Why Does My Roblox Keep Crashing: 7 Ways To Fix The Error


Roblox is the platform where you can play various games created by developers. In this article, you will be able to find the answer to solve the problem of “why does my Roblox keep crashing?”. There are many users who face this problem while playing or trying to play Roblox games.

In these games, players can build their world and create games that they and others can also play. Being a popular gaming platform, people face the issue of Roblox crashing. However, you don’t have to worry as you are in the right place to fix this issue.

Keep reading the article to understand how to apply these fixes to solve the Roblox crashing issue.

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Methods To Solve Why Does My Roblox Keep Crashing Issue

Let us understand how to apply all these methods and help you fix the issue; why does my Roblox keep crashing.roblox

We have brought you 7 ways to find out how to stop Roblox from crashing. Read this article, if you also want to learn above minecraft crashing issues.

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Update The Graphics Driver

It might be possible that the issue you are facing is due to the corrupt or outdated version of the graphics driver. Updating the graphics driver can solve the current problem and give you a better visual quality.

Follow the steps to update your graphics driver if Roblox keeps freezing and see if the Roblox is working fine.

  1. First, you need to download the graphics driver from the manufacturer’s website compatible with your system.graphic drivers
  2. Now, open the downloaded file and follow the screen prompts to install the driver.

You can update the graphics driver from the Device Manager.

  1. On the search bar, type and open the Device Manager window.device manager
  2. Now select Display Adapters and right-click on the Video card. Click on the Update Driver option to update your graphics driver and fix the Roblox problem.

Background Programs

A possibility might occur where too many programs are running in the background. This will slow down the Roblox or will fail it to operate. To avoid it, you must close these background programs when Roblox studio crashes on the startup or its speed slows down.

The below steps will let you close the background programs; however, remember to take action only on the application that seems familiar. As there are a few programs present that need to run in the background for you to perform multiple tasks on your system.disable background program

  1. Right-click on the Windows taskbar and open Task Manager to see the background programs running.
  2. A window with the various programs running in the background will open up.
  3. You must right-click and select End Task to close all the unnecessary programs.

Now your Roblox should not crash when you want to play the games.

Disable The Antivirus

This might seem unrelatable; however, your antivirus can be the reason that you ask why my Roblox keeps crashing. The antivirus task is to detect any unwanted files or programs sitting in your system and clear them all to protect your PC. The antivirus can misunderstand Roblox as an undesirable program. antivirus

To check if this is the reason for the Roblox crash or not, you need to disable your antivirus temporarily. Now you open the Roblox and try to operate it the same way it crashed. If the same problem still appears, then antivirus is not a problem. Otherwise, you need to whitelist the Roblox flies to avoid this issue in the future. Disabling the antivirus and whitelisting the program varies from software to software. You can go through the instructions in the antivirus documentation.

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Graphics Quality

If you are using a low-powered PC to play Roblox, then it might not be compatible with the high-level graphics. You need to make it low manually, and then it will not crash.

  1. Open the menu by clicking on the upper-left corner button with three lines.
  2. Now in the Setting tab, find and set the Graphics Mode to manual.graphic quality
  3. You should drag the slider on the Graphics Quality to the left.

This method should fix the problem; if not, you can try the other way.

Clear The Roblox Cache

Cache helps the CPU to work fast as it saves the used operations and commands. It saves a lot of time for the CPU as fetching everything directly from the program or application is a time-consuming process. 

Now when the cache collection starts taking too much space or is corrupted, it might affect other applications on the PC. Clearing the cache can help you to solve the query as to why Roblox freezes on my computer.

  1. Right-click the Windows icon or press Windows + R to open the Run window.
  2. In the text field, type %AppData% and press enter buttonclear cache
  3. In the AppData folder, find and open the Local folder.
  4. Inside the Local folder, find and rename the Roblox folder to something else.

This process will no longer use that cache; now, it should let you play games without interruption.

Disable The Discord Overlay

DIscord is a widely used application among gamers to communicate. Some compatibility issues can occur where it offers a nice list of features. The discord overlay option shows you message notifications and the people with whom you are communicating.

Disabling this option can improve the Roblox performance and fix the issue. Please go through the steps to disable the option and fix the problem; why does my Roblox keep crashing.game overlay

  1. In the Discord app, find and open the settings next to your profile.
  2. Under the Activity Settings, select the Game Overlay option. 
  3. Now disable the in-game overlay option inside Game Overlay.

Check if this helped to rectify the issue or not. You still have one more method to try if this one fails.

Reinstall The Roblox

If any of the above methods don’t work, you can try and reinstall Roblox on your system. This process will fix the bugs (if any). Follow the below steps to completely uninstall the Roblox and reinstall it.

  1. Right-click the Windows icon or press Windows + R to open the Run window.
  2. In the text field, type appwiz. Cpl and press enter button.
  3. From the window Programs and Features, click on the Roblox app and uninstall it.run window
  4. Now you should open File Explorer and navigate to the below-mentioned file path:

C:\Users\(Your Windows Username)\AppData\Local

  1. Find and delete the Roblox folder from the Local folder.
  2. Now reinstall the Roblox software with the games.

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Is Roblox malicious software?

Roblox is a gaming platform; however, there are ways through which hackers can hack you while you are playing on this platform—for example, using a pirated version of Roblox that might contain malware.

What is the reason that my Roblox isn’t working?

Your outdated browser could be one of the reasons that your Roblox isn’t working. Update your browser or use a compatible browser to use Roblox. If still, it doesn’t work, change your browser to Chrome or Firefox.

Can Adults too play on the Roblox?

The Roblox platform was designed keeping kids in mind; however, adults have access to it as well. As an adult, you can also play games on Roblox with your friends and kids in your house. It is fun for everyone, be it kids or any adults.

Is my transaction on Roblox safe?

Yes, the transaction you do on Roblox uses secure commercial-grade encryption. Roblox stores partial information for the verification process, and no one can get financial data from the user account.


We tried our best to help you answer your question about why my Roblox keeps crashing. All these methods are the ultimate solutions to this issue and let you play games on Roblox with a calm mind. Try these steps as per your computer configuration and get better results.

Don’t apply all the steps and try another if the previous one didn’t fix Roblox crashed problem. Stay careful while using the methods; if any methods seem difficult to follow, try another. The steps are quite simple and apply, so you need not worry, and you can fix it on your own.

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