Are you one of those gamers who are facing PUBG lagging like me. We are here to give you a detailed guide on Fix PUBG Lagging issues. In the gaming world, there is nothing that makes playing online games a fun experience than having the best gadgets. Most importantly, you should also have the best network performance to enjoy online games. Most video online games require faster and reliable internet connection. Lagging is one of the common problems experienced by many gamers worldwide.

PUBG Mobile

Lagging is usually the impacted computer functionality that is associated with poor network performance. There are many games that you can play online, but PUBG or PlayerUknown’s Battlegrounds is one of the best multiplayer battle games that you can try out. To enjoy this game model, you need the best gadgets from a reliable PC to the best computer chairs at your disposal.

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How to Fix PUBG Lagging Problems?

PUBG games are incredible to play and offer a fantastic gaming experience. This is a battle royal game that has over the years since its release accumulated a large number of online followers and has registered the most extensive online active player base. Despite PUBG being one best game to play, many gamers have complained about lagging and several performance-related faults.

Being a competitive multiplayer game for all experienced and green gamers, you can still play PUBG games smoothly and without any glitches. It is easy to make your game-play fun by simply seeking help on how to fix PUBG lagging problems or errors. Here are 5 simple ways to aid you in your endeavours. Have a look;

Method #1 Make sure your device meets the basic PUBG gaming requirements

Depending on where you want to play PlayerUknown Battlegrounds, you need to keep in mind the basic gaming requirements. You need to upgrade your gaming device, may it be a mobile phone or your PC to PUBG’s recommended system requirements. Make sure you have installed the latest version of  on your gaming devices.

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Method #2 Look at the compatibility of your device with PUBG’s

Ensure also, your device is compatible with PUBG. If you play your game via your mobile phone, make sure your mobile’s operating system is compatible with PUBG mobile. You also need to make sure your device has enough memory storage and you can play desired PUBG’s without any misgivings.

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Method #3 Clear PUBG cache and data to play your game smoothly

It should not be that challenging to clear PUBG cache and data. If you are using your mobile phone, you need to go to settings, tap on app manager, and find PUBG mobile and tap on it. Then go on and clear cache and data.

Go on and restart your phone and then launch your game and figure out whether it is performing better or not.  You need to delete some of the available data or files that you feel don’t play any roles in the performance of your devices and PUBG games.

Method #4 Set up the PUBG graphics option

There is no better way to shun lagging than setting up your gaming device graphics.

set up the pubg graphics option

All you need is to tap on the settings icon on your device and then select graphics. From here, you can change the graphics options to smooth, classic, and frame rate to low.

Method #5 Change the power option and adjust your device settings for better performance

In many instances, the power plan of your computer may be designed to power saver or balanced status. This helps conserve your battery. However such actions end up compromising the operating capacity of your gaming device graphics card and CPU.

You should not have problems adjusting your power option to improve its performance. As you take such actions, make sure you choose a high-performance option. Also, feel free to tweak with the settings of your device graphics for best performance.

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How do I reduce lag in PUBG?

Deleting cache, If players want to fix their phone's lag, they can try to clear the cache of their phones, Restrict background applications, Close all background apps, Enable Data Saving, Reducing graphics.

How do I run PUBG smoothly on 4GB RAM?

Remove Unused Apps. There are many apps that run in the background and consume Memory and Battery. Enable Performance Mode. Many smartphones come with an inbuilt Performance Mode. Free RAM. Open the recent apps and clear the memory apps of the device Free Space.

How to fix the lag?

Close the network-hogging programs: Reduce the heat of your phone; Lower your graphics settings.

The Bottom Line

There are ample solutions to rely on and get rid of PUBG lagging. However, everything is not that easy as you may contemplate. These workarounds to solve lagging may somewhat be tricky and complicated. You may be required to get into your gaming device’s settings as well as make a few changes here and here. Once you figure out the best way to solve PUBG lags, you will enjoy smooth game playing and regardless of the type of devices or gadgets you own.