Best CPU Benchmark Software: A CPU benchmark is used to measure the performance of a computer or a device. Often, you may have had instances where you have installed a new computer hardware component and don’t know if it’s working well enough. At those times, you can benefit from a benchmark to assess how poorly or how well your PC is performing.

Top 10 Best CPU Benchmark Software for Windows:

  1. CPU-Z
  2. HWMonitor
  3. SiSoftware Sandra
  4. Speccy
  5. Fraps
  6. CineBench
  7. RealBench
  8. NovaBench
  9. PassMark
  10. GeekBench4

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Top 10 Best CPU Benchmark Software for Windows

Read on to see the ten best CPU benchmark software for Windows. However, benchmarking your PC is slightly more complicated than simply running software.

1. CPU-Z

CPU-Z is one of the best CPU benchmark software for Windows. It is a freeware that gathers information about some of the primary devices of your system, including processor name and number, codename, process, package, cache levels, mainboard and chipset, memory type, size, timings, real-time specifications, and the real-time measurement of each core’s internal frequency and memory frequency.

You can download a standard version or a customized version for Windows.

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2. HWMonitor

HWMonitor expanded to Hardware monitor, is a hardware monitoring software that reads the PC’s primary health sensors, and displays specific parameters live. This can handle the most common sensor chips, and in addition to that, it can read modern CPUs’ on-die core thermal sensors, hard drive temperature, and video card GPU temperature.

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This is mainly used to check on PC overheating, as overheating can cause frequent shutdowns. You can also save the information provided using the File option.

3. SiSoftware Sandra

Sandra is one of the best free benchmarking software for Windows. It is an information and diagnostic utility which provides documented and undocumented details on your hardware and software. It is mainly directed towards people who are well-informed about their ‘s workings of computers and analysts who need to perform detailed analyses on computers.

sisoftware sandra

SiSoftware Sandra has allowed the user to compare high and low levels. You can quickly get information about the CPU, chipset, video adaptor, ports, printers, etc. You can benchmark network performance and memory bandwidth and even test your computer’s power efficiency using Sandra.

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4. Speccy

Speccy is one of the best CPU benchmark Windows software available for free. It allows you to see a quick summary of what’s inside your computer and to dig deeper, if you want, to gain a detailed understanding of the hardware. It gives a detailed report of every computer hardware in one clean interface.


You can find the real-time temperature of critical components, enabling you to solve problems quickly. You can also save snapshots of the specs or the information in a text file or XML format. It is free, or you can buy the pro version for $19.95.

5. Fraps

Fraps is a benchmarking software gamers use to get an FPS benchmark and measure the frame rate between two points. The information can be saved for later review and application.


You can also use this software to record your gameplay or share snapshots. Although fraps can be used as benchmarking software, gamers mostly use it.

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6. CineBench

CineBench is a real-world, cross-platform benchmark test suite that evaluates your hardware’s performance and compares it to other real-world tests to determine your CPUs performance.

While other benchmark software will test your overall performance or a combination of your CPU and GPU, CineBench will try all available processor cores of your CPU and grade it in points. The higher the issues, the stronger your CPUs performance output.

7. RealBench

RealBench is another real-world CPU benchmarking software that uses four tests involving rendering in some capacity- Image Editing, H.264 Video Encoding, OpenCL, and Heavy Multitasking.


You can then upload your statistics to the RealBench website to compare your data with other benchmarked hardware configurations. RealBench does not stress-test your CPU to see how far it can go and only does routine, real-time testing on the CPU’s regular course.

8. NovaBench

NovaBench is one of Windows’s best CPU benchmark software, providing detailed specs of your hardware, such as temperature, clock speed, usage, and more. Free software tests your computer’s performance in a few minutes.


You can compare your results online to gauge your performance, spot potential problems, save your information to your free profile, and get advice on repairing, tuning, or optimizing your device. You can perform scheduled, automatic tests, battery history, and much more using the pro version.

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9. PassMark

PassMark is a fast and easy-to-use PC benchmarking software that allows you to objectively benchmark a PC using a variety of speed tests and compare the results to other devices. You can find out the performance of your PC, measure the effect of configuration changes and upgrades, use advanced tests to create your benchmark scenarios and keep the statistics in mind while making purchasing decisions.


It has many more advanced features and flexible No Nonsense licensing. Once you have purchased it, you can move it between hardware as needed. No hardware locking, expiry time, or network connection is required to run the process.

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10. GeekBench4

Geekbench 4 is a cross-platform benchmarking software that measures your computer’s performance. Each CPU workload models a real-world task or application which ensures meaningful results.


You can also measure the computing performance of your GPU using relevant and complex challenges. GeekBench is designed for cross-platform comparisons and is therefore available on Windows, Android, iOS, macOS, and Linux for the most detailed and best possible comparisons.

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What should I consider when choosing CPU benchmark software?

When selecting CPU benchmark software, consider factors such as accuracy, test variety, compatibility with your CPU, ease of use, and availability of comparison data.

Which CPU benchmark software is considered the best?

Popular CPU benchmark software options include Cinebench, Geekbench, PassMark PerformanceTest, CPU-Z, AIDA64, and PCMark. Each has strengths and features, making determining the 'best' one subjective.

Is there a CPU benchmark software designed explicitly for gaming?

Yes, some CPU benchmark software, like 3DMark, include gaming-focused tests that assess a CPU's performance in gaming scenarios, providing insights relevant to gaming enthusiasts.

Can CPU benchmark software assist in comparing different CPU models?

Yes, CPU benchmark software enables users to compare the performance of different CPU models by running standardized tests and providing scores or rankings based on the results.

Can CPU benchmark software identify potential hardware issues?

While not explicitly designed for hardware diagnostics, CPU benchmark software may expose potential hardware issues if the CPU performs significantly below its expected capabilities.

Are there CPU benchmark software options for specific operating systems?

Yes, CPU benchmark software options are available for various operating systems, including Windows, macOS, and Linux. Ensure compatibility with your specific operating system when selecting a benchmarking tool.


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