out message. I’ve broken the F5 key on my keyboard in my raging rampage of trying to refresh the page.

So, if you live in an area with crappy Internet service like I do, or this is my neighbor, who is equally sick of this problem, reading this line (Sup, mate!), I am going to help you out on getting rid of the treacherous Err Connection Timed Out error in Google Chrome.

Methods to Fix Err Connection Timed Out in Google Chrome

Assuming that your mouse has not been a victim of your Internet rage, and is still working, here are 3 Ways to Fix Err Connection Timed Out message. It may be also if your Google Chrome stopped working in between. Anyway, let us get started.

Method 1: Edit the Hosts File (Windows)

Windows OS saves a file named hosts, which stores the local machine IP as well as the protocols for the TCP/IP models. You need to do some slight modifications to it, in order to fix this err_connection_timed_out chrome message.

  1. First, search for Notepad on the windows search menu by pressing either the Win+S or the Win+Q button combinations. On the notepad search result, then right-click and select the option Run as Administrator.
    Run Notepad as Administrator
    Run Notepad as Administrator
  2. Afterward, the notepad app opens up, then click File>>Open and navigate to this path C:\Windows\System32\drivers\etc
Hosts File
Hosts File

Note: – If you don’t see any files in there, make sure you change the opening file type from text files to All file formats. Now you should be able to see a couple of files called hosts, networks, protocols, etc.

3. Then open the host’s file from the list. It should be the first option displayed there. It will show a bunch of text like a readme file, which is precisely what it is. Well, sort of.

4. Finally, after all the hashtags have run out, you will see a couple of IP addresses and a bunch of URLs in front of them. What you need to do is, you’ll have to select them all and delete them.

Delete Everything
Delete Everything

5. Afterward, Click File>>Save close the file from Notepad. Then reboot your computer. Sometimes, it may lead to err_connection reset error but you’re good to go anyway.

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Method 2: Try Clearing the Browser’s Data

Clearing the stuff that has been building up in any app usually solves most of its problems. In our case, the accumulated data will mostly comprise of browsing history, cookies, auto-fill data, and saved pages. They need to go!

  1. To clear your browser data, open the Chrome Browser and go to the history option from the menu. You can also use the well-known keyboard shortcut of CTRL+H.
    Chrome Run as Administrator
    Chrome Run as Administrator
  2. Then you will see an option called Clear browsing data on the left panel. Afterward, click on it.
    Clear Browsing Data
    Clear Browsing Data
  3. Then select the beginning of time from the drop-down menu next to the obliterate the following items from. Also, checkmark the following options:
    Browsing history
    Download history
    Cookies and other sire and plugin data
    Cached images and files
    Autofill form data

    Clear Chrome History
    Clear Chrome History
  4. Then, hit the Clear browsing data button.
    Clear Browsing Data Button
    Clear Browsing Data Button
  5. Finally, close your browser app and also close it from the task manager. I recommend you restart your PC as well, even though it is not a mandatory step.

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Method 3: Flush/Renew Your DNS

The browser component might still be holding on to an old DNS or Domain Name System which may not be available on the web anymore. It can cause that this web page is not available err_connection_timed_out issue. Or it may also sometimes show DNS Probe finished No Internet in Chrome error. However, to fix the flush DNS error, follow these simple steps:

  1. Press Windows Key+X together & select Command Prompt (Admin) option.
    Select Command Prompt
    Select Command Prompt
  2. When the command window opens up, just copy and paste these commands one after the other in the window. Make sure that the Quick edit mode is enabled so it can use the clipboard.
    ipconfig /flushdns
    ipconfig /registerdns
    ipconfig /release
    ipconfig /renew
    netsh winsock reset

    Flush Renew DNS
    Flush Renew DNS
  3. Finally, restart your PC. Your Google Chrome browser must be rid of that annoying err timed out a message from now on. People also report that err_empty_response error may appear, but you can fix it through our guides. Enjoy!


With assistance from this guide, we hope you were able to solve the Err Connection Timed Out error. Now get back to enjoying your internet. Happy surfing!